40 million emergency poverty alleviation funds were detained for 146 days: Gansu officials were punished

 40 million emergency poverty alleviation funds were detained for 146 days: Gansu officials were punished

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Formalism and bureaucracy are incompatible with our Partys nature, purpose and fine style of work, and are our Partys great enemy and the peoples great enemy. Not long ago, the Central Discipline Commission publicly exposed six typical problems of formalism and bureaucracy, which caused shock. After a period of time, what is the rectification situation after the investigation and treatment of the problems and what changes have taken place in the work? How can the units in which they are located conduct in-depth investigation, analyze the root causes and draw lessons from each other? From now on, our newspaper will open the column Formalist Bureaucracy Notice Tracking to report on it. Please pay attention to it.

Playback of bulletins

In July 2017, the central government arranged a special fund of 40 million yuan to support poverty alleviation and development in the old poverty-stricken revolutionary areas of Gansu Province. On July 11, the Provincial Finance Department received a notice. However, Jin Zhongren, the former director of Agriculture Section 2 of Gansu Provincial Finance Department, was lazy in style and not responsible for his work. He did not pay attention to the implementation of his work and was only a setter; Yang Zhichun, the then deputy director in charge, and other leading cadres had weak political consciousness, serious bureaucratic style, inadequate performance of leadership duties, and inadequate follow-up and implementation. Only on December 6 did the Provincial Finance Department complete the allocation of special funds. The special poverty alleviation fund issued by the central government has been held up for 146 days in provincial finance.

Whats the matter with 40 million special poverty alleviation funds and 146 daysdetention before they are allocated? Whats the problem?

Things have to start from scratch. In April 2018, the State Council feedback to the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government the results of the comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and development work in 2017, and pointed out the existing problems. The problem that the Provincial Finance Department did not allocate all the special poverty alleviation funds from the central finance within the prescribed time limit is one of them.

In response to this phenomenon of inaction, at the end of April, the Gansu Discipline Commission and Supervisory Committee set up a special investigation team to conduct investigation, verification and accountability work. Reporters learned that as early as July 7, 2017, the Ministry of Finance issued the Notice on Allocating the Central Special Lottery Public Welfare Fund to Support the Poverty Alleviation and Development Fund of the Old Revolutionary Areas in 2017 in the form of urgent documents, and arranged special funds of 40 million yuan for Gansu Province to support the poverty alleviation and development of the old revolutionary poverty-stricken areas.

However, the urgent labeling in the Notice has not been speeded up accordingly, and the problem of jam is constantly emerging. It wasnt until December 6 that the Gansu Provincial Finance Department issued a notice on the target of the capital budget. So far, the special poverty alleviation fund issued by the central government has remained in provincial finance for 146 days.

The investigation team believes that the provincial finance department still deploys and implements the emergency cases according to the routine work, and does not establish the corresponding follow-up supervision mechanism. It only handles the cases according to the general procedures, lacks of advanced planning and initiative, lacks of coordination and supervision, lacks of strong sense of responsibility and inadequate performance.

Due to the problems of inaction, inadequate implementation and delays in tackling poverty, on May 25, 2018, after the study and decision of the Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial Committee, the Party group of the Provincial Finance Department was ordered to make a written inspection to the Provincial Committee. Jin Zhong, former director of Agriculture Department of Gansu Provincial Finance Department, was admonished to talk and removed from office. At that time, Yang Zhichun was appointed Deputy Director of the Provincial Finance Department. Yang Xue was dismissed and transferred from the Provincial Finance Department. The specific agent Yang Xue was demoted to deputy director of the Section. In addition, other responsible persons are also dealt with accordingly.

Accountability case, a warning. Combining with the problems found by the poverty alleviation assessment group of the State Council and the problems found by the provincial Party committees inspection feedback, the Party group of Gansu Provincial Finance Department carried out a collective honest and clean government talk to the members of the leading group of the department, demanding that the members of the leading group earnestly fulfill their one post, two responsibilities, play a good role of head goose, improve their political position, firm political stand, take the initiative and perform. Good job and good responsibility will be reflected in Entrepreneurship officers, in maintaining a good political ecology, and in carrying out creative work. At the same time, it is pointed out that if there is a problem of weak implementation, we must seriously pursue responsibility and never tolerate it.

In order to further promote the implementation of the rectification and reform, the Provincial Finance Department promulgated the Work Programme of Supervision and Inspection of Poverty Alleviation Funds in-depth in 2018-2020, forming six provincial inspection teams, and 10 inspection teams of Municipal and Prefectural Finance Bureau, focusing on the allocation, management and use of poverty alleviation funds, and carrying out inspections on the management and use of special poverty alleviation funds at the central and provincial levels since The discipline inspection and supervision group appointed by the Provincial Discipline Commission to the Provincial Finance Department focuses on the problems found in letters and visits, self-checks in counties and cities, and supervision and inspection, and conducts supervision and inspection. It finds out, investigates and punishes together, and notifies together, so as to compel the implementation of responsibility by accountability and ensure the effectiveness of special governance in the field of poverty alleviation.

In view of the formalism and bureaucracy problems exposed in this case, and in accordance with the requirements of the Gansu Provincial Committee to carry out the organ disease rectification activities throughout the province, the provincial organs and units not only inspect the existing problems in all aspects of their own departments and units, but also carry out the investigation and rectification of the industry of the system, and establish accounts and sales number rectification. Up to now, 39 451 relevant problems have been found, 29 670 rectifications have been completed, 1611 units have been ordered to inspect and report criticism, 2081 Party discipline and government affairs have been punished, 5616 people have been organized and handled, and 35 people have been transferred to the judiciary.

Source: Author of China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Newspaper: Wang Bin, Editor-in-Charge: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331