The officials mother raised a huge sum of money to build the temple. The Jade Guanyin in the temple alone is worth 200 million yuan.

 The officials mother raised a huge sum of money to build the temple. The Jade Guanyin in the temple alone is worth 200 million yuan.

Hu Zhiqiang, the former Secretary of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee, was opened up yesterday. After investigation, in addition to taking huge amounts of property for personal gain, he also lived in luxury and engaged in feudal superstition activities.

But Hu Fuguo, Hu Zhiqiangs father, was a star official known for his honesty. When he was transferred from the Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee to the vice-chairman of the State Councils Leading Group on Poverty Alleviation and Development, Shanxi people wept goodbye.

Ho Chi-qiangs mother burned a boiler for 10 years and raised a huge sum of money to build the temple in her later years. The Jade Guanyin in the temple alone is said to be worth 200 million yuan.

Hu Zhiqiang, former Secretary of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee, was double-opened to announce that his life was extravagant.

Last night, the Shaanxi Discipline Commission and Supervisory Committee issued a news that Hu Zhiqiang, the former Secretary of the Party Group of the Shaanxi Health and Family Planning Commission and the former Secretary of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee, had been opened.

According to the relevant briefing, Ho Chi-qiang seriously violated political discipline and rules, improperly fulfilled the main responsibility of strictly governing the Party in an all-round way and destroyed the political ecology; failed to implement the strategy of poverty alleviation and fortification; engaged in political attachment; lacked ideals and beliefs, engaged in feudal superstition activities; and confronted with organizational investigations. In serious violation of the spirit and honesty and discipline stipulated in the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee, the subordinate units are required to pay the expenses that should be borne by individuals in violation of the regulations; they receive gifts and gifts that may affect the fair performance of their official duties on many occasions; they travel by means of transport beyond the standard; they accept banquets that may affect the fair performance of their official duties; and they use their functions and powers to seek personal benefits for their relatives and other personnel. Serious violations of organizational discipline, the use of functions and powers in the promotion of other peoples interests; loss of principle in the appointment of cadres, a group of harmony; in the organization of their understanding of the relevant issues, it is not true to state the situation; in violation of the provisions on personal matters concealed; not strictly implement the report system for leave. Serious violations of mass discipline and disregard of the interests of the masses. Serious violations of work discipline, interference and involvement in major construction projects; abuse of power, illegal arrangements for investigation of related issues. Serious violation of life discipline, life luxury. Violation of state laws and regulations constitutes a duty violation. Taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, accepting huge amounts of property, suspected of bribery crime.

Father is a star official leaving Shanxi people with tears to say goodbye

In March 1993, Hu Zhiqiangs father, Hu Fuguo, was appointed Deputy Director of the Huajin Coking Coal Companys Office, as Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, according to Finance and Economics Network.

Hu Fuguo, the eldest son of Hu Fuguo, was assigned to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce after graduation from university, served as a director, and later as a manager in the Engineering Department of Shenhua Group. When the central government decided to develop the western region, he gave up his high-income and well-paid job and took the initiative to go to the western region. He fought for eight years and became mayor of Yulin City in Shaanxi Province.

On June 12, Ho Zhiqiang was investigated for serious violations of discipline and law. Four days later, his father, Hu Fuguo, appeared in the publics view again. He was honorary president and general adviser of Shanxi Private Economic Promotion Association and attended the international exchange seminar between Chinese Shanxi businessmen and Korean enterprises.

According to Xinhua News Network, in 2016, a short video of Hu Fuguo, Secretary of the Old Provincial Party Committee, came back and spread in the circle of friends. After watching it, many of Shanxis younger companions expressed their regret: Its still the same rustic momentum, it hasnt changed!

From the video: an old man with Shanxi accent, spiritual, wearing white shirts, black cloth shoes, and people sit around the cement table at the villagersdoor, pouring wine and smoking to the villagers. A chair serves as a dining table, a dish of dishes serves wine, and brings home the usual conversation and laughter.

Hu Fuguo, who was in charge of Shanxi for eight years, promoted the construction of three major projects, namely, Taijiu Expressway, Yellow River Diversion into Jin Water Conservancy Project and Yangcheng Power Plant, which were called the three main passages above ground, underground and in the air by the common people.

In 1999, Hu Fuguo was transferred from the Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee to the Central Committee and served as vice-chairman of the Leading Group of the State Council on Poverty Alleviation and Development (the ministerial level). Before leaving office, there were thousands of empty alleys in Taiyuan. Fathers and villagers from all parts of Shanxi came to the railway station to send Hu Fuguo farewell with tears. Some even cried out and stayed bitterly.

Mother burned boilers for 10 years and raised a lot of money to build temples in her later years

In the spring of 1990, Peoples Daily published a feature on its front page, Madame Vice-Minister Burning Boiler, which reported that Mrs. Hu Fuguo, then Vice-Minister of Energy, was seriously burning boilers in the bathhouse in her family home, and the public opinion had a strong response.

