Someone robbed a child in Xihongmen, Beijing? Insider: Mental disorders of women involved

 Someone robbed a child in Xihongmen, Beijing? Insider: Mental disorders of women involved

On the afternoon of December 15, a netizen wrote that his family had been robbed of children by a woman at the Yiju shopping mall in Xihongmen, Daxing District, Beijing. Afterwards, the police station called the police to take the women involved. Beijing Youth Daily reporters learned that the women involved were not Internet traffickers. They were in a state of mental abnormality at the time of the incident. Because of improper speech, the women involved had physical conflicts with the owners. Afterwards, the woman involved was sent to the doctor, and the child of the victim was not harmed.

Yesterday afternoon, an online friend circled that his sister and husband took their children shopping in Beijing Daxing Xihongmen Yiju Shopping Center and met a strange woman who wanted to rob children. Afterwards, the content of the circle of friends was forwarded by many netizens and attracted attention.

Beiqing Daily reporters learned that on December 15, around 5 p.m., two women in Xihongmen Yiju Shopping Center were alerted after limb conflicts. According to family members, that afternoon, the owner took the children shopping, accompanied by the childrens uncle. Because of her poor mental state, the women involved made inappropriate remarks to the subject. When the conflict broke out between the two sides, the uncle of the child mistakenly believed that he had been robbed of the child and called the police promptly.

That afternoon, after the childs aunt learned the situation remotely, she misunderstood the incident and posted it to the circle of friends. Later, the family members of the children said that they had learned from the police that the women involved had mental disorders, not child robbery by traffickers, and that the matter had been resolved.

Source of this article: Beijing Youth Daily responsible editor: Wang Zheng_N7526