Wang Jane Jiahe: Think of champion Li Bingjie: Think about it the first day.

 Wang Jane Jiahe: Think of champion Li Bingjie: Think about it the first day.

Seven minutes, 34 seconds and 08 seconds, the result is also excellent. At the first time after the game, the four women will be full of joy and accept the cheers of the audience. Except for 23-year-old Zhang Yuhan, the other three girls are only 16 years old. Their victory is a young victory.

I thought about winning the championship. Li Bingjie said.

Do your best to swim. Zhang Yuhan said.

This morning, the activity started, and it played very well. Yang Junjuan introduced.

Very happy, especially thanks to the former teammates for creating opportunities for me, let me finally go all out. Wang Jianhe was also calm.

Wang Jane Jiahes interview status last night was similar to the previous one. When interviewed by reporters with her first gold medal, she stood upright, spoke in a low voice and showed restraint. Yesterday she was very relaxed, with her right hand on her teammate, standing relaxed, and her boyfriend was full of strength. Im more down-to-earth with all my teammates this time. Wang Jiahe explained.

Just a little nervous and a little excited, which may be my most nervous time. When Wang Jiahe was chased by the American team at last, I jumped into the water and wanted to help her swim. Mixed mining area Li Bingjie described his nervousness at the last stick.

OK, come on. Wang Jiahe smiled and hugged Li Bingjie. Wang Jiahe said that when he was preparing at noon that day, he was thinking about the champion.

Swim a little anxious, afraid to be pulled too much. Li Bingjie said that he also took part in the 4X200m freestyle relay in Budapest World Championship and won medals at that time, but it was not the first bat. However, in the subsequent Asian Games in Jakarta, she swam the first bat and accumulated some experience. Because its possible to have one, two or three sticks in the future. The Olympic Games are the same. Every bat should be prepared psychologically.

How does it feel to stand on the podium of the champion?