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 A Weeks AI News

Focus News

[Apples announcement on the ban on the sale of the iPhone: If forced to reconcile the mobile phone industry, it will go backwards

On December 14, after Qualcomm applied to enforce a ban on some of the iPhones, Apple said it would release a software update for Chinese iPhone users early next week to address any possible concerns about our compliance.

According to information from Qualcomm, Qualcomm has submitted an application for enforcement (prohibition of sale) to the Chinese court. Apples three subsidiaries refused to sign the court ruling, resulting in the return of the ruling. Only Apple Electronic Products Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Taihe Branch signed the ruling.

Apple will be forced to settle with the defendant, causing all mobile phone manufacturers to return to their previously unreasonable charging model, paying high licensing fees, and causing irreparable losses to the downstream smartphone market, Apple said in a court filing.

[Mengs bail was $10 million

Meng Wanzhou, a Chinese citizen detained in Canada, was released on bail on the afternoon of November 11, local time. The bail terms are: 10 million Canadian dollars bail (about 51.6 million RMB), five guarantors including her husband, passport, electronic monitoring equipment, travel time and geographical restrictions, and all-weather monitoring by professional teams.

Corporate events

Asus Mobile Business Restructuring, CEO Shen Zhenlai will leave his post.

On the afternoon of December 14, Asus announced that CEO Shen Zhenlai would leave at the end of December. At the same time, ASUS announced that it would readjust its mobile phone business and focus its future mobile phone business on gaming phones and high-end mobile phones. The news also shows that Shen Zhenlai will set up a new company after he leaves office. The new company is mainly aimed at AIoT. Asus plans to acquire 30% of the new company.

Baidu set up Small Procedure College with a billion-dollar support fund.

On December 13, Baidu Intelligent Small Program Open Course was first taught in Beijing. It is understood that Baidu will invest a billion innovative funds in developers and small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, small programs will be fully accessed to Baidu AI platform, providing AI capability services for developers.

[Hammer Technology Change Legal Person Changed from Luo Yonghao to Wen Hongxi

On December 11, news broke that Beijing Hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. had changed its legal person. Data from Tian Eye Check show that on December 5, 2018, the legal representative of Beijing Hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was changed from Luo Yonghao to Wen Hongxi; on December 5, 2018, nine directors of the company withdrew, including Qian Chen, Tang Yan and Zheng Gang, and Wen Hongxi was the new manager. In addition, on November 28, 2018, Hammer Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was changed to Hammer Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Hammer Technology has been exposed a series of negative news, such as the lack of mobile phone products on official website and the failure to pay salaries as scheduled in November.

Financing News

[Hedo Technologies announced the completion of the A round of tens of millions of dollars in financial capital

On December 14, Heduo Technologies, a self-driving startup, announced the completion of the A-round financing of tens of millions of dollars and the release of its Valet Parking product, HoloParking. It is understood that the current round of financing is led by Sequoia Capital China Fund, Pan-sea investment and follow-up, IDG Capital, Four-dimensional Tuxin and BAI (Bertelsmann Investment Fund for Asia) continue to increase. Ni Kai, founder and CEO of Heduo Technologies, said that this round of financing will mainly be used to increase investment in technology research and development, and accelerate the landing of self-developed automobile production solutions.

[Bamboo Intelligence announced the completion of a $30 million B round of financing

On December 11, after more than three years of establishment, Bamboo Intelligence announced that it had recently completed a $30 million B round of financing, which was led by China Development Fund, followed by Cathay Pacific Gold. Old shareholders Kovos and Shanghe continued to increase their investment. Light Source Capital acted as an exclusive financial adviser.

Bamboo Intelligence was founded by Jane Renxian, former vice president of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute. It is dedicated to developing dialogue robots and industry solutions with emotional understanding by using in-depth learning, Chinese natural language understanding, emotional computing, computer vision and other technologies.

[Blind technology received $500 million in new round financing valuation of $3.5 billion

According to Reuters, people familiar with the matter disclosed that AI Licorne of China aims to raise $500 million in the new round of financing, which will make the companys current valuation reach $3.5 billion. People familiar with the situation also disclosed that Bank of China Group is seeking $200 million to lead this round of investment, but the financing terms have not yet been finalized. In response to the above information, ignoring technology, Bank of China Group investment declined to comment.

