Female students were photographed on the subway and given obscene comments: ugly breasts are not ugly

 Female students were photographed on the subway and given obscene comments: ugly breasts are not ugly

Beijing Youth Daily reported on December 16 that on December 9, a senior girl named Ren Keke (not her real name) was reminded by a friend that she had been photographed and uploaded to the Internet while riding the subway. To Rens indignation, the focus of each others photography was always on his chest, and the video was accompanied by insulting comments. Since then, Ren cocoa contacted the video publisher in private trust and asked the other party to delete the video. Unexpectedly, instead, it attracted abuse. In desperation, Ren Keke can turn to other netizens and, with the help of others, successfully use the platform complaint mechanism to temporarily seal the other party for one month.

In fact, Rens experience is not an example. Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey found that a variety of websites, clients, in the name of street photography released photographic videos, photos are not a small number of people. Most of the main characters of the videos are young women. The focus of the videos is on the sensitive parts of women. Most of the comments contain sexual implications. Because most of the shooting locations are located in public places such as subway and street, many photographed people are unable to determine whether the other partys photography is illegal, so they often fall into the plight of safeguarding their rights.

Unauthorized release of video cameras, marketing numbers to attract tens of thousands of people to report

On Dec. 9, Tianxiu Bot posted an allegation that a marketing number of Sina Weibo had unauthorized publishing videos of other people being photographed, accompanied by insulting comments such as people are not ugly, I will leave after shooting. Since then, the post has attracted tens of thousands of peoples attention.

According to an online post, the marketing number involved has released videos or photographs of women taking pictures many times. After being found and proposed to delete videos or photographs by the client, the marketing number said, Sit and wait for a lawyers letter. Dad has listened to this message no less than 30 times. The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that most of the videotapes released by the marketing number involved were in public places, and the focus of the pictures was often on the sensitive parts of women. Photographers often take close-ups of images suspected of walking away by seizing a moment of womens normal activities. Publishers often add a few vulgar comments while uploading photos and videos to raise their awareness.

With the popularity of explosive posters, more and more netizens join in the criticism of the marketing number. Many netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the marketing numbers behavior of seeking attention by taking photographs: Its really disgusting. If we dont take it seriously today, the next time it may happen to each of us. Peoples nurses may be too tired to work, so they directly lay some clothes in the duty room to sleep, not to take pictures of peoples sleeping posture, there is no respect for it. Beiqing Daily search found that the involved marketing number has been no such number. According to the blogger, the account was blocked by the platform on the evening of Dec. 9 by the spontaneous report of netizens.

Photographed on Guangzhou Metro, Senior Girls Seek Help Online Friends

Tianxiu bot introduced that the reason why he would pay attention to the involved marketing number is from a help-seeking information. On the morning of December 9, a female netizen wrote to her that she had been photographed in Guangzhou Metro. The other party not only released the video, but also insulted herself. Before submitting, the female students tried to contact each other for negotiation, but without any progress, they were abused, and the victim girls fell into the plight of safeguarding their rights. Can you save me? According to his introduction, after receiving the help information, he contacted the relevant marketing number for verification. The other side insisted that it was only carrying videos from other platforms, without infringement, and even said, Thank you for helping me become famous. I dont care at all. Id better expose them once a day. As a result, the explosive Posts mentioned above have been introduced.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily contacted the victim girl, Ren Coco. She introduced that she was a senior in a university in Guangzhou. Recently, she was planning to start a business. She was very busy every day. On the morning of December 9, my friend sent me that video and asked me if it was me. After I read it, I was a bit confused at the first time. Then I carefully recalled that it was really wrong to meet someone in the subway. Ren Keke recalled that he was photographed on the night of November 19. About ninety oclock, I just got off work and went back to school by subway. There were a lot of people on the subway at that time. Fortunately, as soon as I got on the train, I found a seat. But it wasnt long before I sat down. A man stared at me all the time. After a few minutes, he put his cell phone up to me. I was sitting, and he was standing, so I wasnt sure if he was taking pictures of me. He didnt mean to be guilty when he stared at me. I thought I was thinking too much, but then he stared at me and I realized something was wrong and got up and walked away. It was not until the morning of December 9 that my friend sent me a video that I knew I had been photographed and regretted not robbing him to check his mobile phone directly.

