Zhejiang media: two main absent Guangxia physical strength red light braids impact attack

 Zhejiang media: two main absent Guangxia physical strength red light braids impact attack

Zhao Yanhao didnt play in the last match against Liaoning Team because his family left the team temporarily. Wu Yujia, a young player, was on the tour for him in this three-company tour in Guangdong, so fans failed to see him play last night. Liu Zheng sprained his ankle in the last round of the match with Liaoning Team. The fierce fighting situation made him neglect the injury and nobody noticed that he sprained.

Lack of two main rotation players, in the face of the leader Guangdong team, Guang Xia did not grab. Old veteran Lin Zhijie made a rare appearance for 33 minutes, chopping down 13 points and 4 rebounds. Inside-line tough general Su Ruoyu also played a strong style, repeatedly facing the strong attack of Yi Jianlian, and got 10 points. Hu Jinqiu still dared to fight and sent out 20 points and 12 rebounds. Under the strong play of domestic players, Guangzhou is still one point ahead of Guangdong Team in the three-quarter strike. In the whole game, Guangzhou Hall used almost seven people to rotate. In the fourth quarter, the playersphysical fitness began to decline, and the shooting percentage also dropped. The whole fourth quarter only got 16 points. Unfortunately, they lost the game. The failure of two outside players to participate in the game, whether injured or injured, or something at home, has had a certain impact on the team. There are difficulties, face them correctly, summarize them well and try to play well in the next match. Li Chunjiang said in an interview.

One of the hot topics among fans after the game is the efficiency of MVP Fordson last season. Following the previous 9-1 against Liaoning, Fordson continued to play outside the three-point line last night, hitting only one goal in seven three-point shoots. At present, Fordsons three-point shooting percentage has fallen to 27.6%, even the shooting percentage is less than 40%. In this match, Guangdong team deliberately put Fordsons shot on the defensive end. From the tactical level, his poor feeling has affected the teams overall attack.

The tough road trip continues, depending on when Fordson can regain his touch and lead the team to an end to losing streak.