The deposit is refunded from the Beijing headquarters of the ofo Xiaohuang Car by the whole family.

 The deposit is refunded from the Beijing headquarters of the ofo Xiaohuang Car by the whole family.

Due to the long distance, refund processing time is scheduled for working days, and many citizens choose to give up.

At the ofo Xiaohuangche headquarters of Zhongguancun Internet Finance Building in Beijing, reporters from Beiqing Daily met some citizens and their families to send out for refund, and the deposit was refunded quickly and smoothly. However, due to the long distance, the refund processing time is arranged in the working day, or many citizens chose to give up. The online deposit refund still needs to wait 15 working days.

Are you here to refund the deposit? Sit in it. As soon as Ms. Bao, a citizen, arrived at the door of the headquarters of the ofo Xiaohuang Car, a receptionist greeted her with a smiling face, which relaxed her tense nerves. She thought that she would inevitably have to pay for the membership fee, but the scene was unexpectedly friendly, calm and orderly. Less than 10 minutes later, Ms. Bao completed the deposit refund procedure of Xiaohuang car for three people in the family. Her experience was: Its crazy to say that Xiaohuang car cant work out outside, but it looks good today. The on-site refund was particularly smooth, which made her puzzled: Why is it so difficult to refund online? After submitting the application, she waited for more than 20 days for the money not to come to the account. I have to make such a trip in cold weather. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily recently visited the headquarters of Xiaohuangche, ofo, and found that some citizens either took their family ID cards or sent a group of the whole family to refund money.


Refund deposit of citizen group

The logo of Xiaohuang Car Company on the first floor of Zhongguancun Internet Finance Building in Beijing has been removed. Users who first visit the building need to register with the security guard or the front desk lobby. On the 5th floor of Block B of this building, turn left from the elevator to the headquarters of Xiaohuang Car. Last month, when a reporter visited the Beijing Youth Daily, he saw that the only entrance and exit to the office area, two glass doors, were locked, and only by entering the password of the entrance guard, could he enter smoothly. Today, temporary reception posts are set up outside the glass gate and a staff member is assigned to maintain order. The temporary receptionist is a middle-aged man with a checked shirt and a work sign on his chest. When he sees the visitors, he greets them with a smile: What are you doing? A deposit refund? Sit inside and wait a moment. In the corridor, chairs and sofa stools are placed against the wall for the refund users to queue up for rest. However, with few people in the morning, users can go directly into the lobby to wait, and these chairs and stools have not yet come into use.

Walking into the glass door, you can see a spacious and bright hall. The sunshine pours down from the overhead glass window and shines on a set of corner sofas in the center of the hall. There are seven or eight people sitting and waiting there. They all play with their mobile phones to kill their boring time. Next to it was a small rectangular glass house with the words customer service reception on the door. Through the glass, you can see that there is a customer service personnel receiving a refund user. In a few moments, the well-managed refund pushed out and the next user went in again. Under the guidance of staff, on-site refund seems to be very orderly.

I heard my neighbour say theres a refund. Ms. Bao said. Previously, she had applied for a deposit refund on APP, said 15 working days, but more than 20 days have not yet arrived, listen to my neighbor said that the headquarters can do a refund. Drawing on the successful experience of neighboursrefund, Ms. Bao also brought the identity cards of other members of her family with her.All of them are refunded, she said.In fact, our family rides Xiaohuang bicycles, but now there are too few and its not easy to ride Xiaohuang bicycles. Soon she sat in the small glass house. She pulled out several ID cards, took out her mobile phone and opened the page of the yellow car to compare with the customer service. She also made two calls in the middle, then pushed the door out and said, OK. She smiled contentedly and said that the refund process was less than ten minutes. Although the refund went smoothly, Ms. Bao still felt uncomfortable: Why is it so difficult to refund money online, for this money I have to go on such a trip in cold weather.

The group also refunds Ms. Wangs family, the refund team includes three sisters of the Wang family and Mrs. Wang. As for the value of refund at the headquarters, Ms. Wang thought: We have a deposit of about 800 yuan for four people. Its worth a trip. You can have a big meal with the money.


Xiaohuang car is hard to find

The orange glass cabin has a narrow space and simple furnishings: one table and two chairs, but it has a good sound insulation effect, and people outside the room cant hear it. Less than 11 a.m., the customer service girl was already tired: To help people refund, you must bring your ID card with you. Our service time is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. For users to ask why online refund is so difficult, is platform refund background closed problem, the customer service staff answer, if 15 working days (three weeks) did not refund the account, APP will pop up a refund page, you follow the small window tips, complete fill in user accounts such as Alipay steps, you can get a refund. She said.

However, due to the long distance, refund processing time is scheduled in the working day, it is estimated that many citizens simply chose to give up. Mr. Hu, a citizen, said he would not go to Xiaohuangche headquarters to defend his rights after he learned that he could refund the money on the spot. Because Mr. Hus family lives in Fengtai, In order to occupy my time cost and transportation cost for this money, its not economical to take a day off and deduct 200 yuan from my salary. He was the earliest user of Xiaohuang car, and the deposit was only 99 yuan at that time. On the day of the private car number limit, Mr. Hu chose the best mode of travel is the subway plus shared bicycle, Xiaohuang car, Mobai, small blue bicycle I have ridden, very convenient. However, in the process of deposit refund, the service mode of Xiaohuang Car is not convenient enough.

Not only is the refund process tedious, but also the original street of small yellow cars, but now it has been difficult to trace.

