BMW man parking in traffic jams and a woman beating him in a huff scared him away

 BMW man parking in traffic jams and a woman beating him in a huff scared him away

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BMW man parking in disorder and blocking the road, but also arrogantly beating a smart woman to frighten him away. (Source: ~)

On the morning of December 9, Ms. Liu, who lives in Guanshan Lake District, Guiyang, met a brutal car owner who parked herself to stop someone elses car without saying anything. She also made an extreme move to Ms. Liu.

At about 7:15 a.m. on the day of the accident, Ms. Liu and her family came downstairs to leave by car. They saw a car parked across the middle of the road, blocking all three cars. From the monitoring, we can see that the BMW not only did not stop in the parking space, but also blocked three cars in the parking space. When Ms. Liu was ready to go to the security guard, the owner came to the scene, to her surprise, the other party was unreasonable.

Ms. Liu said, Lets just tell the owner that your car is not parked very well, and you dont have contact information for us to contact you. In this sentence, the owner of the car instantly became angry. He said that he didnt move his car and had the ability to let us drive him out.

At first, the two sides were just arguing about the theory, and then the man was leaving. When Ms. Liu was ready to go up and catch the man, she was thrown to the ground by the man. I went up and tried to stop him. I said you should at least move the car away and well talk about it again. He pushed me down. My father stood next to him and saw that he pushed me down. In order to prevent him from beating me again, my father stopped me and started pushing my father. Ms. Liu said excitedly.

When Ms. Liu was pushed down, the man began to fight with Ms. Lius family. During the fight, Ms. Liu said she smelled the mans alcohol and suspected that he might have been hangover. So Ms. Liu said on the spot that she wanted to call 110 and told the police that he was a drunk driver. On hearing this, the man drove away.

Ms. Liu said that since the incident did not injure her and her family, she did not intend to pursue further investigation. But she wished to remind the man to improve his quality when driving a good car.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331