Guo Shiqiang: The players are tired in 9 days and 5 games

 Guo Shiqiang: The players are tired in 9 days and 5 games

However, in such a bad feeling, Guo Allen can still help the team create opportunities through active defense and tireless running, he still cut 21 points throughout the game, and gave his teammates eight assists, four rebounds and four steals on the defensive end.

Especially in the fourth quarter of the game, as if it was a copy of the previous round, Guo Allen used continuous breakthroughs in the first half of this section to tear apart the defense line of Jilin Team and help the team lock in the winning game. From this point of view, Guo Allen deserves to be the most indispensable core point guard in the current lineup of the Liao Basketball Team, and has also become a key person who can really help the team decide the victory of the game. It is believed that in the following schedule, each team will inevitably regard how to limit Guo Allens breakthrough in the fourth quarter as an important defensive topic.

In addition, another local guard, Gao Shiyan, also played well in the game. In the absence of firepower outside the team, he hit two key three-point goals and scored 10 points in the game. This is Gao Shiyans third double score this season, but he doesnt particularly care about these data. Just let it be, the opportunity comes out or firmly grasp it. I dont care too much about the data, because there may be something that cant be reflected by the data.

Its true that the five games after the window period are the devils schedule for us. Five games in nine days, home and away, the players are tired and the intensity of the game is very high. Before these five games, I also said that the rest of the players is the most important, so the next three days without competition, the most important thing is to give the players physical recovery, Guo Shiqiang said.

Guo Shiqiang also revealed that Zhao Jiwei, who had been in Spain for treatment and rehabilitation due to injury, will return to Shenyang at noon today, but he may still be a long time away from returning to the stadium, and will train with the youth team for the time being.

In addition, before the start of last nights game, special public welfare activities were also carried out in the home court of Liao Basketball. Many fans who entered Liaoning Stadium in advance and waited to watch the match were surprised to find that before the official match began, a basketball match was held in the middle of the venue by U12-year-old young players.

It is understood that this is China Basketball Association in order to better promote small basketball, so that more children like and participate in the basketball game, especially before the CBA League mat. Liao Basketball, as one of the first clubs in CBA to open small basketball mat matches, has made use of this platform to contribute to the development of juvenile basketball.

Source: Liaoshen Evening News Author: Gao Pengs Responsible Editor: Ma Bile_NS4800