A mans married friend took two packages of Chinese with him after drinking 6.66 yuan.

 A mans married friend took two packages of Chinese with him after drinking 6.66 yuan.

How a friend marries with courtesy is a problem that many people care about very much. The amount of courtesy is related to the customs and habits of different places, and it also affects the relationship between friends to some extent. But what would you think if your wedding friend gave only 6.66 yuan in red envelopes and drank four bottles of Wuliangye and took away two packs of China when he left?

Mens Married Friends Drink 4 Bottles of Wuliangye in Suili 6.66

Mr. Yang, 28 years old, lives in Marble Stone, Nanan District. He just got married in May this year and met with such a wonderful thing.

My wedding was held during May Day, so I have many friends whom I usually dont see, including some roommates in a dormitory when I was in college. Mr. Yang told reporters that he had a very strong relationship with his roommates when they were studying, but after graduating from college, everyone rushed to their own places and had no connection for many years. Mr. Yang would like to take this opportunity to talk about the past with you.

The night before the wedding, Mr. Yang took his friends to a hotel on Nanbin Road for dinner. After a few years of disappearance, most of the old green onion teenagers have become greasy uncles. We chatted about the changes over the years. The more we chatted between cups and cups, the more happy we were. At the end, we found that eight people drank four bottles of Wuliangye.

Mr. Yang said that he usually drinks beer, but because there are two northerners in his roommates college, he ordered liquor specially this time. I didnt expect that everyone could drink so much.

Chat record screenshot

After dinner, Mr. Yangs mobile phone received a red envelope from one of his roommates, Mr. Li of Chengdu, which was also marked with Happy Newlyweds. Mr. Yang, who was drunk, answered the sentence Thank you brother and opened the red envelope. He was shocked by the scene in front of him.

When I opened the red envelope, I found that it was only 6.66. I thought I was drunk and misread it, but it turned out to be 6.66 several times. At that time, I was shocked. I really couldnt laugh or cry. Mr. Yang recalled, but at that time he did not think much about it, thinking it was a friends drunken prank.

Until the end of the next days wedding, Mr. Yang sent all his friends home to look at the gift list, but still did not see Mr. Lis name. To be honest, I cant accept it a bit. My familys conditions are good. Friends come all the way. I gave them all five-star hotels. Unexpectedly, he only followed the courtesy of 6.66.

Friends around us all have the same experience, courtesy still exchanges no longer contact

Although it was impossible to accept such casual courtesy at that time, later, Mr. Yang was persuaded by his parents, perhaps because his friends drank too much wine, and when he sent 666 yuan, he mistakenly sent 6.66 yuan. He did not know that, with his parentspersuasion, Mr. Yang slowly became relieved.

At the end of November, Mr. Yang received Mr. Lis e-invitation to attend his wedding in Chengdu on December 8. At first, Mr. Yang hesitated because of his busy work, but when he saw that all his other friends had passed away, he thought it was not very good to be absent. Mr. Yangs wife also advised him: After all, its a brother for many years. Anyway, we still have to do our best to get married once in a lifetime. Finally, Mr. Yang went to Chengdu.

The night before the wedding was still a bachelor party for brothers. After three rounds of drinking, Mr. Li began to talk nonsense. He said how many families we had, how good cars we drove, how luxurious my wedding was, and that he had no money, no skills, no wedding banquet, and no way to invite us to a good restaurant for dinner. Mr. Yang said, Its not the most irritating. Finally, he talked more and more vigorously, and kept his local friends pouring us wine. Finally, he was going to make everyone angry. The situation was very embarrassing.

That night, taking advantage of the spirit of wine, several friends spread out what they did not normally say, not to mention that they did not know. As soon as we said, we found that Mr. Li not only followed Mr. Yangs wedding with 6.66, but also gave only 6.66 to other friends when they got married. Not only that, at the end of Mr. Yangs wedding banquet, he also took away two packs of Chinese cigarettes from the table. I was afraid of blaming him, but I didnt realize that everyone thought the same way as me. Mr. Yang said helplessly.

Mr. Yang said that Mr. Lis work was OK, his wife worked as a nurse in a hospital, and Mr. Li was well-behaved in college, and living conditions are not bad now. I dont know what has happened these years, so that he can do such unacceptable things.

Eventually, Mr. Yang and his friends sent Mr. Li only 10 yuan in red envelopes, and did not attend his wedding. They left early the next morning. And since they left, Mr. Li has not contacted them. Mr. Yang sighed, Such a friend may only be suitable for living in the past, but I still hope he can get better.

Source: Upstream News Editor of Chongqing Morning Post: Han Jiapeng_NN9841