New product release

[Intel releases a new CPU micro-architecture: based on 10nm technology to be launched next year

According to foreign media reports, Intel released SunnyCove, a new CPU microarchitecture based on 10nm technology in the United States on December 12, local time, and announced that Core and Xeon chips based on this architecture will be launched in 2019. These chips will add many new instructions to improve computing performance and reduce power consumption under general computing tasks, and include new functions that can speed up special computing tasks such as artificial intelligence and encryption. Their compression performance is 75% higher than that of previous generation components.

[Weilai has released a new ES6 for 358,000 yuan

On December 15, Weilai Automobile held Weilai Day in Shanghai and released its new generation of intelligent electric SUV Weilai ES6. It is reported that the acceleration of ES600 km is only 4.7 seconds, the braking distance is 33.9 meters, and the longest range is 510 km. ES6 is divided into the benchmark version and the performance version. The starting price of the benchmark version is 358,000 yuan before the subsidy, and the starting price of the performance version is 398,000 yuan before the subsidy. Delivery is expected from June 2019.

Xiaopeng Intelligent Pure Electric SUVG3 is listed and delivered at a price of 135,800 yuan.

On December 12, Xiaopeng announced that the G3 was officially launched and delivery started at the same time. It is understood that Xiaopeng G3, as the first listed model of Xiaopeng Automobile, is positioned in the Internet pure electric SUV. The official price before the subsidy is 2278-2578 million yuan. After comprehensive subsidy, the national unified price is 1358,000 yuan for Yueheng Edition, 1498,000 yuan for Zhiheng Edition and 1658,000 yuan for Zunheng Edition. This SUV has the functions of AI voice assistant, assistant driving, remote management and so on.

Character Speech

Chen Tianshi: The AI performance of Cambrian 1H is no worse than Gaotong Qiulong 855.

On December 13, the Embedded Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Tsinghua University. At the meeting, Chen Tianshi, founder and CEO of Cambrian Science and Technology, delivered a keynote speech. Speaking about Cambrian 1H processor, he said, When Qualcomm released Miaolong 855 some time ago, it claimed that its AI performance was twice as good as that of Friends and Merchants. I dont know if that means us. If so, I dont think 1Hs AI performance will lag behind that of Miaolong 855. Chen Tianshi also said, In our internal test, 1H test results are very good, test peak is very high. If Qualcomm is confident, it might as well publish the test results, higher than one.

Wu Enda released AI Transformation Guide: Hand-teach CEOs to Rebuild Companies

On December 14, Wu released the Transformation Playbook, which draws on insights gathered from Google Brain and Baidu AI Group teams, targeting large companies with a market capitalization of between $500 billion and $500 billion. Wu Endas steps of AI transformation company include: implementing pilot projects to gain momentum; establishing internal AI team; providing extensive AI training; formulating AI strategy; and developing internal and external communication mechanism.

Deng Feng: AI didnt go to the second half but just started.

Deng Feng, director and general manager of Arctic Lights Venture Capital Fund, elaborated on the development direction of AI industry at the Embedded Artificial Intelligence Conference held at Tsinghua University on December 13. Deng Feng thought that AI was not in the second half. I think AI has just started and some bubbles will be squeezed out. Deng Feng also said that AI will move towards decentralization next, with three trends: cloud and edge splitting, end-to-end intelligence rising, and storage-based computing.

Song Jiqiang: AIs commercial value is enormous, but not cold.

On December 12, on the media opening day of Intel China Research Institute, President Song Jiqiang talked about AI Winter Theory in an interview with the media. Song Jiqiang disagreed with AI cold. He said that the wave of AI has a lot of capital input, coupled with the decrease of computing costs, the increase of AI talents, which makes AI technology available to many small and medium-sized companies. These technologies do improve efficiency, reduce the workload of people, the value is obvious.

[Google CEO Pichai: Its very reasonable for people to worry about the abuse of AI

Sundar Pichai, Googles CEO, said in an interview this week that concerns about the misuse of AI technology were very reasonable but that the technology industry should be trusted to regulate its use responsibly, the Washington Post reported recently. Pichay also said that some hateful, conspiracy-theory videos were found on YouTube and that the company would work to improve its system to detect problematic content information.


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