Male Journalists 13-day Hospitalization Diary Brush Screen: Im only two or three steps away from death

 Male Journalists 13-day Hospitalization Diary Brush Screen: Im only two or three steps away from death

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The article To Live to Death, A Journalists Hospitalization Diary

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The diary writer is Yan Junjie, chief journalist of Xiangyang Daily. Long-term work pressure and irregular lifestyle gradually engulfed his health, seemingly strong, but in fact hidden huge physical hazards...

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(1) Good health does not stand the test

On the afternoon of November 20, I was hospitalized.

Actually, I dont feel any discomfort. A few days ago, the unit issued a notice that the medical examination time was about to expire. Think about completing the physical examination before the deadline, or we will have to wait for next year. So on the morning of November 20, I went to the physical examination center. Blood sampling, testing, X-ray... Deo gratias.

The nurse was in a bad mood when she only took her blood pressure. Measured twice, high pressure over 190, low pressure over 135. The nurse said, Why dont you go to the hospital and run a hospital?

In the same situation, a year ago, a physical examination also occurred, that time high pressure 170.

I still dont feel much...

Driving home, I got a call from my high school classmates. This classmate is a doctor in the Central Hospital. When he learned about my blood pressure a year ago, he taught me that I was about two or three steps away from death.

My classmates asked me about my blood pressure in detail, and asked me to go to the hospital immediately, immediately and continuously for hospitalization, and the whole process must not panic, step by step to move over...

Quickly and step by step, so contradictory requirements, let me hold the phone and laugh... But my classmates are out of town and their tone is serious. I decided to take an afternoon off and go to the hospital to see a doctor.

At lunch, I was still making fun of it. My wife said it would be good to go and have a look.

Chat record between classmates and me

(2) Hospitalization? I didnt expect the illness to be so serious.

At 2:30 p.m. on November 20, I arrived at the Central Hospital and was received by an older female doctor.

High blood pressure, high pressure 195, low pressure 131... The doctors look is not good. Let me go out and sit for 20 minutes before I come in.

Sit for 20 minutes, then go in, blood pressure does not fall but rises. The doctor ordered: to be hospitalized! Living on, and no bed! At this gate, I began to contact other hospitals. As a result, the number of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has increased dramatically in winter, and many hospitals have no beds.

I turned to the doctor and asked her to prescribe medicine for me. Doctors say its not good to prescribe drugs without knowing other indicators. I contacted the morning physical examination center and gave the doctor a call to exchange my indicators directly.

Then things went on in a way that I didnt expect. Glucose 19.5 seriously exceeded the standard, blood lipid seriously exceeded the standard, anyway, the indicators are not well corrected... The woman doctors face is getting worse and worse. Hang up the phone, turn around and take me to an outpatient clinic. Ask him if he still has a bed. After getting a positive answer, I was hospitalized immediately.

At this time, I am still in a happy mood. Think of running a hospital after receiving medicine to go home and take a bath the next day you can ask for leave and injections. I went to the inpatient department at 4 p.m. and talked with the resident. At first I was told to live in the corridor, and then I was transferred to the intensive care unit. I said the corridor would do. Im going home at night anyway. The doctor said, No, you cant go back for a week.

I asked: Why? Doctor said: ECG monitoring!

ECG monitoring on the first day! The body was filled with pipes.

At 5:30 p.m., I was tied to my bed in all sorts of ways.

There are clamps on wrist and ankle, a pile of tubes on heart, blood pressure gauge on left hand, 10 minutes monitoring, indwelling needle on right hand, two or three needles plugged in the interface, and several kinds of medicines. In this state, it takes 12 hours to lie down. Pump me a kind of nitric acid or something, the result was less than 10 minutes, I feel nervous, hands and feet numb, high pressure from 190 to 140 directly, the whole person fainted, speechless.

The wife rushed to call the doctor. I felt a group of doctors and nurses coming in and out, saying something that I couldnt hear clearly. Then the pump and the medicine were removed. Withdrawal of less than 20 minutes, my blood pressure rose back to more than 190, my whole person is much more comfortable. The wife went to call the doctor again. The doctor came in and said that he had to add the pump. So the pump was added. Reduce the speed of the pump.

The nurse said that the medicine had to be taken overnight...

