Not long ago, the official was the hope of Shanxis officialdom rebuilding.

 Not long ago, the official was the hope of Shanxis officialdom rebuilding.

Recently, the Xiaoyi Municipal Committee of Shanxi Province issued the Notice on the Convening of Special Democratic Life Meetings and Organizational Life Meetings to Further Eliminate the Corruption and Toxicity of the Malay Cultural Revolution.

Ma Wenge was the former Standing Committee of the Lvliang Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Committee. In 2014, there was corruption in the way of collapse in Shanxi, and Lu Liang was also a serious corruption disaster area. From the second half of 2014, Shanxi officialdom was rebuilt, and the Malay Cultural Revolution became one of the first elected cadres to renovate the administration of officials.

Unexpectedly, this high-expectation and key training official fell out in May this year and was opened on August 15.

Whats more, now refers to him, along with his name appear mostly 50 years Maotai, private club, silver dollar and so on. The recognition that he has worked hard for many years has been destroyed by himself.

He was the first elected cadres in Shanxi Province to renovate the administration of officials.

The Ma Cultural Revolution was the first group of cadres to rebuild officialdom after the corruption of the collapse mode in Shanxi Province, which was the focus of organizational training. In December 2015, Peoples Daily published an article entitled Eliminating Diseases and Eliminating Evils in Shanxis system of administering officials, referring to the Ma Cultural Revolution, saying that he was the first elected cadres to renovate the administration of officials.

At that time, he was given a heavy responsibility as an official. At the beginning of his tenure, he was still working hard to rebuild the political, economic and social order of the local landslides. In the article, Peoples Daily said:

Farmers are facing a heavy task of lifting themselves out of poverty because of the decline in fiscal revenue, heavy pressure on peoples livelihood expenditure. There are many difficulties, but as long as we work hard, there are always ways. Renewing the first elected cadres of the official administration, the Standing Committee of the Lvliang Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, Ma Wenge, and the members of the team are raising funds from all sides to start major livelihood projects, with initial results.

In the early period of the Cultural Revolution, Ma worked in Shanxi Economic Daily. He was an official to the editorial board of the newspaper (at the deputy department level) and the director of the news collection and editing center. In 2000, he was transferred to the deputy director of the Party Journal Editorial Office of the Policy Research Department of the Provincial Party Committee, and later to the director of the Editorial Office.

In 2009, he served as deputy director of the Policy Research Department of the Provincial Committee.

In 2014, corruption in the form of collapse occurred in Shanxi, and Luliang became a disaster area. Ding Xuefeng, Zhang Zhongsheng, former vice mayor, Zheng Mingzhu, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress, Li Liangsen, former Secretary of the Municipal Law Commission and Yan Gangping, former Secretary of the Lishi District Party Committee, were investigated successively. Du Shanxue, Baiyun and Nie Chunyu, three deputy provincial leaders, also held important posts in Luliang before their fall.

Since September 2014, the Shanxi officialdom has been rebuilt, and the leadership of Lv Liang has also changed blood greatly. Several deputy office-level cadres of Shanxi provincial organs have airborne to Lvliang City to hold important posts, including Zhang Guangyong, Ma Cultural Revolution, Zhang Jingping, Chang Shuming, Jinghui and so on.

China Journal of Discipline Inspection and Supervision published an article in the 11th issue of 2018, which said: People can change. Some cadres may have been good comrades in the past, which does not mean they will be good comrades in the future. The good comrades of the past may also change in the face of severe and complicated tests.

The article takes the Malay Cultural Revolution as an example:

For example, Airborne Shanxi Luliang was appointed as the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and the Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Committee for more than three years. After the systemic and collapse corruption in Shanxi, he was transferred through various checkpoints. How Nai, as the first group of elected cadres to renovate the administration of officials, has now fallen into disgrace.

A meal in Maotai for 50 years is 38.8 million yuan

The fall of Ma Wenge is a sigh. What on earth has he done?

