Putin drove a seriously ill boy in a helicopter and fastened his seat belt himself.

 Putin drove a seriously ill boy in a helicopter and fastened his seat belt himself.

Putin received a seriously ill boy at Constantine Palace.

The boys wish is to look down on St. Petersburg.

Overseas Network, Dec. 16, according to Russian Satellite News Agency, Russian President Vladimir Putin received a seriously ill boy and his family at Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg on Dec. 15, local time, and arranged a helicopter trip for the boy to help him realize his dream. Warmly, Putin not only prepared Christmas gifts for him, but also drove him to the helipad in person.

Putin joined a charity program called Dreamwithme earlier this month, which aims to realize the dreams of seriously ill children, the report said. Palianov from Leningrad is one of the lucky five children. His greatest wish was to overlook St. Petersburg, and Putin had promised to organize helicopter trips for him in good weather.

Putin took out the map and introduced the route to the boy.

On the 15th, Putin met the Palianovs at the Constantine Palace, then had dinner and chatted with them. During that time, Putin also took out a map to introduce the route to Palianov and his father.

Putin asked the boys to choose gifts.

Later, Putin asked Palianov to go under the Christmas tree to choose gifts.

Putin drove himself and buckled the boys seat belt before driving.

Then there was the big story. Putin and Palanov boarded the black Mercedes-Benz together. Putin took the drivers seat and buckled his seat belt very intimately for Palianov next to him.

Putin drove the little boy to the apron in a black Mercedes-Benz.

When he arrived at the helipad, Putin kissed Palanov and his family and left after saying goodbye to them on the helicopter.

Putin got out of the car and waved.

The little boy looked down on St. Petersburg from a helicopter.

When Putin took off from the helicopter, he got off in the cold winter and waved his hand. The picture shows the boy in the helicopter, eating the snacks prepared by the flight attendant and looking out of the window at St. Petersburg, his eyes full of excitement.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Wang Zheng_N7526