Ye Shiwens Return to the Peak? Teacher: It also depends on how hard I treat her.

 Ye Shiwens Return to the Peak? Teacher: It also depends on how hard I treat her.

On December 15, after the 200-meter Medley race, Ye Shiwen. Xinhua News Agency

The performance is still good. Now its mainly what you want and like, so that you can do things without pain. Xu Guoyi, Ye Shiwens mentor, was very satisfied with his followers when he was interviewed by Pengchao journalists.

In the view of the gold medal coach who has brought out such famous generals as Luo Xuejuan, Wu Peng and Xu Jiayu, Xiaoyezi is enjoying the pleasure of swimming itself. For her, as long as she is happy, of course, this pleasure also requires great efforts.

Back to normal, the preliminary almost won Horszzu

OK, backstroke is good, and freestyle is slow at last. Xu Guoyis tone is plain and harsh. I finally let go of the freestyle. Yes poems and essays also have some explanations.

Leaf was in good shape that day. She almost won Horszzu in the 200-meter Medley preliminary race and finished second in the overall score with 2:06.45, including the first in the backstroke and breaststroke.

But the 22-year-old veteran had just resumed training, and she regretted passing the bronze medal in the evening finals.

Its a pity that he didnt get a medal at home, but its the best achievement Ye Shiwen has achieved in the short pool. She revealed that she had only returned five months ago. They were preparing for the Asian Games in July, so they didnt start restorative training.

Leaf admitted that the road to recovery is not easy, especially at the beginning of a near despair feeling. Fortunately, she slowly regained the familiar feeling, I went to Australia recently, had aerobic training for more than a month, and then started running the station.

Since the World Cup in Beijing in November this year, Ye Shiwen has gradually come back. She first qualified for the Hangzhou Short Pool World Championship in Beijing, then participated in the Tokyo and Singapore races, and also boarded the podium in Singapore.

In Singapore, she won a silver medal in the 200-meter breaststroke and ranked second in the world in this years short pool with 2 minutes, 18 seconds and 39 seconds, only 0.3 seconds from the national record.

Ye Shiwen once laughed that the improvement of breaststroke has much to do with his book Learning to Breaststroke with Olympic Champions, I think when I write this book, I learned breaststroke technique from the beginning again, so I may have a deeper understanding.

Reading in Tsinghua makes Leaf more indifferent

The performance is still good. Now its mainly what you want and like, so that you can do things without pain. In the past, the training was painful and forced. When Ye Shiwen left, Xu Guoyi began to throw out his praise of his lover.

Now for her, training is a kind of enjoyment, and competition is also a kind of enjoyment. She is not so serious about winning or losing. She used to have a mentality of fear of losing and want to win. She carries a lot of burden to train and compete. Now she has been released.

Xu Guoyi knows the root of Yes poems and essays from childhood. In his eyes, such a tremendous change of his lover has something to do with going to school in Tsinghua.

On December 15, Ye Shiwen was in the competition.

Even Xiaoye herself said that she had adjusted her mind well, but she owed more to Xu Guoyi, another father of herself.

In fact, I always felt that I never left the swimming pool. Xu Dao let me go to school to feel life. I really thought it was feeling life, but maybe he let me plan the next life.

Its easy to say, but its really hard for Ye Shiwen to balance her studies and swimming. Besides, she chose the best university in China.

Xu Guoyi does not deny that the athletes are not very good at reading and need to devote more time and energy, but he still asks Xiaoyezi to read it in schools like Tsinghua. She is also very hard, but since you have chosen it, you must read it out. You cant give it up halfway. We do everything like this.

If you want to go to Tokyo, youre ready to suffer.

Of course, the famous swimmer also knows that Medley is a very hard sport, not only taking into account the four strokes, but also keeping the technique and physical fitness in the best condition.

Therefore, Xu Guoyi will soon enter the devil state. During the next winter training period, he will give Ye Shiwen additional quantity. Winter training will no longer focus on adjustment. That must suffer. I have passed through with her. I asked her if she would like to accept it completely.

If you like it, as long as you dont fear it, as long as you like it, thats all right. Xu Guoyi, a poet of Ye Shiwen, was very impressed. He did not put too much pressure on his apprentices. Its not necessarily something for her, as long as shes happy.

In Xu Guoyis words, Happiness also needs to make great efforts. Its not just to follow the bully every day. You will be happy only if you work hard and achieve good results.

As the first full slam swimmer in Chinese swimming history, people still have great expectations for Ye Shiwen. The 22-year-old Zhejiang girl also said her goal was the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, so she continued to suspend her studies in Tsinghua.

Our society is too impetuous now. I hope she can calm down. Once she calms down, things will go smoothly.