Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Official Mobile Card Distribution Service will be provided nationwide next year

 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Official Mobile Card Distribution Service will be provided nationwide next year

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has asked three basic telecom enterprises to try out mobile phone card retailer service in different places by November 1, 2018, and officially provide mobile phone card retailer service in different places throughout the country on January 1, 2019.

At present, Chinas mobile phone penetration rate has exceeded 100%, mobile broadband user penetration rate has exceeded 93%, the majority of people in daily life has been inseparable from mobile phones. With the continuous increase of personnel flow, the demand for sales business in different places is also growing. To this end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has actively promoted related services. Since 2017, it has organized basic telecommunications enterprises to study carefully, sorted out the difficulties and risks of remote sales, urged enterprises to enhance their capabilities, improve their processes and resolve risks, and provided users with safe and convenient remote sales services as soon as possible.

Where is the difficulty for retailers in different places?

Business systems are not supported. Mobile card retailers in different places involve cross-regional and cross-system customer data verification. According to the reports of three basic telecommunications enterprises, due to historical reasons, the business support systems of provincial companies operate independently, and have not yet been fully connected. For the time being, it is not supported to verify customer names, product packages, contract plans, bills, advance deposits, arrears and other account information in different places. The overall upgrading and transformation of business support system is a heavy workload, involving the solution of many specific technical problems, and it is difficult to implement management.

Distribution business is complex. It involves not only the transfer of rights and obligations between users and affiliated provincial companies, business dealing provincial companies, but also user refund, payment in different places, inter-provincial settlement, return and issuance of invoices in different places, transfer of work orders, personnel training and other issues. The realization of business is more complex. Especially for the users of contract plans such as smart numbers, terminals and integrated products, they must cancel the contract before they can deal with the sales. The contents of contract plans vary greatly from place to place, and the rules of liquidated damages involved are different. To ensure the rights and interests of the customers, it takes time and manpower and material resources to do a lot of complicated and meticulous work.

Safety risks are high. With the development of science and technology, the application of mobile phones is more and more extensive. Mobile phone numbers are more and more associated with many accounts such as banks and social networking, directly related to the users capital security and information security. Mobile card retailers in different places involve many links and long chains. Once illegal elements malicious retailers appear, they will seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of users who have been maliciously retailed, and also bring greater risks to the reputation and operation of telecommunications enterprises.

Telecom Enterprises in Action

In September this year, the Eighth Inspection Group of the State Council invited 10 netizens to communicate face-to-face with the three major telecom operators. On the spot, the three major operators responded to the problem that netizens had to return to the original card to make up the card and sell the number after losing or stopping the mobile card.

China Mobile said last year it had offered off-line and off-site card replacement services in its own business hall in an effort to achieve on-line and off-site card replacement as soon as possible.

China Telecom said that it will test-run the offshore card replenishment business on October 1 this year and open it to all users on January 1 next year.

China Unicom said it would strive to launch its own business hall in different places before the end of the year.

As of Nov. 1, 2018, three basic telecommunications enterprises have tried out the mobile card sales service in different places. At present, some business halls have opened this business, and some business halls have been able to apply for the sale of customers in other places on behalf of users.

Do you have the needs of other distributors? You can go to the nearby business hall or log in to App for a try.

Safety risk should be paid attention to

Distant marketing is of course a good thing for the people, but its security risks can not be ignored.

Mobile phone number contains too much personal information, so we should be cautious to cancel mobile phone number! The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said that it should strive to provide users with simple and convenient mobile card sales service in different places on the premise of ensuring safety and reliability, so as to do a good job and improve the publics sense of access.

Source: Responsible Editor of Gongxin Microblog: Han Jiapeng_NN9841