That night, I didnt fall asleep very much. My mind was full of thoughts. Whats wrong with me? I had no symptoms and no feelings when I went to the hospital. Doctor: Thats terrible. Your blood vessel is like holding a time bomb. Maybe a cough will blow up the blood vessel...

The appearance of 14 tubes of blood just taken

(3) I was scared in my heart.

5:30 a.m., 12 hours. The monitoring instrument on the body was revoked.

The nurse came over and took a needle in my arm, then drew 14 blood vessels from me... I got a needle on my finger to measure blood sugar. Its still high. I remember its over 11 oclock. After 12 hours of horizontal blood pressure measurement, then let me stand for 2 hours, and then measure the vertical blood pressure again.

My wife loved me so much that she bought me steamed noodles to eat early in the morning. After eating for two hours, blood sugar was measured, up to more than 20.. He was criticized by the doctor and said that I was eating too much. Hanging needles were used all morning, mainly for tube expansion and pressure reduction.

Before hospitalization, there was a folliculitis in the right leg. In the past, folliculitis was a small white spot. When the hair grew, the inflammation would disappear. As a result, this folliculitis is not only not good, but also the wound is getting bigger and bigger. There are already three coins in size. Its obvious that there is pus under the skin. I didnt take it seriously at first, nor did I talk to the doctor when I was in hospital. On the second day of hospitalization, my wife told the doctor about it.

The doctor was shocked and said that it was diabetic foot and that it must be treated as soon as possible. I wonder, isnt it folliculitis? Doctors say that if you dont have good treatment and control of bacteria, you may amputate your limbs. On the second day of my hospitalization, the patients in the bed next to me made a good heart bypass and discharged smoothly. There is no need to take medicine at night, but we still need to stay in hospital for observation. I think my wife has been working hard for several days, so let her go home and rest.

In the evening, when the doctor visited the ward, he informed me that the surgeon would come back the next day to see my leg wound, and the endocrinologist would come to see me and treat my diabetes.

At night, I sleep alone in the ward, tossing and turning sleepless.

I asked myself why a healthy young man had become a baby in the hospital bed in three days, and asked experts from various disciplines to come to see him one after another. Think about it, think about the heart of boredom. About this year, I always get a headache when I get up in the morning. I think Ive caught a cold, and Ill pass away after taking cold medicine. In fact, its the body that is shouting at me. About this half year, night sleeping always sweats, sometimes sleeping wet two pillows and four sides overnight. I think I always stay up late and my resistance declines. I dont know this is also the bodys warning to me. In about three months, I lost 10 kilograms without knowing it. I thought that the body function has improved, but in fact diabetes has already been on the body.

About this time, I went out to work every day and drank five bottles of mineral water in the morning. I just thought my body load was getting heavier, but I didnt realize that diabetes was the cause.

I bought the same blood sugar meter for hospital use.

Insulin pen. Doctors list, at your own expense!

Im sorry to think about it.

Think about the next day, I must go to the site to pick up Douban son home, on the way home to chat with him.

Think about the next day, I must go home to tell a story to Doudin, accompany him to have a happy evening.

Think about waiting for me to leave the hospital, I must pick up the gym exercise. Think of waiting for me to leave the hospital, I will give up milk tea, wine bar, stay up late, all bad habits.

The doctors words frightened me. In the morning, I sent a text message to my wife, hoping that she would come to the hospital in the morning to accompany me in the face of consultation. I thought that even if I wanted to die, I would die just right.

My wife refuses to eat meat. She eats vegetarian dishes.

(4) The old lady in the ward

On the morning of the third day of hospitalization, the endocrinologist came. I was asked to take insulin and control urinary ketone. At admission, I had two plus urinary ketone. If the urine ketone does not come down, the organs of the body will be damaged one after another, the consequences are unimaginable.

I initially wanted to refuse insulin because my wifes strict three meals control has restored my urine sugar to normal. But doctors say that urine ketone does not get rid of, and there will be endless aftermath. First through insulin treatment, later if blood sugar control is also possible, insulin can stop.

The surgeon also came and looked at my leg. It was diagnosed as diabetic foot. Fortunately, timely detection, oral anti-inflammatory drugs, external application of anti-infective drugs, good control of blood sugar, can solve the problem. The doctor in charge of hypertension refused my request to go home, because my high pressure was controlled to 160 and the low pressure was still 120.

The doctor said it was dangerous to go out and refused to let me go home.

