Shi Yuqis End of Successive Failure to Peach Fields: Winning is not easy to have the impulse to cry

 Shi Yuqis End of Successive Failure to Peach Fields: Winning is not easy to have the impulse to cry

Affected by injury at the end of the season, Shi Yuqi was not in good condition before, but when he came to the finals, his performance improved completely. He won three consecutive group matches and reversed the semi-finals. In the final, facing the immortal battle of Taotian Xianduo, he finished his opponent and avenged his opponents sweep in the world championship finals. After losing his opponent three times in a row this year, he had a very heavy total at the end of the year. Return to a city in the final.

Ive never beaten him before. Im very happy to win this time. Shi Yuqi knelt excitedly to celebrate after winning the second set. Tears appeared in the corners of his eyes. I didnt cry at the moment of winning, but I just hid my face to express excitement, although there was an impulse to cry. Speaking of the game, he said, Although the score looks very big, there are many rackets per ball. Indeed, although the score was somewhat one-sided, Shi Yuqis winning process was never easy, after all, he had lost three times before in Taotian.

Talking about how he changed when he lost to Taotian three times before? Shi Yuqi said, Mainly to strengthen their own playing methods, before touching him will often give me greater pressure, they are not very firm, not as unstable as in the past skills and tactics, this fight is more resolute.

In 2018, although Shi Yuqis performance still has many shortcomings, he ended his three consecutive defeats against Taotian Xianduo and won the year-end Championship for the first time. This years three major championships, including the All-England, World Championships and Finals, all reached the final, and won two championships and one Asian Games. He is also a hero of the Tang Cup and Asian Games. Shi Yuqis performance is still worthy of being a national feather brother. Summarize 2018? Its OK. The performance at the beginning and end of the year is good, and we need to do better in the middle next year.