Three aftershocks recorded after the Sichuan earthquake still have the possibility of M 4.5 aftershocks.

 Three aftershocks recorded after the Sichuan earthquake still have the possibility of M 4.5 aftershocks.

According to the national network, at 12:46 on December 16, 2018, an earthquake of magnitude 5.7 occurred in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province (28.24 degrees north latitude and 104.95 degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 12 km.

The epicenter is 29 kilometers from Xingwen County, 32 kilometers from Gongxian County, 38 kilometers from Changning County, 44 kilometers from Julian County, 45 kilometers from Weixin County, Yunnan Province, 64 kilometers from Yibin City and 215 kilometers from Chongqing City.

According to preliminary understanding, the local and Yibin city have strong earthquake sensation, the earthquake has a relatively wide range of sensation, Chengdu, Leshan, Meishan, Mianyang and other earthquake sensation is obvious.

The Emergency Management Department and China Seismological Bureau attach great importance to it. Huang Ming, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Emergency Management Department, first learned about the earthquake situation through the emergency command technology system. Sichuan Seismological Bureau immediately initiated the earthquake emergency plan, decided to implement the emergency response of magnitude 3, immediately reported to the Ministry of Emergency Management, China Seismological Bureau, Sichuan Provincial Committee and provincial government, and made emergency arrangements and deployments, and assigned Yibin City Defense in advance.

The Bureau of Earthquake Mitigation dispatched personnel to Xingwen County to investigate the earthquake situation and organize expert analysis and consultation. At the same time, it decided to dispatch a 30-person on-site working group led by Deputy Director Lei Jiancheng to cooperate with the local government in earthquake relief.

Up to now, the communication and traffic in the earthquake area are basically normal. A few houses have been damaged, such as cracks and shingles. Rock-rolling has occurred in some areas. No reports of house collapse and casualties have been received.

Preliminary study and judgment: Xingwen earthquake is a major aftershock, and it is unlikely that more earthquakes will occur in the short term, but there is a possibility that strong aftershocks with a magnitude of 4.5 will occur.

Source: Shi Jianle_NBJ11331, Responsible Editor of Sichuan Seismological Bureau