Drainage is a necessary lesson for every day! uuuuuuuuuuuu

This morning, an old lady with pulmonary edema lived in the bed next to me. It is said that it could not be treated in Wuhan and turned back to Xiangyang.

At the time of admission, the old lady came in in a wheelchair. She was so weak that she couldnt do such movements as sitting in a wheelchair to bed. Finally, with the help of a group of nurses, the old lady lay down in bed. Because of long sitting time, the old lady had bedsores on her legs and buttocks. Every hour, the filial daughter helps the old lady sideways to alleviate the symptoms of bedsores. She should also be given medication to prevent further deterioration. The old lady could not lie down to sleep because of her poor breathing. She could only sit down and her body was covered with pipes.

During the day, the old ladys old companion was taking care of her. Her wife has angina pectoris, often because she cant hear what the old lady says, so she has chest pain. My daughter is on duty at night. She has to get up several times a night, feed water to the old lady and lean sideways. When I went out several times, I saw the old ladys daughter crying in the corridor outside the door. In middle age, the decline of Pepsi is doubled, and that of the only child is doubled.

On the morning of my fourth day in hospital, early in the morning, the old lady suddenly lost her breath. A group of nurses and doctors came in and out to prepare and put the old lady on the chair. Make a hole in her back, put the tube into her lungs, and then suck the water out of her lungs with a large syringe. Repeatedly, several pipes of water were drawn out, and the old lady gasped for breath.

Ive never been so close to a dying man. The fragility of life shocked me deeply.

I often think that if I do this in my old age, I may ask for euthanasia. The old ladys old companion seemed to see my idea, and said to me: no one has reached that point, at that point, the desire to survive makes her willing to try all the painful rescue methods...

We can only eat meat but not meat, so we have finished vegetarian food and only meat left!

That day, on the 23rd, I underwent an enhanced CT scan, which mainly examined my kidney.

Despite repeated warnings from doctors, people will lie in machines and pump contrast media for me, which will cause some pain.

But I didnt expect that it would hurt so much to pump contrast medium into the blood vessel in a short time and in a large dose!! uuuuuuuuuu Fortunately, my wife accompanied me. I held her hand and did not lose it. For a moment, my lower body became feverish and I suspected that I had urinary incontinence. Fortunately, the doctor later said that it was just an illusion, a normal phenomenon.

In the afternoon, I changed the ward from two to six. You dont have to look at the old lady anymore. You feel bad all over yourself.

The staple food can only eat miscellaneous grains, this shop I patronize the most! uuuuuuuuuuu

(5) Optimistic and hesitant policemen

Insulin was administered on the fifth day of hospitalization.

In 16 units in the morning and 14 units in the evening, fasting blood sugar has dropped from 19.5 to 4.1.

My wife is still in charge of my meals three times a day and cant see the meat stars. Every day, we still need to take a lot of blood and keep doing tests. Blood items basically returned to normal, the first day before the color Doppler ultrasound and what have come out one after another.

Heart, lung, liver and other organs function normally, although the test results are relatively high, but they are within the scope of control.

During this period, my weight continued to drop, reaching a minimum of 85 kg. At least half a year ago, I weighed 95 kilograms. The result of the second test was potassium deficiency.

Doctors say that dietary control is too strict, or to properly supplement meat. So I opened two big bags of 1L potassium liquor and beat them from 9 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Wifes also quickly changed their diet and began to increase their meat intake.

On the sixth day, the chief doctor rounded the ward. Satisfied with my indicators, I was asked to reduce insulin use. Start with 12 units in the morning and 10 units in the evening.

Start taking exercise with illness. Five kilometers a day! uuuuuuuuuuuu

After changing the ward, next to me was a strong prison guard in his fifties.

Every day, he told me all kinds of life philosophy, and talked to me about how people can face illness and live a positive and optimistic life.

Five years ago he had two stents in his heart and blood vessels. This time, the heart was not comfortable, and three more stents were needed. Because the first stent was not well placed, and the later exhaust care did not keep up.

After the operation, his right hand had swollen for more than a month. So he hesitated and hesitated about the operation. They want to do it, but they are afraid to do it. Its totally different from what he taught me. The whole person is scared to death.

Later, he overcame the psychological barrier and went to surgery.

