Women were sentenced to eight years for chopping their husbands to death by writing 23 domestic violence diaries in 31 years

 Women were sentenced to eight years for chopping their husbands to death by writing 23 domestic violence diaries in 31 years

After we gave birth to two daughters, our feelings slowly worsened. I am a woman, and I am sure I cant beat him. For the two daughtersdeserved property, even if he beats me, I can only endure... My feelings with him have long been beaten up by him.

Behind an appalling murder between husband and wife is a more frightening 31-year history of domestic violence. Twenty-three family violence diaries are full of wifes blood and tears. The machete wielded by the wife to her husband is more like extreme revenge after years of domestic violence. End the violence with violence. I hope we dont hear the end of such a story any more.

July 15, August 8, August 12, August 19, 2016... On December 28, Liu Rongs diary was opened. In five months, she used 23 diaries to record her husband Liu Qiangs domestic violence and derailment.

In Liu Qiangs brothers memory, only a few days after his marriage, his brother started to work with his sister-in-law because of the return of lottery gifts. In the following 31 years, Liu Rong also fought for help from her husbands unit, womens Federation and public security, but she endured for her daughters sake.

In the early morning of September 14, 2017, Liu Rong, 52, took up a knife and cut off her husbands feet because of frequent domestic violence during square dancing. Recently, Liu Rong was sentenced to eight yearsimprisonment by the Hanshou County Peoples Court of Changde City for the crime of intentional injury.

Cut off her feet while her husband is asleep.

At about 19 oclock on September 11, 2017, Liu Qiang pursued Liu Rong on the pretext of dancing in the square. In order to avoid her husbands beating, Liu Rong alerted the public security organs. Although mediated by the police, Liu Qiang still beat Liu Rong at home. At about 18 oclock on September 13, Liu Qiang returned home and went out after beating and scolding Liu Rong for dancing in the square. At about 3 a.m. the next morning, Liu Qiang came home and again abused and beat Liu Rong, who was asleep, and kicked him out of bed. Liu Rong had no choice but to enter another room for rest. But Liu Qiang remained reluctant and continued to beat and scold Liu Rong, who was persuaded by his youngest daughter, Liu Fang.

Liu Rong saw her husband committing domestic violence to herself all the year round. He believed that only by cutting off his feet could he avoid being beaten again. At about 4 a.m., Liu Rong took a machete from the sundry room on the third floor of his house and went to Liu Qiangs bedroom to slash his feet with a knife while he was asleep.

Liu Qiang woke up from injury and went out of bed to catch up with him. He fell at the bedroom door because of his foot injury. Liu Rong worried about Liu Qiangs revenge and continued to slash Liu Qiangs feet with a knife. The youngest daughter Liu Fang came out of her bedroom to dissuade her. Liu Rong rushed Liu Fang to the bathroom. Subsequently, Liu Qiang and Liu Rong had a quarrel again. Liu Rong slashed Liu Qiangs feet again with a machete, which caused Liu Qiangs feet to be severed. Liu Rong threw Liu Qiangs feet into the tank of his garden.

Liu Qiang died of hemorrhagic shock due to amputation of both feet, rupture of dorsalis pedis and plantar artery vessels caused by sharp cutting of both lower limbs.

I just wanted to teach my husband a lesson.

Liu Rong said that before chopping her husband with a knife, she specially changed a pair of sports shoes in the second floor guest room in case she could not chop Liu Qiang and run. Liu Rong also used a knife to stop her little daughter from calling the police. I will call the police myself. I continued to chop him because he still didnt admit to me that he was wrong. Even if I didnt chop him this time, he would still beat me and scold me when he was healed. Liu Rong said that she did not want to kill Liu Qiang, just wanted to give him a lesson and punishment. But Liu Rong lost his mind completely because of a quarrel during the period. I asked him why he did this to me. I had two daughters with him. Liu Qiang said he didnt want me anymore. Feng Mou would have a son with him. He also said that I couldnt fight away. Liu Rong said.

Feng Mou in Liu Qiangkou is his lover. After he had an affair, he ignored his family and hit me more and more times. Liu Rong said, I had thought about divorce before, but he wanted me to be a pure family and not give me any money. For my daughters deserved property, I had to endure it and refused to divorce. Liu Rong said that her relationship with Liu Qiang had long been beaten up by him.

Talking about Daughter: Fathers affair demands mothers pure family background.

Liu Qiangs younger brother said that his brother Liu Qiang and sister-in-law Liu Rong had a bad relationship since they got married in 1986, because the sister-in-laws family did not return 4,000 yuan for the lottery gift. After only a few days of marriage, his brother began beating his sister-in-law. My brothers personality is more violent, his sister-in-laws mouth is broken, and my brother beats his sister-in-law all the year round. I have seen many times.