From 1982 to 1992, Ho Chi-qiangs mother Chang Genxiu burned a boiler for 10 years.

But according to the Beijing News, there is an Anle Temple in Xiahuo Village, Ho Chi-qiangs old parentsson, which is funded by Chang Genxiu, the mother of Ho Chi-qiang. Many Yulin businessmen can be seen in the list of donors.

The Anle Temple stone tablet records that the first construction started in 1997 and was completed in 2006. The construction took ten years and cost more than 3 million yuan.

The second expansion was completed in 2014. It is said to have invested more than 20 million yuan to build Guanyin Hall and Xipai Hall in turn. The expansion was also financed by Chang Genxiu. On the monument of merit and virtue of this expansion, the names of Yulin businessmen, such as Wang Rongze, former chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Yulin Energy Group Co., Ltd., are written. In September 2016, Wang Rongze was convicted of bribery and sentenced to eleven yearsimprisonment.

In Anle Temple, the signboards of many halls are signed Changgenxiu. In the newly built Guanyin Hall, there is a jadeite Guanyin more than two meters high.

The Impression Anle Monastery, which is supervised by Chang Genxiu, is the only monastery in Shanxi Province. It is 2.86 meters high and weighs 2 tons. It is made of Burmese jade with green body. Twelve craftsmen have spent more than ten years in carving it. This book shows that Chang Genxiu is the Great Protector of Anle Temple.

According to reports, the value of this emerald Guanyin is more than 200 million yuan.

Hu Zhiqiang fell behind after being reported by Yulin businessman Zhao Faqi in real name

Before Ho Zhiqiangs fall, he was reported by Zhao Faqi, a legal person of Yulin Kaiqilai Energy Investment Co., Ltd. According to the report letter, Hu Zhiqiang sold his officials during his tenure in Yulin. In addition, the report also said that after Ho Chi-qiang became mayor of Yulin, he began to make friends with all kinds of geomancy masters. Some masters believed that Ho Chi-qiang was endowed with extraordinary talent and was born with noble people. In the future, his son must be more precious than his father. Ho Chi-qiang listened, according to the masters proposal, from 2009 to build a comprehensive temple in his hometown, and restore ancestral graves and ancestral residences. The Temple cost hundreds of millions of dollars, most of the money came from Yulin under Ho Chi-qiangs rule.

Zhao Faqi reported Hu Zhiqiang and other Yulin officials, which originated from a dispute over mining rights in northern Shaanxi. At the end of last year, after a 12-year long lawsuit, the Supreme Court delivered a final judgment in the lawsuit of Kaiqilai (Yulin Kaiqilai Energy Investment Co., Ltd.) and Xian Geological and Mineral Exploration and Development Institute (Xian Geological and Mineral Exploration and Development Institute). It concluded that the contract between Kaiqilai and Xian Exploration and Development Institute was valid and that the private enterprise Yulin Kaiqilai won the lawsuit for nearly 12 years.

Zhao Faqi said in an interview after winning the lawsuit that he thanked the current central leadership for advocating the rule of law.

According to Interface News, the case started in 2003, when Kaiqilai signed an exploration contract with the Western Survey Institute. Kaiqilai later discovered that it was located in the 340 square kilometers of Baltic mine field in Yuyang District and Hengshan District of Yulin, Shaanxi Province, with a reserves of nearly 2 billion tons of coal.

Shortly after the discovery of proven reserves, the Western Exploration Institute proposed to terminate the contract with Cagelet, and the two sides began to dispute. In November 2005, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources also intervened in coordination many times, and issued No. 65, agreeing that the two sides should cooperate in exploration, and that after the completion of exploration work, the exploration right should be transferred to a new joint venture company established by the two sides or to a Kaiqilai Company for later development.

In 2006, the Western Survey Institute signed a cooperative exploration agreement with a Hong Kong company on the same subject matter without offering to cancel the contract with Cachelet. Meanwhile, the Shaanxi Development and Reform Commission issued a wholesale document confirming the project.

On April 14, 2006, when the contract with Cachelet was not properly handled, the Western Survey Institute and the Hong Kong Company signed a contract for cooperation in exploration of the Polo Minefield. The two parties agreed that the intensive investigation work would be funded by the Hong Kong Company. The Western Survey Institute was only responsible for exploration. All the exploration results obtained and the resulting value-added exploration rights were owned by the beneficial industry of Hong Kong.

Since then, the case has been tried many times by the Shaanxi High Court and the Supreme Court. Outside the court, on August 19, 2011, Zhao Faqi was arrested by the Yulin Public Security Bureau and released on bail for trial 133 days after the detention center. He was acquitted.

With Zhao Faqis real-name report, the monument of merit and virtue of Anle Temple has also become the focus of attention, and even become a disgrace monument of Yulins political and commercial environment and a book of life and death of the fate of officials and businessmen. According to the Daily Economic News, in addition to some Yulin officials who have lost their horses, the name of Ding Shumiao, the first sister of the high-speed railway, is also on it.

Source: Author of Guanhai Bureau: Pang Lan Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331