Haikou Customs cracked a new drug smuggling case and used it for electronic syllable smoking

 Haikou Customs cracked a new drug smuggling case and used it for electronic syllable smoking

Haikou Customs uncovered new drug smuggling cases, new drug candy led out drug trafficking network (source:)

New Drug Candy Leads Drug Trafficking Network

The colorful pictures in the video, which look like candy wrapping or stamps or small pictures, may surprise you that they are actually new drugs.

Haikou Customs recently announced a drug smuggling case, seizing 3912.94 grams of such new drugs, known as stamps and candies. Six persons were arrested in the case. At present, the court has held a trial at first instance for some of the persons involved and made a conviction judgment.

In March this year, customs inspectors at the Haikou Customs Post Office found some candy-like items in a batch of incoming mail from the United States, which attracted the attention of customs officers.

Haikou Customs is subordinate to the Customs Inspector of Haikou Customs Post Office: Then we immediately carried out a preliminary test on these (granular) items at the scene, and the test results showed that Ecstasy was positive.

The anti-smuggling Department of the customs immediately launched an investigation into the case clues. The recipient of the package, Zhang Mou, is a senior student in Beijing. A private investigator rushed to Beijing to catch him.

Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau Sanya Branch Anti-smuggling Police: Zhang Mou, in addition to participating in Sanya radio syllables, he will also participate in many of the larger domestic radio syllables, the purpose of buying ecstasy is mainly used in the domestic radio syllables.

According to Zhang, these drugs were purchased from Qiu Mou, a Chinese student studying abroad in the United States through the Internet. The arresting personnel immediately launched the investigation and control of Qiu Mou.

Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau Sanya Branch Anti-smuggling Police: Qiu Mou was captured when she returned to Shanghai Pudong Airport on her way home in May this year, and found a large number of new drugs in her luggage, such as cannabis oil, stamps, ecstasy, and some soft candy.

Qiu said that her drug originated from Canadian Chinese Brother Z. In July, Brother Z was caught by seized persons after he traveled from Canada to Beijing carrying drugs.

Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau Sanya Branch Anti-smuggling Police: In Canada, in addition to his own work as a chef, the main source of income is selling drugs. He returned home this time because of the short-term economic tension, so he took the risk of bringing this new batch of drugs back to sell.

According to Brother Zs confession, the arresting officer grasped the situation of his offline personnel in China, and four of them were arrested successively.

Stamp has little toxicity and serious damage to human body.

Drug traffickers tried their best to escape the attack. They tried to get through by disguising drugs as stamps, candies, etc.

Customs officers said that without professional testing equipment, it would be difficult to detect the appearance of these articles containing drug ingredients.

More than 3,900 grams of drugs seized in the case included ecstasy, cannabis phenol, K powder, etc. Because they were covered in various gorgeous clothes, these drugs had strong concealment.

Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau Sanya Branch Anti-smuggling Police: These colorful shape similar to candy is now commonly known as ecstasy, its ingredients are MDMA, including powder like this, brown, it is a presentation of ecstasy powder.

Not only that, drug traffickers also mix cannabis phenol and other ingredients in chocolate, soft candy and other foods, as well as mix in electronic fume for sale.

Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau Sanya Branch Anti-smuggling Police: The fume-like one like this is no different from the normal electronic fume, but it contains cannabis ingredients, camouflage is strong, these drugs will produce a high degree of hallucination and excitement of adverse reactions.

The drugs seized by the Customs, known as stamps, are not common in China. What kind of drugs are contained in the stamps, and what harm will it bring to the human body? In the National Drug Laboratory, reporters saw drugs called stamps sent by the anti-smuggling department, whose area is smaller than normal stamps.

Liu Peipei, Drug Analyst, National Drug Laboratory, Ministry of Public Security: This stamp is attached with a major ingredient called ergot diacetamide, which is called LSD for short. It is a powerful hallucinogen made from ergot (true) bacteria extracted from natural ergot and then synthesized by chemical synthesis.

Experts say the drug can produce a strong hallucination in very small doses. Drug stamps are made by drug traffickers spraying them on small pictures or immersing them in their solution. When used, they are put under the tongue so that the human body can absorb them.

Liu Peipei, Drug Analyst of the National Drug Laboratory of the Ministry of Public Security: It will have a strong damage to the human nervous system. If used for a long time, it will induce symptoms such as schizophrenia, and even some extreme behaviors such as self-mutilation, self-destruction and self-suicide, which are very dangerous. Because its measurement is very low, only a few hundred micrograms, how much is a hundred micrograms, equivalent to one tenth of a grain of sand.

Foreign students are paralyzed by drug abuse and tried for drug smuggling

Drug abuse can cause great harm to human body and mind, and the harm to human body is often irreversible.

Qiu Mou, the person involved in this case, was paralyzed by drug addiction while studying in the United States. At present, he can only spend his life in a wheelchair.

Qiu, a 23-year-old senior studying in the United States, told reporters that her first contact was nitrous oxide, known as laughter.

Personnel involved Qiu Mou: After long exposure to laughter, the memory will become very poor, and then the temper will become worse. This is the first time. Later, for a long time, the hand will unconsciously shake, and then unable to control their legs, unable to walk, walking on the fall.

Qiu said that at first, she felt that laughter would not hurt herself too much, and then began to try marijuana, ecstasy and other drugs.

Personnel involved in the case Qiu Mou: There is that kind of music festival, and then we go out to play with all our friends, they come into contact with Ecstasy, MDMA, and then because the control is not relatively loose in foreign countries, not as strict as in China, we all have contacts, so friends play together and try these.

But soon Qiu discovered that drugs had caused irreversible damage to her body.

Personnel involved Qiu Mou: Originally going abroad was to let me learn better professional knowledge, but I did not expect to go astray, and then went astray, including myself now mainly in this paralyzed state, that is, it is really very inconvenient, because my father also does not work, has been accompanying me here.

Qiu Mou took too many drugs, which seriously affected the central nervous system and caused lower limb paralysis. Recently, Qiu Mou was sentenced to three yearsimprisonment and a fine of 50,000 yuan in the first instance of the court for his crime of smuggling and trafficking in drugs.

Personnel involved Qiu Mou: Maybe the happiness it brings to you is instantaneous, or temporarily very short, but the pain it causes to you is permanent. If you come into contact with such a kind of thing, you must think twice before you act, your friends advise you to suck, or you must not touch such things, only bad, no good.

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