Nurse was disfigured by psychiatric patients in hospital: Why hurt you?

 Nurse was disfigured by psychiatric patients in hospital: Why hurt you?

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No one wants to leave even a little scar on their face, let alone unmarried young women. But the torture nurses have suffered such bad luck. During her work, a psychotic took advantage of it to cut a razor blade into her face...

During nursing, the nurse was scratched on the face by the patient.

On October 9, this year, Ms. Peng, a nurse in Kaifeng Fifth Peoples Hospital, was on duty from 23:00 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. the next day as usual.

She works in a closed ward on the 4th floor of Building 2. There are about 80 patients living in this ward. Another nurse on duty with Ms. Xing was responsible for caring for about 10 patients in the critical care unit.

Late at night, the vast majority of patients have fallen asleep. At this time, suffering from hypomania (Note: The typical clinical manifestations of manic episode are emotional upsurge, rush thinking, increased activity, etc., can be accompanied by exaggerated concepts or delusions, impulses and other acts, the episode should last at least one week, with varying degrees of social function damage, or dangerous or adverse consequences for others). 65-year-old female patient Wang Mou has been wandering in various wards and corridors. Pandas eyes (Ms. Xings eyes have a slight black scar), I want to cut your face! she provoked to Ms. Xing. Mrs. Xing didnt take it seriously and responded, Go back to the ward, or you will be bound!

At 4:20 a.m., Wang Mou touched up from behind Xings side and made a crosswise scratch on her face. As soon as Ms. Xing turned her head, she scratched her forehead vertically again. Mrs. Xing, who was attacked, shouted loudly. When she came to see her face, she was in a panic. Small punishment, your face!

Because she was frightened and nervous, Mrs. Xing didnt realize that her face was injured. When she heard the words of Mrs. Xing, she rushed to the head nurse to look in the mirror and saw herself with blood donation on her face. She collapsed immediately...

She ran madly to ward 2 on the third floor to find head nurse Yang Haikuan, and dialed 120 first aid calls and 110 alarm calls. However, in the telephone, the police refused to leave the police on the grounds that it was internal affairs of the hospital. About half an hour later, 120 ambulances rushed to the doctor on duty, the general duty of the hospital, the head nurse on duty and the hospital security personnel to send Ms. Peng to Wufu Road Hospital District of Kaifeng Central Hospital for emergency treatment.

Urgently sent to Zhengzhou for treatment, more than 80 needles were sewn.

According to Ms. Xing recalled that because she had interned in Henan Peoples Hospital in Zhengzhou City and knew that the sewing technology there was better, she asked to send her directly to the provincial Peoples Hospital for treatment, but head nurse Yang Haikuan said she needed to consult the leadership. They also sent her to Wufu Road Park of Kaifeng Central Hospital. Ms. Xing was very emotional and repeatedly asked to go to the Provincial Peoples Hospital for treatment. At about 6 a.m., the Fifth Peoples Hospital of Kaifeng sent an ambulance to take her to the Provincial Peoples Hospital. Around 7:30, Ms. Xing arrived at the International Medical Center of the Provincial Peoples Hospital and completed the wound suture operation at about 9:00.

Ms. Xing offered pictures of her injured face, which looked long and deep and chilling. Among them, a transverse wound cuts across the face, one side of the ear is also scratched, the other knife edge from the forehead up to down, at least one finger length, skin valgus, extremely horrible. Countless stitches, then the doctor told me to sew more than 80 stitches. If she strikes me in the eye, the consequences will be even more unthinkable. After seven days in the International Medical Center of the Provincial Peoples Hospital, Ms. Xing was discharged for follow-up treatment.

Nearly two months after Ms. Xing was discharged from hospital, her two wounds had healed completely. The scars on her forehead could not be seen due to the blocking of her hair, but the scars on her face, which were more than ten centimeters across, still looked very obvious.

Several clashes gave Wang Mou a sense of revenge

Why does Wang Mou scratch a lady? In Ms. Pengs opinion, this is related to her strict compliance with hospital management rules, and thus to her resentment.

She said: Because I just arrived at the hospital soon, in order to perform well, I strictly follow the hospital rules. According to the regulations, patients are not allowed to enter the nursesstation, but Wang Mou loves to run into the nurses station. Every time Wang Mou comes to the nursesstation, I throw her out. In daily management, the medical staff will take the patients to walk around the hospital. Wang Mou has to turn around with everyone. She has also corrected many times. Especially on October 8 this year, Wang had a conflict with a male nurse. The male nurse wanted to restrain him. I went up to help her and pressed her with my leg. She had to say I hit her.

