President mourns the victims of a journalists death in Strasbourg, France

 President mourns the victims of a journalists death in Strasbourg, France

BEIJING, Dec. 16 (CNN) -- An Italian journalist injured in the Strasbourg terror attack was rescued and died on Dec. 14, local time, according to the European Union News Agency, quoted by Euronet. In addition, 12 casualties are currently being treated in hospitals, one of whom has died of brain damage.

DATA FIGURE: On the evening of December 11, local time, a shooting occurred near a Christmas market in Strasbourg, Eastern France.

It is reported that the death toll from the terrorist attack in Strasbourg has risen to four on December 14, local time. At 21.30 p.m., the Italian journalist who was injured in the incident died after being rescued. Italian journalist Antonio Megaliz, 28. At the time of the terrorist attack, he was in Strasbourg on an interview with the European Union Conference.

At 19:00 local time on the 14th, French President Mark Long went to Clebo Square in the old city centre of Strasbourg and placed a bunch of white roses in front of a memorial to the victims to express his condolences to the victims. Hundreds of candles were gathered in the square, and flowers and slogans were everywhere to mourn the victims.

When he arrived in Strasbourg, he met with police officers who had contacted the terrorists, then continued to walk through the reopened Christmas market and attended a public memorial rally. Marklon said that the French people will be with the people of Strasbourg.

Source of this article: ChinaNet responsible editor: Wang Zheng_N7526