Vehicles with casualties and detention are evacuating in the multi-vehicle collision of Chengle Expressway in Sichuan Province

 Vehicles with casualties and detention are evacuating in the multi-vehicle collision of Chengle Expressway in Sichuan Province

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The evacuation of casualties in multi-car crashes at Qingshen section of Express Gong Chengle Expressway is under way (Source:)

At 12:52 on December 16, Sichuan High-speed Traffic Police announced that at 9:00 on December 16, 2018, Chengdu Chengle Expressway was 89 kilometers to Leshan direction. There were two traffic accidents, one three-car collision, one four-car collision and some casualties. At present, the traffic police, medical, fire and other departments are on-site rescue, now detained vehicles row 1 km, is currently evacuating.

Affected by the accident, the Chengle Expressway Meishan Station, Pengshan Station and Chengdu-bound cars can pass through. The rest of the road traffic control, and in the Qinglong Station and Guanyintan Station shunt vehicles under the high-speed;

The ramp from Jianpu Expressway to Leshan Expressway is closed.

Sui Zimei Expressway turned into Le Shan Expressway and the ramp was closed.

Traffic control is carried out at Quanfu and Tongjiang stations of Leshan Circumferential Expressway.

Leyi Expressway diverts vehicles from Yibin to Leshan at Wutongqiao toll station.

Please wait in line patiently or choose Provincial Highway 103 to make a detour. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Source: Responsible Editor of Cover News: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331