Two men were sentenced to 100 lashes for sexual assault on a girl and one pleaded for mercy

 Two men were sentenced to 100 lashes for sexual assault on a girl and one pleaded for mercy

She was sentenced to 100 lashes for sexual assault. At the fifth time, he cried and begged for mercy. After seeing the doctor, he whipped 95 times.

The ChiSAR of Indonesia is the only place in Indonesia to abide by Islamic law, and it still maintains the system of public flogging. On the 12th, the authorities publicly sentenced two female sex offenders, two of whom had to be whipped 100 times each on the stage, and one of them cried out in pain for a suspension when he was whipped to the fifth. However, the authorities are still not soft-handed, after the doctors examination, continue to unfinished 95 times.

According to the Daily Mail, obeying the law is a very important thing in the Islamic world. Drinking, gambling and homosexuality are considered crimes and punished by whipping and imprisonment. The two men, one for having sex with his stepdaughter and the other for sleeping with a neighbors child, were sentenced to five yearsimprisonment after receiving 100 lashes.

According to the Daily Mail, the two suspects were arrested in 2018 for sexual assault on minor girls. One was a stepdaughter of a minor child, the other was a girl who sexually assaulted a neighbor. Both were sentenced to 100 lashes plus five yearsimprisonment, which is one of the most serious local capital punishments. On the 12th, two people were publicly flogged, attracting hundreds of people to watch.

One of the prisoners gritted his teeth and received 100 whips quietly. He was beaten to pieces. Blood could be seen seeping through his white clothes. But when another prisoner was beaten to the fifth time, he cried out in pain and begged for mercy from the executioner. The law enforcement officers suspended the whipping and asked the doctor to examine the wound. But after the doctor checked and confirmed that he could still bear the remaining 95 whips, so law enforcement officials continued to whip until 100 sentences were completed.

Local prosecutor Isenwaddy said that if doctors said that prisoners could no longer afford to believe that there was a risk of death, they would only delay the whipping and not cancel it. When interviewed, a woman observing rituals said that she believed that public execution would have a positive effect on deterring crime.

It is understood that public flogging in Aceh has caused controversy in recent years. Human rights groups have been criticizing it and calling on the local government to abolish this cruel public flogging. Last year, Indonesian President Georgovi urged Aceh to abolish public flogging. In response, the Aceh authorities said that in the future they would be whipped in prisons, but some local governments would still maintain public sentences.

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