Leachate Disposal in Zunyi Landfill Site, Guizhou Province: Two persons were exempted

 Leachate Disposal in Zunyi Landfill Site, Guizhou Province: Two persons were exempted

Reporters learned from the relevant departments of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, in response to the problem of illegal disposal of leachate in the landfill site of Bozhou District pointed out by the Central Fifth Ecological Environment Protection Supervision Group in Zunyi, the Standing Committee of the Bozhou District Committee decided on December 14 to suspend Tu Yongfa, Director of the District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, to remove Guofanghong District Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau and Yang Minkang. The post of Chief of Municipal Administration Section of District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau. The District Disciplinary Commission and the district Supervisory Commission shall investigate the relevant responsible personnel and deal with them in accordance with the rules and regulations according to the circumstances and impacts.

The Standing Committee of the District Committee has made it clear that we should face up to the problems and speed up the rectification. On the basis of the previous rectification of the feedback from the fifth ecological environment protection supervision group of the Central Committee, we should comprehensively and thoroughly promote the rectification work and resolutely put it in place within the prescribed time limit. At the same time, we should draw lessons from each other to further improve the working measures and firmly grasp the work of ecological environment protection in the whole region. The implementation of relevant rectifications and corrections shall be announced to the public in a timely manner and subject to supervision on its own initiative.

On December 15, the Standing Committee of the Zunyi Municipal Committee held a meeting to study the implementation of the Looking Back rectification work of the Fifth Central Ecological Environment Protection Supervision Group and put forward relevant opinions.

The meeting emphasized that the central environmental protection supervision group should take the initiative to claim the feedback from looking back, investigate and punish according to law, strictly and promptly rectify the problems, and never evade or protect the shortcomings, so as to grasp this political task with the clearest political attitude. Bozhou District should further study and formulate a rectification plan for landfill leachate disposal, carry out in-depth responsibility investigation and accountability, and ensure that the rectification effect can stand the test of history and the people. Counties (cities and districts) should learn from political perspectives, draw lessons from each other, find out problems in an all-round way, speed up rectification and resolutely win the battle of pollution prevention and control.

Source: Responsible Editor of CCTV News Mobile Network: Han Jiapeng_NN9841