KTV no longer has King of K Songs as a good place for aunts to sing red songs.

 KTV no longer has King of K Songs as a good place for aunts to sing red songs.

Photo Source: Oriental IC

6000 songs off the shelves? If it hadnt been for this news, I would have forgotten KTV...

Since the 1990s, KTV has been popular in mainland China. But nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to find young people in mass-trafficked KTV.

It was not until a copyright dispute that KTV returned to the publics view again.

KTV no longer has King of K Songs

On November 5, due to copyright disputes, China Audio and Video Copyright Collective Management Association (hereinafter referred to as Audio and Video Copyright Collection Association), the only collective management organization of Audio and Video Copyright in China, issued an announcement called On Stopping the Use of Sued Songs and attached a list of more than 6,000 songs. There are many classical songs in this song list, even carrying the collective memories of a generation, such as Chen Yixuns Ten Years, King of K Songs, Love When You Die and Leave Songs, which are deeply loved by the sopranos.

Seeing such a hot search as getting off the shelf from KTV, many people think that they havent been to K songs for a long time.

Daily Economic News (Nbdnews) reporters visited several KTV stations in Beijing on the golden time of Saturday afternoon, and found that the vacancy rate of boxes was nearly half, and the wine supermarket was even less populated.

The empty KTV box on Saturday afternoon (photo source: every time photographed by reporter Zhang Chunnan)

When I was in college, I really owned KTV. I went there at least once a month and was nicknamedLittle Princess of KTV. After 90 girls Lianlian (pseudonym) laughed at reporters. Now working for three years, she always stays at home on weekends, brushing trembles and watching plays. Its not easy to meet friends in the first-tier cities. It saves money to stay at home.

In my opinion, KTV only provides a place for people to gather and play together, but now all kinds of bars, table rooms and roadside halls can meet this demand. Zhang Xiaohua, a 94-year-old pseudonym, said she hadnt set foot in KTV for two or three years and that friendsgatherings would naturally ignore this option.

The manager of one of Chengdus most famous KTV chains, who has been in business for more than a decade, and the Daily Economic Journalist frankly met each other: From the late 1990s to the present, I actually feel that I have reached a bottleneck.

KTV originated in Japan, Karaok itself is a misnomer in Japanese and English. In the 1990s, KTV became popular in mainland China. In addition to indulging in singing, volume-selling KTV sells all kinds of drinks and food, which has become the first choice for parties.

The most profitable time is around 2004, basically open a shop for a year and a half to return the capital. The above KTV chains managers recall.

At that time, the KTV market was booming and the threshold was low, so the owner adopted the circuitous tactics to transform an old cinema into a movie theme KTV. Unexpectedly, he accidentally planted willows and willows and grew into one of the most influential local KTV.

By 2008, when the expansion is the craziest, as long as you have money, you will open a shop. But then many wealthy people began to enter the market. Their lack of professionalism opened the prelude to low-cost competition in the market and also affected the operation of professional KTV. The person said. In addition, the rise of group buying websites also makes KTVs price war imperative.

About 2015, KTV has seen a wave of closing stores. There were 13 stores closed by KTVs ancestorscash cabinet in China before, and nearly 90 stores closed by Wandas big singer KTV nationwide. In addition, Le Sheng KTV, Melody, the same song KTV and other brands also closed some stores during this period or even completely closed.

It is very difficult for KTV volume traffickers to compete with large enterprises like Wanda, even if the national chain, even if the market share is the first in the country, even if the turnover is the first in the country, even if the expansion rate is the first in the country. Although Wanda courtyard line and Wanda courtyard line belong to the important offline consumption scenario of Wanda business life, because of the slow reflux of funds, KTV, the big singer, will inevitably be marginalized in the end.

At present, the financial data of KTV Holiday and Miloxin, which have landed on the new third board, are not good this year. In the first half of this year, Holidays net profit declined by 3805%, from 45,000 yuan in the same period last year to 1.7 million yuan in the same period, while Miloxins net profit also declined by more than 50% in the first half of this year, from more than 20 million yuan last year to less than 10 million yuan.

Uncle and Aunt Consumption Upgrading

KTV has become a good place to sing popular songs.

Now, when you walk into a KTV on a weekday afternoon, you will hear all kinds of red songs in the corridor. The grandparents who used to sing in the square also upgrade their consumption and enter KTV boxes with stereo and sofa soft seats in winter and summer.