In daily work and management, does Wang Mou only have conflicts with Ms. Xing or with other medical staff? Ms. Xing said that Wang Mou mainly aims at her, because she is a new person, often less flexible than other medical staff, such as entering the nursesstation. If other nurses change, they may open their eyes and close their eyes. Therefore, Wang Mous main hatred is her.

The psychiatric nurse of Kaifeng Fifth Peoples Hospital was wounded by the patient with a knife in the back when she was on night shift at 4:20 a.m. on October 9.

Ms. Xing told reporters that in August 2017, he joined the Fifth Peoples Hospital of Kaifeng City as a temporary worker. On September 25, 2018, she passed the examination to sign a personnel agency contract, so she cherished the job very much.

In the dispute, Ms. Xing thought the prescription was unfair.

According to the Notice of Expertise Opinion of Nanyuan Branch of Kaifeng Public Security Bureau provided by Ms. Xing, the degree of facial injury of Ms. Xing has been identified by forensic medicine as slight injury level 1. However, the handling of this matter by Kaifeng Fifth Peoples Hospital made her feel unfair.

Ms. Xing told reporters: After the incident, she had asked the hospital to declare work-related injuries for her, but the hospital characterized the incident as retaliatory injury, because I hit someone, it happened, I deserve it. Later, I repeatedly asked Chen Jinhong, assistant dean in charge of this matter, to say that this is a criminal case and can not report work-related injuries. My family has repeatedly sought the hospital and Nanyuan Police Station, and eventually the hospital promised to report work-related injuries. Nanyuan Police Station also began filing investigations.

Ms. Xing also said: Hospital leaders held a meeting to study, in order to characterize the incident as retaliatory injury, they asked medical staff to perjure, saying that I hit Wang Mou, and several colleagues were deducted more than 2000 yuan of performance pay because they wanted me to disclose some information. And she herself was suspended from paying her salary. My usual work performance is obvious to all, monitoring can be seen, said I hit Wang Mou, this is a wrongful me, I do not shoot investigation.

In addition, Ms. Xing is not satisfied with her work arrangement. She said, On December 4, the hospital notified me to go to work and let me open the ward. I said that my injuries made me unable to see people. The hospital let me think for myself. I sat in the nursing department for a day. When I was told to go to the clinic to be a doctor, I was disfigured and how to be a doctor? Then I was told to go to the supply room. I was injured for less than two months. They torted me like this. Im going crazy now!

The hospital and the police responded that everything was being handled.

In response to Ms. Xings experience, on December 13, the reporter contacted Chen Jinhong, assistant dean of Kaifeng Fifth Peoples Hospital. In Chens office, she was interviewed by reporters.

How does Wang Mou, who suffers from hypomania, bring the blade into the hospital? Ms. Chen Jinhong told reporters: Mentally ill people are required to undergo safety checks when they are admitted to the hospital, and it is reasonable that there should not be such a weapon as the blade. But Wang Mou has been treated in five hospitals for 18 times because of hypomania, which can be said to be experienced. She hid the blade in her underwear, but the medical staff could not find it. On the day of her murder, the male nurse, with the help of a female patient, found the blade in Wang Mous perineum and sent it to the nursesstation. Afterwards, the head nurses and nurses who of course gave Wang a safety check-up were punished by deducting bonuses and notifying critics.

Chen Jinhong also denied the fact that some medical staff were withheld bonuses because of the information disclosed to her by Ms. Xing. How can we know who disclosed the so-called information to her? We will not characterize the incident, after all, it is a matter for the police. She told reporters: After the incident, the hospital allowed Ms. Xing to take a vacation according to the treatment of work-related injuries, and paid her full salary. In order to prevent her from contacting patients directly, we arranged her to work in the supply room. She was not satisfied with such an arrangement and had been dragging her out of work.

To the question of whether Wang Mou belongs to retaliatory injury Ms. Xing, Ms. Chen answered, The patient has been hospitalized here since he was young, and has been hospitalized 18 times since he was 63 years old. Never happened to hurt people. Why hurt her?

Reporters consulted the wage slip and reimbursement vouchers: In November, the hospital paid Ms. Xing 2531 yuan in salary and reimbursed her more than 33,000 yuan in medical expenses.

Reporters rushed to Kaifeng City Public Security Bureau Nanyuan Police Station. People in charge of the case warned against reporters: Because the case involved psychiatric patients, and Kaifeng City has no relevant appraisal body, can not confirm whether Wang Mou has full capacity for behavior, this week will take her to Xinxiang for appraisal, after the results come out, and then according to the appraisal results according to the law.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of Dahe Net-Dahe Newspaper