Too tired to get up, more than 10percent of Japanese junior high school students are tired of learning

 Too tired to get up, more than 10percent of Japanese junior high school students are tired of learning

According to Japanese media reports on Dec. 14, the Japanese consortium released a survey on Dec. 12, showing that one in 10 junior high school students has a tendency not to attend school, that is, although they come to school, they do not want to attend school, which is equivalent to three times the actual number of students who do not attend school announced by the Ministry of Arts and Science.

According to the Tokyo News of December 13, the definition of not attending school by the Ministry of Arts and Science refers to students who are absent for more than 30 days in a year for reasons other than illness and economy.

The survey was conducted online in October, involving about 6500 junior high school students. The proportion of students absent for less than 30 days in a year but more than one week in a row was 1.8%; 4% of the students who went to school gates and health rooms but did not enter the classroom or only came to school for dinner; 4.4% of the students who came to school felt that they were tormented and disgusted by the school and disgusted by the school.

If all of these students fall into the category of non-attendance tendency, the total proportion is 10.2%, which is 330,000 based on junior middle school students in China.

As for the reasons for not wanting to go to school, besides too tired and unable to get up, the proportion of responding unable to understand and keep up with the curriculum and not wanting to take an exam is also very high. Compared with the relationship with family and friends, the tendency of not going to school caused by physical and academic reasons is more obvious. When answering the multiple-choice question under what circumstances can I have the willingness to learn, 58.1% of the respondents chose to learn what they like and want to pursue, and 44.6% chose to be able to meet their own learning progress.

Experts believe that the most pressing problem is that students cant learn anything if they just formally maintain the relationship with the school. Adults can intervene if students dont want to go to school because of academic problems, said Takahashi, a lecturer on learning support at Tokyo Universitys Center for Advanced Science and Technology Research. I think children are willing to learn, hoping that they can choose how to learn by themselves.

Source: Reference News Responsible Editor: Han Jiapeng_NN9841