Meng Wanzhou must abide by 16 conditions when he goes out of Court on bail

 Meng Wanzhou must abide by 16 conditions when he goes out of Court on bail

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Ji] On the evening of November 11, Vancouver local time, Canadian Global News Network reporter Rumina Daya posted pictures and videos on Twitter showing that bailed Meng Wangzhou stepped out of court accompanied by LionsGate security company CEO Scott Feiler and left by car. The reporter said that Lion Gate Security Company is responsible for ensuring that Mengs bail conditions will not be violated during his bail.

According to Canadian Toronto Star reporters live hearing record, during bail, Meng Wanzhou must abide by the following 16 conditions:

1. Compliance with discipline and law;

2. Report to the Supervisor at the address 202-1855 Burrard;

3. Providing the supervisor with his or her own telephone number and mobile phone number must ensure that he or she can be contacted to confirm compliance with bail conditions;

4. Must stay in British Columbia;

5. Living in Vancouver 4005W28thAve;

6. Stay at home from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. and be contacted at any time.

7. Within the limits, activities such as Vancouver, Benabi, Richmond and the North Bank should not be allowed near the airport.

8. Hand in all passports;

9. Lion Gate Security Company monitors 24 hours uninterruptedly.

10. Obey the orders of Lion Gate Security Company;

11. Lion Gate Security Company has the right to arrest or detain him;

12. Tracking footrings must be worn.

13. Must agree to pay all fees of Lions Gate Security Company and RSC Company providing tracking footrings;

14. When you leave home, you must carry a bond with you, and the police can show it at any time.

15. Agrees that the police may enter their homes without notice;

16. You must attend the trial when you need it, and you must be detained when you need it.

Meng will have five guarantors to supervise her performance of bail conditions.

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