In the investigation, reporters noticed that even near the headquarters of Xiaohuang car, it is difficult to find the figure of Xiaohuang car. In the cluster of shared bicycles parked around buildings in Zhongguancun, Xiaohuang bicycles have become rare species, and the vast majority of shared bicycles are Mobai and Xiaolan bicycles. According to the reporters statistics, only one or two of every ten shared bicycles are Xiaohuang cars, and most of them are in distressed condition. On the roadside of Zhongguancun South Street, in the cold wind, a middle-aged woman lifted her mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code of a yellow car, but she repeatedly swept it several times, and finally failed to open the bicycle, so she had to give up leaving.

Present situation

Xiaohuangches lawsuit is entangled

The reason why Xiaohuang cars are becoming scarcer and scarcer may be closely related to their current operating situation. Recently, China Judicial Documents Network published the first instance judgment in the case of service contract dispute between Shanghai Branch of Jiali Datong Logistics Co., Ltd. and Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (ofo Xiaohuang Car). The Peoples Court of Haidian District of Beijing ordered the ofo Xiaohuang Car to pay 8111896.38 yuan in arrears of service fee of Shanghai Branch of Jiali Datong Logistics Co., Ltd. and pay interest on overdue payment.

The judgment shows that around June 9, 2017, Carrie Datong signed a Bicycle Warehousing Service Contract with Dongxia Company, which stipulates that Carrie Datong will provide unloading, warehousing, distribution, inventory and other services related to ofo shared bicycles. Carrier Datong Company shall pay the relevant service fees to Carrie Datong in accordance with the contract. Since then, the two parties have signed a series of supplementary agreements for this purpose, and made some adjustments and amendments to the service content and service price. However, as of the day when Carrie Chase filed a lawsuit in court, ofo still owed a total of 8111896.38 yuan for its service fees, and each service fee has exceeded the payment period stipulated in the contract. On May 8, 2018, Carrie Chase, a logistics company, notified Dongxia Company in writing to terminate the cooperation under the contract and asked it to return the deposit, but it has not fulfilled the above obligations.

Beijing Haidian District Peoples Court First Trial Decision: First, the defendant Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. pays the plaintiff Jiali Datong Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch service fee of 8111896.38 yuan and pays the overdue payment interest (calculated to May 14, 2018, the amount of interest is 86098.48 yuan; from May 15, 2018, it is calculated to the one-year loan benchmark interest rate of the Peoples Bank of China. The above service charges shall be paid within 10 days after the effective date of this judgment. 2. The defendant, Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., returned the deposit of 100,000 yuan to Jiali Datong Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch and compensated for the loss of interest on the deposit (from May 14, 2018, calculated according to the benchmark interest rate of one-year loan of the Peoples Bank of China until the actual refund date of the deposit). The deposit shall be paid within 10 days after the entry into force of this judgment.

Before that, nine logistics and manufacturing supplier companies had sued ofo, involving logistics transportation, housing leasing, advertising costs, arrears and other issues. The total amount of disputes amounted to 89.31 million yuan.

In addition to the above lawsuits, Dongxia Datong and Beijing Baiklock are facing many personal disputes, including traffic accidents, labor contracts, the right to life, the right to health, the right to health and other aspects. As of Dec. 10, there were 26 personal disputes, according to Chinese judgment documents online.


Shared bicycle complaints are the largest

Consumers are facing difficulties in refunding deposits, ofo is not the only one. Since the second half of last year, many sharing bicycle users have experienced the situation that sharing bicycle deposit can not be returned. China Consumption Coordination Survey found that 34 out of 70 shared bicycle platforms went bankrupt. Among them, there were 210,000 complaints about cool bicycles, involving more than 1 billion yuan. In view of the problem of sharing bicycle deposit, the Guidelines on Encouraging and Regulating the Development of Internet Bicycle Rental issued by relevant departments clearly pointed out that the deposit collected by the sharing bicycle platform for users should be special-purpose and subject to supervision by the competent departments of transportation and finance. However, some platformsdeposits have not been supervised by third-party organizations. Most enterprise platforms are vague about this, and the relevant information disclosure is seriously insufficient.

According to the recent consumer data report of the New Media Alliance for consumer rights in the e-commerce industry in 2018, the analysis of shared economic complaints shows that sharing bicycles is difficult to refund deposits, sharing cars are overcharged and indiscriminate charging and big data killing problems, with the largest number of complaints. The report extracts the most representative sharing bicycles, cars and charging treasures in sharing economic complaints. Shared bicycle complaints accounted for 67.5%, shared car complaints accounted for 21.8% and shared charging treasure complaints accounted for 10.9%.

According to the Research Report of Guoyuan Securities, the income of sharing bicycles mainly comes from the financial income of the single use fee and deposit of bicycles. However, due to the high damage rate of shared bicycles, the current development mainly depends on capital investment. Once the development is blocked and the capital stops burning, it is easy for enterprises to touch the red line of the deposit pool. Shared bicycles represented by shared economy, including Wukong bicycle, 3Vbike bicycle, Kara bicycle, Xiaoming bicycle and Cool bicycle, have been operating, financing problems and even running bankruptcy as early as 2017.

As for the shared economy, there is a view that the current mode of Chinas shared economy is almost pseudo-shared, not the real sense of the shared economy. The essence of shared economy is to redeploy the idle resources of society so as to satisfy the people to enjoy these resources cheaply. But sharing bicycles, umbrellas, charging treasures, etc., is a unified purchase of goods, and then through the payment of deposits, on-time leasing form, for the people to use. This is far from the essence of the shared economy. It is a purely leasing business.

Pretend that foreigners write ofo seconds deposit refund? Ofo PR: just wake up do not know

Some netizens reported that in order to refund the deposit of ofo, he pretended that foreigners wrote to ofo, and ofo quickly returned the deposit. In this regard, there is a media connection ofo public relations, the other side said that they just woke up, do not know about this matter; another public relations also said that they do not know, will understand. Since then, no ofo public relations calls have been made.