Is the 6-year-old difference between the second child a big rush: 60percent of parents think this is a problem?

 Is the 6-year-old difference between the second child a big rush: 60percent of parents think this is a problem?

For second-child families, the age difference between Dabao and Erbao is also a profound knowledge. Recently, a primary school teacher in Hangzhou shared her new discovery with Xiaobian Shengxuebao that the difference of six years between two children is not a good thing, which is commonly known as Dachong!

This conscious teacher is Shen Li, head teacher of Class 1 (1) of the First Affiliated Primary School of Hangzhou Normal University. A few days ago, there was a first-grade parentsmeeting in the school. A mother who had just given birth to a second child in the class was always anxious. When she thought that there was another baby at home to breast-feed, she was not at ease at the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the parents left in a hurry.

This incident reminds Shen of his mothers Dabao, a first-grade pupil, whose learning status has been fluctuating since the beginning of school.

I have come to the conclusion that the difference of 6 years between Dabao and Erbao is not a good thing. When Erbao was born, he just caught up with Dabao in the first grade. Parents tend to focus on taking care of Erbao. As a result, Dabao is left unattended, which may affect the childrens learning status. Shen said that the first grade is the key period to cultivate childrens learning habits. Parents neglect this stage, which is not conducive to their childrens future learning.

The topic of whether the six-year-old difference between the two children will be a big rush has aroused heated discussion among readers in Baoweixin and 24-hour client in Zhejiang Province. Shengxuebao surveyed readers. About 1,800 people voted. 24% of the families had children 6 years old, and 63% of the parents thought there was a problem.

Zhejiang 24 Hours and Entrance Treasure have also received many messages from netizens, many parents confess that they have been poked at the pain point. Considering the upcoming primary school children and the newly born children, parents expressed very anxious, some people said, because of this, resolutely do not have a second child. Of course, there are also parents who have survived the hard times to share their experience and think that paying more attention to the big baby is the way to solve the problem.

The difference between two births is 6 years old

Mother sat on the moon and the baby was not taken with her.

With the help of a small teacher attached to Hangzhou Normal University, the reporter contacted another second-born parent a few days ago. Da Chong, who is six years younger than his second child, has deep experience.

At the end of September this year, Mr. Du became the father of two children, which was a very happy thing, but it also brought him a lot of troubles - his wife returned home to have a second child, sat in the moon, he often traveled away from home, who brought Dabao?

When we first conceived our second child, we didnt feel conflicted, but we began to panic as we approached Dabaos entrance to school. My wifes labor is in September. Im usually busy at work, late at work, and often on business. What will the baby do if the wife returns home to have a second child? Mr. Du said.

The reality is even worse. There was an aunt at home who helped bring Dabao, but the wife had two children and the aunt went back home with her. So in mid-September, only he and Dabao were left at home. Really no way, he gave Dabao a nights day-shift tutoring and learning, if there is a business trip, the children can only trust the neighbors to take care of.

Not long after the problem came, the children in the evening kindergarten homework is always half-hearted, at home is not obedient, not long after the beginning of school, the result is a big difference with his classmates, for this reason, Mr. Du is often invited to understand the situation by the head teacher.

Later, when Mom came back, Dabaos condition improved. However, because the beginning of the school period did not grasp well, in the habit of reading and holding pens, or left some sequelae. Du Dad said. Daily school delivery can be done by aunts, but interest classes are not enough. If aunts are sent to training, they can only travel back and forth by bus, which is too time-consuming. Therefore, mothers who are still sitting on mothers must get out of bed and shoulder the burden of sending their children to cram schools.

Du Daddy said that since the birth of Erbao, they have reduced the childrens interest classes from three to two, but the pressure does not seem to decrease.

Dabao VS Xiaobao

Parents should be more concerned about Dabao

So, like Du Daddy, what should parents who are 6 years old when they encounter the difference between two births? Past experience may provide some reference for you.

Ms. Xus eldest daughter is now in the first year of junior high school. Her two children are just six years old. Speaking of this 6-year-old problem, I regret it very much. At that time, when I was just born, I wanted to take good care of the younger one wholeheartedly. I felt that the older daughter should learn to be sensible, understand her mother and take care of her brother. So I spent little time on the older daughter, often accompanied by full-time aunts. I didnt think that the older daughtert have a great psychological gap. Ms. Xu said.

Recalling that experience, Ms. Xu said that her eldest daughter often said to her at that time: You see my brother is to make him laugh, see me is to let me do my homework. At that time, I think its just that she didnt want to lose her temper in her homework. Now I think that after having two children, the children are prone to jealousy. If this psychology cant be solved properly, it will be a big problem. Ms. Xu said.

So, is Dachong, who is 6 years old with a second birth difference, an inseparable knot? Another mothers experience provides a solution.

The mother put her focus on Dabao when she took the baby. She believes that Erbao only needs to solve physiological problems, and Dabao needs more attention in the critical period of physical and mental development. Therefore, the mother gave the two treasures to the nanny, and she helped Dabao learn wholeheartedly and encouraged Dabao to be a good example for her sister.

She also mentioned a common problem faced by second-child families. No matter how much time she spent on Dabao, Dabao still felt that her mother preferred small children.

Erbaos adaptability is usually better, because he knew from birth that his parentslove is not his own, but the eldest because of the psychological gap from exclusive love to love sharing. Therefore, from the second child, parents should begin to comfort and guide the elders psychological and emotional gap. Ms. Chen, who has two children at home, said.

Ms. Chen said that usually when two people are in conflict, she will not ask for the big to give up the small, but will criticize the wrong side of education, because Dabao is also a child, and her emotions need to be understood rather than suppressed. In fact, no matter big or small, as long as the mother faces up to their emotional gap, let them feel their mothers understanding of their emotions, and then reasoning, the children will not make unreasonable trouble. Ms. Chen said.

Source: Responsible Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Han Jiapeng_NN9841