Media: Sharing bicycle deposit refund should stop watching people eat dishes

 Media: Sharing bicycle deposit refund should stop watching people eat dishes

Pretend to be a foreigner, the deposit comes in seconds. This is not supposed to be a dish pie.

In recent years, a leading company in the field of bicycle sharing has been in a dilemma, which has aroused widespread concern - many people are still being held in mind by the deposit refund difficulty.

Recently, some netizens want to refund their deposit, but when they hear that it takes a long time to make a phone call, their brains are wide open. He pretended that foreigners had written a complaint email. He was from California and had lived in China for two or three years. His Chinese was not very good and he liked to go online. As a result, the company quickly refunded the deposit and responded to an English apology letter, which caused heated discussion.

We cant blame netizens for overwhelming defense, because some sharing bicycle enterprises refund deposit has become the 22 military regulations of the problem. The system shows that the deposit is expected to arrive in 0-15 working days, but may be delayed or not refunded, which has become a common situation when some shared bicycle enterprises encounter a centralized run.

So there are all kinds of shared bicycle deposit refund secrets circulating on the internet. According to media reports, the fraud of sharing bicycle deposit on the second-hand trading platform has also arisen at the historic moment. For example, if you spend a dollar, you can buy an innovative strategy: Call * Keep in mind that this is the only way you want money. Telephone calls are more difficult to make. We should insist on making 30-40 calls.

Compared with the users who are hurt in their hearts, those who can think of pretending to crooked nuts to refund their deposit are obviously examples of self-reliance and painstaking efforts. However, the first crab eater is full, and the next step is probably to fail. Others have to find a new way.

But lets not forget that the deposit refund should not be so challenging, nor should it be so helpless as a bicycle-sharing user.

For some bicycle-sharing companies, it is also a warning that a large number of users have turned black after the deposit refund difficulty: you may have difficulties in business now, but entrepreneurs should have a bottom line at all times, and should have the spirit of contract. Dont forget that the people who scratch their heads for the deposit refund are all your enthusiastic supporters at the beginning.

If a product or a company really has no way to go, then it should go bankrupt and go bankrupt. Its no big deal to start from scratch. Pretend to be a foreigner, the deposit is in hand in seconds, making such a farce of refunding deposit watching people eat dishes will only hurt their credibility. And turning a once inspiring business story into a joke also raises the cost of turning over.

Spring will come sooner or later, but dont burn all your underwear in order to survive the cold winter.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, responsible editor of Beijing News