The operation opened a hole in his right hand, delivered the stent through a tube to a blood vessel near the heart, and then opened the vessel. The operation lasted two hours and two stents were inserted. Later, the doctor told him that another blood vessel was blocked during the operation. Another bracket is needed. However, it is very difficult for the stent to open a hole in the thigh and deliver the stent through the blood vessel to the proximal end of the heart.

And it will take at least two years for the leg stent to be delivered after this operation.

I could hear with astonishment. On the one hand, I lament that the medical technology is so developed, on the other hand, I lament that human body organs are so fragile.

My blood pressure has been improving. The high pressure dropped to about 140, but the low pressure stopped at 110 and never went down.

Im a little worried about going to work next week at the end of the weekend. Doctors say they cant get out of hospital on weekends and have to stay for at least a week.

The scenery outside is very good! uuuuuuuuuuuu

(6) Re-recognize the beauty of life

The patients in the hospital came and went and changed, and the empty bed was filled up immediately.

On the first floor of the patients, I have always been the first. Of the more than 50 patients in three cardiac departments, I am the youngest. Except for me, there are no more patients under 40 years old...

From the seventh day on, my arms began to grow red rashes. Its especially itchy... For doctors, its not clear whether the contrast agent causes sequelae during CT enhancement, insulin, or allergies caused by cephalosporin.

The doctor sent another dermatological consultation. When the dermatologist arrived, he was initially diagnosed as allergic to contrast media. So I prescribed two kinds of anti-allergy drugs, which I applied several times a day. In addition, several anti-allergy bottles were added.

The effect did not improve, and the red rash began to spread to the neck. Then its the belly, the back... I cant bear itching all over my body. But because it is a diabetic body, it can not be grabbed casually, once the skin is broken, it may be like diabetic foot, forming a wound, it is difficult to recover!

Every day my wife wipes me with medicine, and she wipes me all over. If the medicine is dry, wipe it again. If its dry, wipe it again. Dont tire of it! uuuuuuuuuu

The Scenery of the East Gate uuuuuuuuuuuu

The doctor granted me permission to go out without an injection.

I began to hold hands with my wife and go shopping in the drum tower near the store. Or walk along Dongjie to Dongmen Bridge, or walk two steps at the gate of No. 4 Middle School. Later, you can go home for lunch and dinner after the injection.

Just make sure you get back to your blood sugar test on time every day. Insulin levels continued to decline, 10 units in the morning and 8 units in the evening. The blood sugar index is good.

The fallen leaves beside the city wall Delta uuuuuuuuuuu

I began to find some good things in life that I hadnt noticed before. On weekdays, for example, the sunshine on East Street is really good. In the afternoon, many people sit in the sunshine by the roadside, chatting, and the years are quiet. The plane trees in Jingzhou Street are tall and tall. The leaves were mottled, and they looked very beautiful. There are many old people flying kites in Nanhu Square. The kites fly too high in the sky, only a small black spot can be seen. When Douban got off the school bus, he often had to stand by the roadside and look at the excavator under construction for a while before he would happily go home. Slow down, life will let you pay attention to those fine things. I think of a prose Take a snail for a walk. Leading snails, you can hear the wind, smell the flowers, feel the beauty. I secretly made up my mind to keep these beautiful things.

Start swimming and fitness, because weight, walking for a long time, will hurt the knee!

(7) Suggestions for oneself

According to the doctors request, I began to receive treatment actively.

It was not until about the 12th day of hospitalization that allergic symptoms began to improve.

December 2, the thirteenth day of hospitalization. All the indicators were qualified, all indicators returned to normal, I was officially discharged. The moment I pulled out the indwelling needle and walked out of the hospital gate, I felt relieved.

Reviewing the way I came and knowing why I went through this experience, I can better take the next part of the road.

My son accompanies me to exercise together!

Now, I began to learn about the treatment of hypertension and diabetes. Buy a sphygmomanometer, blood sugar meter, self-monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar.

I contacted the gym instructor again and began to arrange exercises. I bought swimming lessons and started training. I calculate the calorie and sugar index for each meal every day, consciously avoiding foods that cause trouble.

Every morning, fasting blood sugar was controlled at about 5.3, and 2 hours after meal blood sugar was controlled at about 8.6.

I dont work so hard to earn money anymore. Only by embracing life and being kind to the body can we have all the possibilities. To live to death is not to live. Its knowing the horror of death that we need to learn how to live better...

Number 23, the largest number of couples purchased at the time of marriage. Now its much bigger!

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