After stealing the pig * *, the man did not admit that the police had to let the suckling pig get blood and pay for his family.

 After stealing the pig * *, the man did not admit that the police had to let the suckling pig get blood and pay for his family.

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After the man was mad to steal a pig, he did not recognize that the police had identified the case of zero confession by DNA.

Whether there is a blood relationship between people or not can be concluded by DNA testing. Can the blood relationship between livestock be compared by DNA? Recently, Fenyi County police in Xinyu City used DNA comparison of livestock to uncover a series of piglet theft cases by means of zero confession, and held a retreat ceremony on the morning of the 14th.

Reporters learned from the Public Security Bureau of the Yi Yi county that the thief was not simple. In July 2017, the police had received more than 20 yuan from the area where the piglets were stolen. According to the patrol visit, the police found the man in the surveillance of Hong Mou.

Although the police identified Hong as a suspect through various signs, the lack of evidence also made the case detection into a bottleneck. In desperation, the police decided to try the blood test method.

The police collected blood samples from a pig farm in a Hong pig farm and blood samples from boars and sows in the pig farms of the victims. They were sent to the Ministry of public security for identification.

In May this year, after being tried by Fenyi County Peoples Court, Hongmou was convicted of theft, sentenced to five years and four monthsimprisonment and a fine of 50,000 yuan, and returned the stolen money. After that, Hongmou appealed to Xinyu Intermediate Peoples Court. In December this year, after a ruling, the Xinyu Intermediate Peoples Court rejected Hongmous appeal request and upheld the original judgment. This also means that the series of robber cases were successfully cracked under the circumstances of the suspects zero statement.

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