Woman was bought a car by her boyfriends routine loan. Unexpectedly, the car was empty and the debt was recovered.

 Woman was bought a car by her boyfriends routine loan. Unexpectedly, the car was empty and the debt was recovered.

Woman by boyfriend routine staged car purchase unexpectedly both empty car and debt recovery (Source: ~)

Xiaohong, 30, was in love with her boyfriend Niu Mou, and her boyfriend bought a new car in stages in his name. They broke up just one month after they bought it. Today, my boyfriend drives away while my girlfriend receives phone calls from the bank.

Victim Xiaohong

Xiaohong is 30 years old, divorced, with a child, living in Tongliang District, Chongqing. In 2016, she was introduced to Niu Mou, a man. Because Niu Mou has no proper occupation, Xiaohongs parents are not optimistic about this marriage. But Niu Mou often talks smartly and cares for Xiaohong. Their feelings have been quietly maintained in Xiaohongs parentsopposition. On New Years Day 2017, Niu Mou proposed to buy a car in the name of Xiaohong and pay for it by installments. Xiaohong was surprised that the car would eventually return to Xiaohong.

Xiao Hongs ex-boyfriend Niu Mou

Xiao Hong said, After buying this car, write my name and the mortgage will be repaid by him. After that, the car belongs to me. That is to say, without paying a penny, the car will belong to Xiaohong herself after three yearsrepayment in stages. Xiaohongs parents and relatives and friends are still opposed to such a good thing. In February 2017, when Niu Mou finished the loan formalities and was ready to pick up the car, Xiaohongs cousin came to stop it, but it was unsuccessful.

A month after the car was bought, the two broke up. Fearing that the car would bring trouble to herself, Xiaohong and Niu signed a private agreement in June 2017 at the repeated request of her family. The agreement stipulates that all payments will be repaid by Niu Mou. All legal liabilities have nothing to do with Xiaohong. Xiaohong will assist in the transfer after the mortgage has been repaid. Originally thought that the matter had been settled, but in August this year, Niu Mou had not repaid the money on time.

In the bank repeatedly urged debt, Xiaohong contacted Niu Mou many times to ask him to pay back the money, although Niu Mou later paid back the money in August, but since November, there have been arrears. Up to now, it has been two months since the money was returned, and Niu Mou could not be contacted, and disappeared with the car.

I cant get through since August this year. Now I owe more than 7,000 to the bank. The bank also urges me to pay back the arrears. If I dont pay back, the credit will also be affected. I really regret it. Xiao Hong said sadly.

Lawyer Tan Qingming believes that although Xiaohong and Niu have a private agreement of exemption, Xiaohong, as the owner of the vehicle, still has to bear the corresponding legal responsibility once something happens. In order to eliminate legal risks as soon as possible, lawyers suggest that judicial approaches be adopted. He said that after a lawsuit has been brought to the peoples court, it will be served by the court through a public announcement, and the court will finally make a judgment. The woman can apply to the peoples court for execution. After the peoples court receives the case, it will notify the vehicle management office through the executive board. Then, the vehicle management office will rename the household to the man according to the peoples courts notice of execution assistance. This problem can be solved.

In order not to affect his credit investigation, the lawyer suggested Xiaohong pay more than 3000 mortgages per month first, and then make a claim to the other party through the court to recover the advance payment.

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