Ren Keke said that after he found the videotaped video, he contacted the other party for the first time and asked to delete the video, which resulted in abuse. Perhaps in retaliation, the other side also set its own video on the top, helplessly contacted a number of Weibo Big V for help, Several have responded, although some can not help me forward, but also provide some help, thank them very much. She said that after being forwarded by Tianxiu Bot and others, the relevant marketing number has been banned. Its only sealed for a month, and he can continue to use it in a months time. Regarding this result, Ren Keke said, Not yet completely solved, because the video source has not been found, maybe other websites will also have. But its still warm to see so many netizens helping me.

Video cameras are frequently seen on various websites, and victims are worried about their rights.

Beiqing Daily reporter noticed that the end of the video clip released by the concerned marketing number once displayed an APP icon named Pipi Funny. Ren Keke said that when he communicated with the operator of the marketing number, the other party had disclosed that the videos he released were reproduced from the software. Later, Ren found his own video on Pipi Funny and contacted the publisher to delete it. The publisher also insisted that the video was reproduced from other websites and that he was not the photographer himself.

Beiqing Daily reporter search found that there are not a few netizens who use street photography, subway encounter as gimmicks to disseminate video and photos taken in various public places on various social networking sites, video websites and even live websites. Some of them focus on passers-by wearing, while others focus on photographing sensitive parts of women. Most of the comments are very vulgar.

In contrast, the number of victims who dare to defend their rights and insist on defending their rights after being photographed is very limited. In response, Ren explained: After this incident, I consulted several lawyers. Some people mentioned that he did not forward more than 500, may not be enough punishment standards, others said that public photography does not involve infringement, so the bottom of my heart is not very clear, fear that even if the alarm or prosecution, there is no result, but may make the video transmission wider. In addition, Ren Keke worries that once things get bigger, his parents will surely know, I dont want my parents to worry about me anymore. After comprehensive consideration, she finally decided to put the matter to a temporary end. Life has to go on, and there is no energy to deal with it all the time.

For voices on the Internet such as If you dont wear less, how can you shoot you, If you dont wear less, isnt it just for people to see? Ren can say that giving up defending rights does not mean that he has accepted this theory. In the video, I wear a very normal suspender skirt, with a jacket, maybe when I sit down, I hold down the skirt body and cause the collar to be a little low, but this is true. That doesnt mean you can come and shoot me. This is the other sides problem, not mine. The only thing I did wrong was not to protect myself. I wear beautiful clothes and show my figure for my own happiness. If you appreciate it, it doesnt matter whether you look at it more or less. But taking pictures and sending them to the Internet for humiliation is a matter of character. You can say that.

Lawyer: Video shooting in public involves infringement, and the victim may bring a civil lawsuit.

If encounters the public place photography, is it really unable to safeguard rights? In response, Xu Hao, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, said that taking pictures of others in public places and publishing them on the Internet had been suspected of infringing on the right to portrait of others; if there were insulting words, it would also be suspected of infringing on the right to reputation of others. Victims can file civil lawsuits in accordance with the law to require publishers to delete photos, apologize, and even compensate for economic losses. If the network platform fails to fulfill the obligation to review or delete in time, it also needs to bear joint and several liability.

Judge Li Tsinghua of Beijing Chaoyang Court warned that after the victim had been photographed, he could report the case to the public security organ if he thought that the other partys action had involved criminal offences. If it does not constitute a criminal offence, civil litigation can be chosen to safeguard their rights and interests. She suggested that victims could notarize the tort content and information on the Internet before prosecution, so as to avoid losing evidence due to deletion or personal visibility by the other party.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, Responsible Editor of Beijing Youth Daily