Yongzheng Dynasty director Hu Meiyi Feb. River: No buffet at that time

 Yongzheng Dynasty director Hu Meiyi Feb. River: No buffet at that time

On December 15, the famous writer Feiyuehe died of illness at the age of 73. Hu Meifawen, the female director who directed Yongzheng Dynasty, mourned.

Yongzheng Dynasty is Hu Meis second full-length TV play. It is adapted from the novel Emperor Yongzheng written by Feiyuehe. Hu Mei recalled their meeting in 1997 when they adapted the TV series. The first time I saw him was in the autumn of 1997. I remember that we made an appointment to meet on the top floor of the International Hotel. I would like to hear him talk about the requirements for the adaptation of TV plays. He said that he had no requirement. He wanted to shoot as much as he wanted. I didnt understand the TV series. At that time, he gave me the impression that he was low-key, simple and easy-going. Said that he had never eaten a buffet, let me teach him how to do it. Dont make jokes. What about bowls and plates? Comparing his deep thinking about the history of Qing Dynasty with the exuberant literary style in the book, Dunhuang is really the same person. Its impressive.

However, after the broadcast of the TV series, the score given by February River is not high. Hu Mei thought, Because we made a very dramatic adaptation. He cant accept it. This makes Hu Mei feel very sorry, but also remember.

Hu Mei recalled that her last meeting with Februaryhe was at the entrance of the Great Hall of the Peoples Congress in Beijing. If you remember well, we should be together as representatives of the 12th National Peoples Congress in March 2015. On that sunny day, I said, Teacher February River, when do you have to talk to me about your views on TV dramas? Feiyuehe told reporters that her director is interesting and has been chasing me for advice for almost twenty years. Is it still so endless?

Source: Beijing Youth Daily Editor-in-Charge: Yang Yi_NBJ10647