The implementation rules of the Paris Agreement were adopted at the closing of the Catovitz Climate Conference.

 The implementation rules of the Paris Agreement were adopted at the closing of the Catovitz Climate Conference.

On December 10, local time, the United Nations Climate Conference in Katowice (COP24) held a high-level meeting. The conference focused on the completion of negotiations on the implementation rules of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The picture shows Xie Zhenhua (third right), Special Representative for Climate Change of China, speaking at the high-level meeting. Chinese new network diagram

China News Agency, Katowitz, Poland, December 15, news that the United Nations Climate Conference on Katowitz ended in Katowitz, Poland, on the evening of the 15th local time, one day after the extension of the meeting. The implementation rules of the Paris Accord on climate change, which is of great concern, were adopted at the last minute of the conference.

After a long period of negotiations, the President of the Climate Conference and the Deputy Minister of Environment of Poland, Kurtika, announced at about 22:00 p.m. that the implementation rules of the Paris Agreement had been formally adopted, and representatives of all countries in the conference stood up and applauded.

The implementation rules adopted by the conference mainly cover the implementation of the transparency framework, the process of establishing the new climate finance target after 2025, how to implement the global inventory mechanism in 2023, and how to assess the progress of technology development and transfer.

U. N. Secretary-General Guterres, who visited the Governing Front of Catovitz three times in two weeks, said that the implementation rules of the Paris Agreement adopted by the Catovitz Climate Conference were the cornerstone of new progress in climate action. Guterres said he would convene the United Nations Climate Summit in September 2019, when ambition would be the central theme of the Summit. Now is the time to show more ambition to combat climate change.

The world has been waiting for this for a long time. General Assembly President Kurtika said that the resolution reached by the Catovitz Conference will play a positive role in the world and will push mankind forward towards the realization of the climate ambition demonstrated by the Paris Agreement. When our descendants look back on our heritage, they will realize that we have made the right choice at some important points, just as we are facing today.

Thank you to colleagues from all countries for joining us in showing great flexibility and constructiveness in safeguarding the effectiveness of multilateral mechanisms in the context of some unsatisfactory texts and in integrating safeguarding national interests with the perpetual well-being of the whole world, mankind and our future generations. In his closing speech, Xie Zhenhua, Chinas Special Representative for Climate Change Affairs, said that with the joint efforts of all parties, the Conference had achieved success. We welcome the timely completion of the negotiations on the implementation rules of the Paris Agreement at this meeting.

Xie Zhenhua said that the General Assembly adopted a comprehensive, balanced and powerful package of results, fully implemented the requirements of the various provisions of the Paris Agreement, embodied the principles of fairness, common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, took into account different national conditions, conformed to arrangements decided by the state, reflected the matching of actions and support, and laid the institutional and rule foundation for the implementation of the Agreement. Foundation.

Xie Zhenhua said that the outcome of the conference conveyed a positive signal to promote the strengthening of climate action and support, highlighted the irreversibility of the global green low-carbon transformation, boosted the confidence of the international community to cooperate in tackling climate change, and strengthened the political will of all parties to promote global climate governance. The success of the Katowitz Conference is the triumph of multilateralism and the triumph of efforts to build a community of human destiny.

Another suspense before the opening of this climate conference is Where will the next session be held? According to the relevant rules of the United Nations, the next climate conference will be held in Latin American or Caribbean countries. However, Brazil, which had already won the sponsorship, announced at the end of November that it had abandoned the sponsorship due to budgetary factors. Ultimately, at the end of the conference, Chile was announced to take over the right to host the conference.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of CNN