Reasons for South Korean Yos assault on Chen Shui-bian

 Reasons for South Korean Yos assault on Chen Shui-bian

At that time, Chen Shuibian, the DPP legislator, was punched by Korean Yo, who was then the legislator, and was admitted to the emergency department of Taiwanese University Hospital.

According to Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Daily on December 16, the video was shot during a visit to Kinmen during Yos campaign for the chairman of the Kuomintang, when he explained why he lost control of beating Chen Shui-bian.

When Taiwans National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan examined the relevant budget for the reform of Rongmin, discussed issues related to the maintenance, medical treatment and employment of Rongmin, after Zhou Shibin, chairman of Taiwans Vice-Chairman of the Association for Returning to the Auxiliary Forces, Chen Shuibian, then a legislator, came to the stage and said that Rongmins budget does not equal toraising pigs. Korean Yu, who was also alegislator, was dissatisfied with this and rushed to fight. Chen Shui-bian left face, let Chen Shui-bian hospitalized for three days.

Reported that the reason why South Korean Yu was so angry with Chen Shui-bians remarks was that he was the second generation of the people of honor himself, and his father-in-law and his father-in-law had deep roots in the military. When Yo was 18 years old, he entered the military academy because his father was a soldier, a student of the Whampoa Military Academy and a member of the Expeditionary Army, and had gone to India to fight Japan. Korean Yo also pays much attention to the military family members. He hopes to live in Kinmen of many military family members and become an important bridge between Taiwan and the mainland in the future.

For the exposure of this real reason, Taiwan netizens said, Fight well, dont bully retired soldiers; The people of honor cant be blackened. A kind of

Some netizens also satirized Chen Shui-bian for being hospitalized for three days with one slap, which laid a foundation for acting on parole for medical treatment.

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