But in Liu Rongs view, her son was the reason for her breakdown with her husband. When I was about 20 years old, we had a son who died for about three months. Liu Qiang often blamed me for not taking good care of his son.

Since I remember, my father often beat my mother for trifles, many times. Liu Fen, the eldest daughter, recalled that one evening in 1994, after being beaten by her father, her mother ran outside. Her father chased her and beat her on a pile of pebbles on the ground until her mother could not move. Liu Fen said that the next day, Grandma took her mother back to her mothers home. Grandma asked my parents to divorce. My father disagreed, took a kitchen knife and rushed to my grandmothers house to take my mother away. She also threatened to kill her whole family otherwise. My mother had no choice but to come back.

Mom and Dad usually have a bad relationship. They often quarrel. Basically, they fight several times a month. Every time, Mom is hurt by Dad, and her body is black and blue. The youngest daughter Liu Fang said.

In the past two or three years, the relationship between parents has been getting worse and worse, especially in 2016, when the relationship between parents is on the verge of collapse. Mother often tells me that she wants to be with her father as much as possible. Liu Fen believed that the reason why parents used to feel bad was because of their personality, but in the past two years, because their father had an affair, they always wanted their mother to come out of the family and often found trouble with her. Liu Fens testimony shows that she understands her mothers behavior.

Mediation of divorce failed after repeated rebellions.

Before the incident, Liu Qiang worked in the moat community of Longyang Town, Hanshou County, and Liu Rong worked in Jinwan Supermarket, Hanshou County. Reporters found that Liu Rong also tried to resist after repeated domestic violence.

Liu Fang, the youngest daughter, said that many years ago, her mother had gone to the county womens Federation to complain because of her fathers domestic violence. But my father thought that my mother had spoiled his reputation and was even more dissatisfied with my mother.

The Peoples Mediation Committee of Longyang Street in Hanshou County has proved that Liu Ronglai applied for divorce mediation in October 2016. Staff informed Liu Qiang to come to mediate, Liu Qiang did not say a word after he came, and fiercely pulled Liu Rong away.

At 19:43 on September 11, 2017, Liu Rong called the police to seek protection after being chased by her husband for dancing in the square dance. Liu Rong did not dare to go home after she called the police. He hoped that the police would send her home. After Liu Rong went upstairs, the police heard the quarrel upstairs and went upstairs to mediate, but Liu Qiang refused to cooperate with the police because he was drunk. Civilian police continued to do ideological work on Liu Qiang, and then they agreed to divorce, but because of the property division dispute. A policeman remembered that Liu Qiang said at that time that Liu Rongjing would come from a family after divorce, and the property of his family belonged to him, and he was unwilling to give Liu Rong and his two daughters.

Liu Rong said that because of the alarm, her husband later beat her while blaming her.

On the afternoon of September 12, 2017, Liu Rong came to the community service hall where Liu Qiang worked and cried to his colleagues. At about 2 p.m. the next day, Liu Rong came to the community office again. Community leaders did more than three hours of ideological work for her.

Liu Rong repeatedly said,Its impossible for me to be a pure family. At that time, she seemed to be seriously ill. She lost a lot of weight and was in a trance. If I didnt talk to her, she would be sitting alone in a daze and reacting slowly to the stimulation of the outside world. Liu Qiang and Liu Rong are all studentsmemories. Since May and June 2016, Liu Qiangs domestic violence has intensified. Whoever does his work for him, he says its a housework. He wants others to leave it alone and cant be persuaded at all.

The idea that even a clean family does not necessarily get rid of domestic violence

In this case, Liu Rong and her husband Liu Qiang were deadlocked and unwilling to divorce. The big reason was that Liu Qiang wanted her to come from home. Encountered such a serious domestic violence, life is threatened, why cant give up property? In this regard, Wanwei, deputy director of Yuntian Law Firm in Hunan Province, believes that the victim has suffered domestic violence. Why should he give up the property he should share when he divorces? The victim pays for her family, and the property belongs to her. Why should she give up the property to leave the family? Wanwei said that even if they chose to come from a clean family, they would not be able to get rid of domestic violence completely.

In this type of case, some of the parties have chosen to come from a clean family and will probably return to their families. After all, giving up property is likely not to get the childs custody, in order to get along with the child, the parties will choose to return to the family. Wanwei suggested that domestic violence cases should be punished and prevented and intervened. The root of the problem lies in the perpetrator rather than the victim.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News Responsible Editor: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182