The cause of death of a British disabled woman three weeks after decayed teeth were pulled out is a mystery

 The cause of death of a British disabled woman three weeks after decayed teeth were pulled out is a mystery

According to the Daily Mail, the unfortunate woman is Rachel Johnston, 49. She suffered from meningitis in her infancy, resulting in brain damage, and became a disabled person, living a hard life. Her mother, Diana Johnston, noticed that she had many decayed teeth, took her to a dentist at Kidminster Hospital and underwent extraction under general anesthesia on October 26.

Diana told the BBC that she thought Rachel would just have to pull out a few decayed teeth. She asked the doctor if Rachel could pull out only a few broken teeth at a time, so that she would not be too hard and reluctant. The doctor responded that she hoped to solve the problem at once.

When Rachel was pushed out of the operating room, there was no tooth left in her mouth. It was heartbreaking and shocking for Diana.

Within hours of the operation, Rachel looked well and was soon discharged. But the next day, Rachels nursing center contacted Diana and said that Rachel bled a lot and lay motionless. Rachel was rushed to hospital and used a life support device. The doctor told her family that they had nothing to do for Rachel. Rachel died on November 13.

The Daily Mail reports that autopsy has not yet determined the cause of Rachels death, and investigations are still under way.

Diana was very angry about her daughters death and protested to the hospital. But the hospital responded, Its the guardian who volunteered not to have too many operations. At the same time, for the sake of patients, the best choice is to pull out more problematic teeth at a time.

After the incident was exposed, it also triggered a heated debate from all walks of life in Britain. Experts say it is a pity that there is a lack of communication between medical staff and the disabled and their families, which is very common in Britain. A spokesman for the Woostershire Health Care General Hospital said: When patients are under anesthesia, dentists make their own decisions, not communicate with their families, because they dont want to stop.

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