The 26-year-old Ph.D. student who poisoned his fellow countrymen claimed to be mischievous without remorse.

 The 26-year-old Ph.D. student who poisoned his fellow countrymen claimed to be mischievous without remorse.

A Canadian court recently ruled in the attempted killing of a former roommate from China by a doctor of polymer chemistry from Queens University of Canada.

The defendant, Wang Mou, 26, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in Material Chemistry. After graduation, he was admitted to Queens University in Polymer Chemistry and became a doctor. Wang Mous academic achievements are excellent. He not only published many articles in the core journals of chemistry, but also applied for scientific and technological patents. In 2015, Queens University also honored his academic achievements.

Wang Mou and Hu Mou are colleagues of the same research group on polymer nanostructured materials. They had been roommates for some time. Hu said that when they shared the rent, once Wang wanted to borrow Hus room for a weekend party, Hu refused. But Wang Mou took advantage of Hu Mous absence at the weekend, and opened Hu Mous room directly to start crazy. As a result, the room was messed up by the people who attended the party. Hu Mou came home, very angry to find Wang Mous theory, but Wang Mou denies it. Later, Hu Mou could no longer bear Wang Mou, so he moved out.

From January this year, Hu felt that his food tasted bitter, and produced symptoms of vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dizziness. At that time, he thought the food he bought was spoiled, so he didnt care. But this situation lasted for about a month, arousing Hus vigilance. Hu also found that his water cup had a strong chemical flavor. He dared not drink any more. On January 26, his guide reported that he might be poisoned.

After the instructor authorized Hu to install a surveillance camera in front of his desk, the result of the day was that Wang Mou used a syringe to drip yellow unknown liquid into Hu Mous food and drinking water. Hu immediately reported the case and handed in the food that had been eaten before with the taste of chemicals. Police arrested Wang the same day, but Wang insisted that he was only playing a prank, injecting liquid is ethanol.

After careful testing, the police determined that the food contained a highly toxic substance, N-nitrodimethylamine. This chemical material is often used in the manufacture of industrial sulfur, rubber accelerants, rocket fuels and insecticides. If it enters the human body, it will cause serious damage to the liver and kidney. In the field of biomedicine, it is used to induce tumors. Hu said angrily that the police did not find out the toxicity until mid-April, when the best time for treatment had been missed and his liver was seriously damaged.

For the reason of Wangs poisoning, Hu said it might be out of jealousy. Because they have published papers together, Hu Mous name ranks ahead of Wang Mou. However, Wangs lawyer disagreed with Hus statement. He emphasized that Wangs achievements were excellent and he would not commit crimes because of jealousy.

In front of the evidence, Wang only pleaded guilty and kept silent about the motive of the crime and the source of the poison. Hu Mou thinks that Wang Mous confession is a tactical evasion of trial, not a sincere confession, because it can be lightly punished. As for the source of the poison, it is known that Queens University and Medical College have not ordered the substance for five years, and no one knows from what channel Wang Mou got it. But for Wang Mou, self-configuration is not complicated.

On December 11, local court ruled that Wang Mou was sentenced to seven yearsimprisonment. After his release from prison, he was repatriated to China. He could not hold weapons in the next 10 years and could not contact the victims or their families. The judge held that Wang Mous planned evil attack was for a reason, but he kept his motives secret and had no intention of repentance.

After the verdict, Queens University issued a statement on the case for the first time: We salute the victims and their families. We are aware that this extremely unusual and disturbing crime still has a great impact on all those involved. In this case, the victim longs for others to respect his privacy. We understand that we will not comment further.

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