The main line-up of the national football team emerges: Wei Shihaos striker replacement Zhang Lulu is expected to return

 The main line-up of the national football team emerges: Wei Shihaos striker replacement Zhang Lulu is expected to return

Yesterday afternoon, Lippi led the Chinese Mens Football Team to end its last warm-up match in Haikou, and defeated Shandong Luneng U-23 6-0. After this battle, Lippi and the National Football Associations two-week training in Haikou came to an end. Late on December 18, Lippi and the National Football Association will leave Guangzhou for Doha to enter the final stage of preparations for the Asian Cup. At that time, the list of 23 people going to the Asian Cup of the United Arab Emirates will be officially released.

Rotation of two sets of lineups in warm-up competition

Shandong Luneng U-23 is currently the only team to remain invincible in the national U-23 league. The team will compete in the U-23 League Championship Group in Tazihu base of Wuhan on December 18. Luneng U-23 has many players who have been selected for the National Olympic, National Youth and National Youth echelons for many times. Compared with Yanbian North, Luneng U-23 seems to pose more threats to the national football team.

The warm-up game, Shandong Luneng first-team coach Li Xiaopeng, Hao Wei, two former international footballers were also on the spot to watch the game. The game is divided into two halves, one half of which lasts 60 minutes. In the first half, Lippi sent 11 players to Wulei, Kelin, Jin Jingdao, Park Cheng, Zheng Zhi, Wu Xi, Li Xuepeng, Shike, Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linzhi and Yan Junling. With this lineup, the National Football Team led by 2-0 at the end of the first half, scoring goals by Yalin and Shike. Among them, Yaolin scored a penalty.

In the second half, Lippi made a big rotation of the national team. Another 11 players, Xiao Zhi, Yu Dabao, Yu Hanchao, Hao Junmin, Chi Zhongguo, Zhao Xuri, Liu Yang, Yu Yang, Liu Yiming, Zhang Chengdong and Wang Dalei, appeared. As a result, Zhao Xuri scored three goals in the second half and Liu Yiming scored one, helping the country win 6-0. In addition, Lippi did not send Wei Shihao and Fan Xiaodong in this warm-up match, and neither of them got a chance to play in the last warm-up match.

As a result of closed training, during the training period in Haikou, the players and Lippis every move can not be known by the outside world. However, according to sporadic news from the national football camp, the current physical and psychological conditions of the international football team and Lippi are not ideal.

First of all, because the training will take place at the end of the Super League season until the end of the Asian Cup, nearly two months before and after, which means that the selected international football team has basically rested for less than two weeks. This will inevitably lead to extreme physical and psychological fatigue of the international football team. Sure enough, in this Haikou training, Lippis international football encountered an unprecedented wave of injuries.

As a result, Yan Junlings first substitute in the Asian Cup could only be played by U-23 Junior General Guo Quanbo. However, there was also news yesterday that Zhang Luns injury recovery is ideal and is expected to catch up with the Asian Cup. Zhang Lulus injury is not a recurrence of the old injury, but a strain caused by fatigue. It takes only about a week for him to resume normal training.

Lippi said: This is the first time that we have enough time to make the team better prepared in terms of tactics and physical reserves. We played only one game from December 1 to 7. Many technical and tactical requirements, including physical reserves, can not be achieved, just use this time to complete.

Lippi is currently worrying about the old and new problems of the national football team, such as many injuries, poor playerscondition, big defensive loopholes and weak offense. In addition, the current management model of the Chinese Football Association, Lippi after the Asian Cup, international football injury compensation and other issues are still pending, people feel that this Asian Cup is a very chicken rib for the national team! uuuuuuuuuu In this Haikou training, less than 5 domestic media came to the scene to interview, which shows the degree of their neglect.

Source: Liable Editor of Guangzhou Daily: Li Siming_BJS2696