In the Loom Horse Bulletin of the Marshall Cultural Revolution, it was mentioned that he had formed an Offensive-Defensive alliance, forged evidence, transferred illegal gains from violations of discipline, and confronted organizational censorship. Moreover, he asked private entrepreneurs to provide private clubs and use them for a long time, violating the regulations of official reception management, exceeding the standard banquet, and taking the opportunity to eat and drink.

Specifically, according to the decision on dismissal from public office issued by Shanxi Disciplinary Commission, which was previously disclosed by the media, from 2009 to 2018, Ma Wenge took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others in the selection and appointment of cadres, enterprise management, etc., and claimed and accepted the property of Zheng Peng, chairman of Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Company, amounting to more than 1209 people. Ten thousand yuan and 130 silver yuan.

Among them, on the evening of December 19, 2017, Ma Wenge asked Pengfei Company to receive 15 people from Pan Junfeng, then director of Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department, and arranged high-grade dishes such as sea tiger fin, Liaoshen soup and 20 years Fenjiu. Halfway through, after the appearance of the Ma Cultural Revolution, a bottle of 50-year Maotai liquor (worth 20.8 million yuan) was requested, and a total of 38.8 million yuan was consumed that night.

Knowing that he had been reported to have invited Pan Junfeng and others for illegal banquets, Ma Wenge instructed a deputy mayor of Xiaoyi to arrange for Pengfei Company to conceal his drinking of Maotai Wine for 50 years and to issue a false receipt in accordance with official reception standards. In May 2018, Ma arranged for his wife to transfer other peoples property to his parents-in-laws home and to hand it in in batches as appropriate if the organization took measures.

In addition, in July 2015, at the request of the Malay Cultural Revolution, Zheng Peng invested more than 5 million yuan to purchase real estate and equip high-grade furniture in Wanda Mansion, Taiyuan, for the use of the Malay Cultural Revolution, and arranged for special services, with Maotai liquor standing for 50 years. From August 2015 to November 2017, the Malay Cultural Revolution feasted and drank 12 times here. It consumed 691,000 yuan of high-grade dishes such as Oyster Emperor Buttoned Six South African abalones, Australian Spots, Eyebrows and Red East Star Spots, and drank Maotai Wine for 50 years.

Xiaoyi Units Eliminate Malay Cultural Revolution Toxicity

Now, the Malay Cultural Revolution has become the object of elimination.

The website of Xiaoyi Municipal Government discloses that many units in Xiaoyi have held democratic life meetings and organized life meetings successively to eliminate the virus of the Malay Cultural Revolution.

On December 6, the Party Group of Xiaoyi Environmental Protection Bureau held a special democratic life meeting to eliminate the effects of corruption and poisoning during the Malay Cultural Revolution.

On November 8, Xiaoyi Water Supply Company organized all Party members and cadres to concentrate on learning the speech of Li Zheng, Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, at the warning education conference of upholding morality, eliminating discipline and eliminating drug abuse.

As mentioned at the meeting, Li Zheng said in his speech that serious violations of discipline and law in the Malay Cultural Revolution happened around us, shocking and thought-provoking. We should learn from the lessons and recognize the political hazards of serious violations of discipline and law in the Malay Cultural Revolution, and that not to mention politics is the most serious deterioration; shaking ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous shaking; unregulated rights will inevitably breed corruption; Now deviation is harmful; lack of discipline, failure of rules, everything back to zero.

On November 7, Xiaoyi Municipal Administration of Cultural Relics and Tourism organized all cadres to study Comrade Li Zhengs speech at the warning education conference of upholding morality, eliminating discipline and eliminating drug abuse. The meeting said:

Ma Wenge was a leading cadre who was organized and cultivated intentionally. He airborne Lu Liang after the collapse mode corruption in Shanxi Province. However, he failed the organizations trust and degenerated in only three years.

Ma Wenge should be grateful for the trust and trust of the organization, but he lost his ideals and beliefs, used power for personal gain, seriously violated the Partys discipline, and ultimately destroyed his future. The reason is the loss of ideals and beliefs, the relaxation of political discipline and the wavering of Communist beliefs.

Source of this article: Editor in charge of political knowledge: Yang Yi_NBJ10647