Before 2 p.m., Aunt Sha and her 13-member group chose a large private room and sang on time. Sunset Red, Singing the Motherland, Homesickness... Everyone sings in turn. Others sit on the sofa applauding and responding. Others stand up and dance. Sing to the emotional place, we will have a harmony. Singing tired, sitting together chatting, very pleasant.

This is a scene reported by Beiqing.com. This KTV in Nanjing has 35 compartments. Every afternoon, 30 bags are full. All the middle-aged and old people are singing in them. The KTV front desk staff said: The most attractive thing for the elderly here is the preferential price. For example, the membership price of the large package is only 109 yuan, which can accommodate up to 20 people; the large package is only 89 yuan, which can accommodate up to 12 people. If there is no other consumption, the per capita cost is less than 10 yuan.

Photo Source: Oriental IC

However, some KTV staff also said that because they stayed for five or six hours, some middle-aged and elderly people would bring their own food and drink. Because there are too many people to bring their own drinks, they have to open their eyes and close their eyes.

All over the country, retired grandparents have become the main customers of KTV. In order to share fixed costs, many KTVs specialize in offering old peoples packages on weekday afternoons. According to CNN, some KTVs also specialize in preparing first aid drugs and free hot water for them.

For volume-selling KTV, supermarkets and catering income often account for about half, but after 50, 60 middle-aged and old people enter the box, they usually order a pot of tea or a few bottles of water, which has little consumption capacity.

Chinese still cannot live without KTV

Many insiders believe that behind the phenomenon of young people saying goodbye to KTV is the stagnation of Chinese voice music. In the Chinese music circle, it seems that for a long time there has not been a song which is extremely popular and touching. The layering of the Internet also makes the consumer feel less and less sympathetic. The two or three elements are often day and night do not understand the black.

As far as we are concerned, KTV is still targeting more people in the post-70s and post-80s. You will find that programs like Masked Singers and Chinas New Songs are also watched by people in the 1970s and 1980s. According to the KTV operator mentioned above. If even we walk into the box every day thinking about what to do today and what songs to sing, thats a problem.

In addition to no singing, KTVs business model is not a small problem.

Over the years, there has been little change in the operation and management mode of the entire KTV industry. Therefore, under the pressure of increasing operating costs, human resources costs, rental amount of sites and expenditure of copyright fees, the whole industry has shown signs of decline. Liu Henghui, an industry analyst at China Research and Development Puhua, told reporters accepting the Daily Economic News (nbdnews).

But will KTV really disappear? Im afraid not. Its 2.0 and 3.0 versions are fierce, pointing to a new generation of entertainment market.

In April this year, the online KTV brand Mazong of the Internet K-song Software Singing Bar announced the completion of a 100 million yuan-level A-round financing, creating the largest single A-round financing in the current chain KTV industry, which had been singing down before, and was once again recognized by the capital.

Compared with traditional KTV, these off-line brands, which are extended by online K songs, are more Internet-based in terms of services, so they are more attractive to young people. Analysts from Easy View Online said that high-end KTV has its own social attributes and will be relatively less impacted, but the Internet of KTV may have a significant impact on the operation of high-end mass-trafficked KTV.

Take singing bar as an example. Users can reserve rooms for singing bar Maxon through singing bar. There are also functions and play methods such as one-click recording on mobile phone, recording MV, live broadcasting on line, instant interaction between friends, singing bar show, introduction of APP singing list, etc.

Reservations can be made online via APP (photo source: every time taken by reporter Zhang Chunnan)

In fact, we have also visited Maxon, where there are more young people and they should be more lively. The above KTV operators said.

There are more fashionable ways to play. In June this year, Lehui Science and Technology announced the completion of tens of millions of financing. Three months ago, Lehui opened the first LIVEHOUSE self-service store in Guangzhou with community interaction as the core. Its core product is an open stage machine, which breaks the closed state of K songs in the past.

However, some KTV practitioners may not agree with these new games. People come to KTV to sing. The quality of your songs, the speed of updating your library, your sound and service are absolutely competitive. According to the person, we still need to concentrate on doing KTV well. We still have to firmly believe that KTV will never be eliminated in the real economy, and Chinese people still can not do without KTV.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331