IOS Gray Industry Deception for Refund: Agent 648 yuan can earn 400 yuan

 IOS Gray Industry Deception for Refund: Agent 648 yuan can earn 400 yuan

Hello, I did not receive props for todays recharge game. Can the customer service help me deal with it? I want to apply for a refund.

Every day, Apple customer service personnel receive thousands of iOS internal purchase refund applications, some of which are not the normal refund behavior of players, but a gray industrial chain around Apples refund policy.

Vulnerabilities in iOS refund policy

Xiao Nuo is a practitioner in Apples iOS refund industry. In his Wechat circle of friends, he updates the advertisement about Apples iOS refund every day, with a screenshot of todays successful refund.

Each 648 yuan recharge (the largest single recharge amount supported by APPStore) is called one single and those less than this amount are called small single.

A screenshot of the circle of friends of refund practitioners.

In his circle of friends, refunds are successful, ranging from small single with more than one hundred yuan to big single with thousands of yuan.

The reason why Nobels can refund money is that IOS recharge money will first enter the Apple account, which will be divided by Apple and then transferred the remaining money to the game operators. Apple has the initiative to make payments during the period of the distribution, and with the exception of a few apps, the vouchers in most games will not disappear with the refund.

The refund mechanism was originally reserved by Apple to protect consumersrights and interests, but it has become the interest source of iOS gray industry chain.

A mixed refund studio

Around the gray benefit chain of iOS refund, there are not only personal refund practitioners like Xiaonuo, but also large and small iOS refund studios.

Users only need to submit Apple ID, order number, contact information and so on to help users refund, the general refund can be returned to the user account on that day.

Users pay a certain percentage of the fee as a reward after receiving the refund. It used to be about 20%, but now it has been raised to 30% or even 40%. The fewer times users apply for refund, the lower the corresponding handling fee and the higher the success rate.

As long as the recharge record does not exceed 60 days, the first refund is generally successful. After the refund, it will not affect your normal use, and the props purchased by recharge will not be recycled. Theres a studio guarantee.

Users grey said that they had tried to apply for a refund from Apple, but failed, and ultimately successfully refunded through the studio.

Ash mentioned that she received an email from Apple with a link to the How to Use Parental Control on Your Kids iPhone. Grey Grey thought that the retiree probably used the reason of child misoperation to apply for a refund.

Obviously, iOS refund has become a technical activity, and even many practitioners have recruited agents, collected apprentices, and promised to Bao Jiao Bao Hui.

Advertisements for refund receipts.

Although Bao Jiao Bao Hui, in fact, the fish and dragon in this line are mixed. Not the first refund, some studios directly said this single can not be accepted. Others said, You can retire completely, as long as you dont enter the blacklist of Apple by your own indiscriminate operation.

The Logic of Grey Production Chain to Make Money

In fact, in addition to iOS refunds, there are also low-cost generation recharge, which forms a closed gray industrial chain.

Searching for travel agent in Taobao, you can find a large number of shops offering agent services far below the official price. For example, the official price of a hand travel prop is 648 yuan, but the price of Taobao agent can be as low as 450 yuan.

But low-price acting business is not as simple as discount price.

As you can see from the introduction of the goods opened in the agency stores, there is no exception to the words only responsible for checking in vouchers, no other responsibility. Buyers in the comment area said they had bought the coupons and were soon withdrawn by the authorities because of violations.

The props were withdrawn. Comments on Taobao Buyers

In addition, when you ask if you can act as a proxy for Android account, customer service people say that only iOS has this business, Android can not, and avoid the reasons.

Response to acting as customer service.

Reporters in an iOS refund group found the secret behind the low-cost acting shop.

If you accept iOS refund, you can refund any mispurchase within 30 days.

Admission of apprentices, as long as 888 yuan for junior students, Bao Huibao earns money!

Five packages 40, contact me if you need to.

In this iOS refund group of more than 1500 people, the news of pick-up, collector and sellers numbers has come and gone. Like any mature industry, the division of labor within this circle is clear and profits are shared.

The largest number of people in this group is the pick-up person. The so-called pick-up person is a person who is familiar with the rules of game recharge and has a large number of Apple IDs. Taobao sellers who operate low-cost substitutes look for buyers, and order takers recharge them when they know the demand.

Shop screenshots of low-cost acting stores on e-commerce platform.

Take the official price of 648 props and gifts as an example, the store offers players about 450 yuan, and the price of the single person to the seller may be 400 yuan or even lower. They will apply for a refund to Apple after recharging the value of the buyer, so how much net profit is what they quote.

Its equivalent to buying something for 100 yuan, selling it to you for 70 yuan, and then reimbursing Apple for 100 yuan, and the profits come out. A receiver explained the logic of the chain.

Because the more refunds, the more difficult it is to succeed, so the recipient needs a lot of Apple IDs to perform recharge and refund operations, and the person who provides their account is called the adopter. The so-called maintenance number is to simulate the behavior of real users. Usually the lowest iOS device is chosen, and several apps are installed regularly and then uninstalled, so that Apple thinks this account is used by normal users.

After the success of the Number Maintenance, Apple sold the Apple ID to the order taker and eliminated the machine identification number, which made it impossible for Apple to recognize that there was another Apple ID on the iOS device. With the aging and updating of the Number Maintenance Machine, some equipment will flow out to the second-hand market. These low-cost machines without identification numbers are the containers used by the Number Maintenance Person.

Number machine flows into idle fish. Screen shot of free fish.

Low-cost substitution and refund suspected of fraud

In this chain, the interests of Apple and the game makers are damaged, and both the vendor and the buyer (the gamer) seem to be happy. The reality is that some netizens are blackmailed when they ask for help from the refund studio. After providing the other party with accounts and secret guards, they are maliciously locked and need to pay to unlock.

Refund encounters account lock-in. Netizens for map

In fact, Apple and game makers have long noticed the use of refund mechanisms to make profits. Game manufacturers have always been very strict about acting as agents, and may even be directly blocked. The loss of time and money invested in accounts can only be borne by players.

Even professional receivers face the risk of refund failure when the rules are tightened. If you cant get it back, the order will be done in vain, said one receipt man. If you cant get it back, you have to advance your own money. You may also have to pay for the new Apple account.

Wang Gang, a lawyer of Liaoning Tonggang Law Firm, said: It is in line with the constitutive requirements of the crime of fraud that practitioners in the low-cost acting industry chain make use of system loopholes, fabricate false reasons and illegally occupy game props for interests.

In June 2018, Taobao closed its third-party recharge channel for mobile games because of a large number of transaction disputes. Nowadays, there are few search results on Taobao under the keywords of iOS Substitute Refund. More Substitute Refund Studios have gone underground by changing keywords.

Taobaos management announcement on agent.

But driven by profits, iOSs low-cost agent and refund business continues. In the circle of friends of refund practitioners such as Xiao Nuo, several refund records totaling thousands of yuan have been updated recently, while the iOS refund group is still very busy.

Source: Author of CNN: Zhang Xu Liable Editor: Jike_b6492