Serie A-Icardi Spoon Penalty Inter Milan 1-0 Udinese 3 Round First Win

 Serie A-Icardi Spoon Penalty Inter Milan 1-0 Udinese 3 Round First Win

The two teams have played 90 times in Serie A. Inter are 44-25-21, but Udinese beat the Nerazzurri in Meazza last season.

In the 24th minute, Barero shot high. One minute later, it was Bareros long-range shot and the ball was off the baseline. In the 27th minute, Fossariko crossed from the right, Ballero headed the ball and Politano shot was blocked.

In the 30th minute, Asamoas left side made a strong push down the bottom and knocked on the door horizontally. The ball changed its line on Strigg-Larsen and flew to the goal. Musso blocked the ball from the bottom line. In the 35th minute, Asamoa crossed the restricted area obliquely and Barero headed the goal to the top. In the 39th minute, Fossariko crossed the ball from the right side and Ikardi failed to deliver the ball to the goal. In the 43rd minute, Barero crossed obliquely into the restricted area, and Catas powerful shot was thrown out of the baseline.

The second half changed sides and fought again. In the 50th minute, Brozovic crossed the corner and Dfrey headed to the top of the goal. In the 51st minute, the left side of Mandelagras forbidden area shot high. In the 52nd minute, De Paulo missed the baseline, and then he fired a long shot over the crossbar. In the 54th minute, Ferner knocked back in the inverted triangle and Avist volleyed off the goal.

In the 74th minute, the referee decided the handball foul in the Forfana penalty area by video playback, and the referee awarded a penalty; Icardy scooped the penalty and Inter led 1-0. In the 80th minute, DePauls long-range shot was confiscated by Handanovic. In the 89th minute, in the restricted area of Mario Gisello, Lautaro seemed to pass the ball like a shot and sent it to the door. Icardy headed the ball but the referee whistled that the goal was offside and ineffective. Inter eventually beat Udinese 1-0 at home.