Video of highly educated porters in Chongqing: Its hard to say Im a loser

 Video of highly educated porters in Chongqing: Its hard to say Im a loser

In Chongqing, a temporary Porter like him has a special name called stick.

He Dongwei may be the most educated person in Chongqings Bamboo Army. In 2007, he passed the self-study examination of higher education and got his bachelors degree in law from Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

On December 13, the media filmed his short video and spread it on the Internet, which aroused a heated discussion among netizens about whether a high-educated stick is a loser - wasting academic qualifications? Personal choice? Character determines fate?

He Dongwei didnt know all about it because he couldnt access the internet.

On this day, He Dongwei failed to open during the day, and only at night did he get a single job of carrying the upper and lower bunks. Two upper and lower beds, four beds, about 200 kilograms, to pick up these logs on the fifth floor, He Dongwei ran up and down five times, 50 yuan, 50 yuan assembly, the boss gave 100 yuan. He Dongwei said with a smile that he had a good day.

After finishing work at 9 p.m., He Dongwei was interviewed by a reporter from Nandu. The next day, he sent a text message to Nandu reporters: I also hope to support the best, but I am too shy to do so.

He Dongwei is in charge of the work.

Dialogue with He Dongwei:

Im not a successful person, but I feel a little sad when people say Im a loser.

Nandu: When did you start to be a stick?

He Dongwei: Ive been making sticks since 1997. Its been 21 years now. I used to work at home for a few years, but then the villagers went to the city to work, and I came out to be a great man. A stick of 10 yuan can be used for at least half a year, the longest can be used for two years; a hemp rope of 15 yuan can be used for about a year, so the cost of a stick is very low.

Nandu: How much do you earn per day? Can you meet your living needs?

He Dongwei: Not necessarily every day. I get up at 7 oclock every morning and go out to work at 8 oclock. Sometimes I cant open the shop for a day. Sometimes I can earn a hundred yuan a day. Like moving four beds today, I earn 100 yuan. Over the past month, make an average of five or sixty yuan a day.

My life is still more economical, three meals in the restaurant to solve, a meal of about 15 yuan, living in a rental living room, separated by boards, a month as long as 200 yuan rent. So two or three thousand yuan a month can meet my basic living needs.

Nandu: When did you get your undergraduate diploma? Do you think its useful for you?

He Dongwei: In 2007, I got my bachelors degree in law from Southwest University of Political Science and Law. I took the self-taught exam, but I didnt take any courses. In the past, when I was in high school, Chinese was fairly good, so the self-taught examination would not be very difficult at that time.

The use of a diploma depends on the individual. My classmate took an examination of a civil servant. This diploma is useful. I have been doing a good job since I got this diploma, so this diploma is useless to me.

Nandu: Do you have any recreational activities?

He Dongwei: I dont go online. I dont have a tweet. I dont know that the media reports that my video has been spread on the Internet. I usually write small articles, write in a notebook and keep them for myself. Sometimes when I look at novels, like my favorite novel, Yu Huas Brothers, I think my situation is somewhat similar to some plots in the novel.

Nandu: Have you considered any work related to this diploma before?

He Dongwei: More than ten years ago, someone introduced me to work as a telephone operator in a law firm. At that time, I felt that I would not go if I could not do it. Looking back on it now, it was a great opportunity. I missed it and regretted it a little. Now if I work as a telephone operator, I should not be able to do it.

Nandu: Do you want to be a stick all your life? Have you ever thought about changing jobs?

He Dongwei: More than ten years ago, I took the B2 drivers license. If I could, I would like to drive a truck. There is a salary of about 5,000 yuan a month. Unfortunately, there has been no such opportunity. No one wants me. Im not confident enough to look for opportunities by myself. So I can only be a stick. I havent thought about the future. Others are still in their 60s, so I will be in my 60s.

Nandu: Have you been single? Have you ever thought about setting up a family?

He Dongwei: My parents died a few years ago. I am the only child in my family. About ten years ago, I talked about an object, introduced by others, then separated, and I have been alone ever since. I also want to start a family, but I havent had the chance.

Nandu: In the video, you often laugh. Do you think you are happy?

He Dongwei: I dont think Im happy. Im melancholy. Sometimes when I feel helpless and I dont know what to say, I just laugh.

Nandu: When the media was shooting the video, your friend and another student said you were a loser. What were you thinking?

He Dongwei: (laughing helplessly, silent for a minute) I feel a little sad in my heart. I know I am not a successful person, but I dont like to be told that I am a failure. Others say that I have a diploma, so I can find a decent job and go to work on time. But I dont like what they say about me because its my choice to make a stick, whether I have a diploma or not.

Netizens said:

Sansiu Chen: I know hes helpless and wants to cry.

Syrian Coffee: You see he laughs to hide his helplessness!! In fact, he does not want to do so, maybe this is the reality!! Understand!

The pill rings: Character decides fate. He knows his own weaknesses very well. He is not confident, timid and shy... I hope my uncle will be treated kindly by fate.

The wheat field has a tree height: It makes my heart feel bad. He looks like a very good person. Why? I hope someone can find him and use his knowledge.

Kikis Backyard: Theres a disease called social phobia.

Simple_life888: Its not about diploma, its about mentality.

Mermaid and Mermaid: Its a simple and lovely uncle, but he doesnt have much self-confidence.

Source: Liable Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182