Former Canadian diplomats in China detained American journalists face-to-face debunk the double standard of the United States

 Former Canadian diplomats in China detained American journalists face-to-face debunk the double standard of the United States

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Former Canadian diplomat detained by Associated Press journalist Matthew has expanded his tactics (Source:)

Michael Kovrig, a former Canadian diplomat and senior adviser to the International Crisis Group in Northeast Asia, was detained by the Chinese government recently, Reuters reported on December 11. At a State Department press conference on the same day, Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee confronted the spokesman about the matter.

When asked, Matthew Lee pointed out that many people thought it was a revenge for the detention of Huawei executives in Canada. How do you evaluate it?

State Department deputy spokesman Palladino responded that the United States was deeply concerned about the arrest of Canadian citizens in China. We urge China to end all forms of rude detention and respect the protection and freedom of all individuals under Chinas international human rights and consular commitments.

Matthew Lee went on to ask, Would you urge the Canadian government to do the same thing? Or do you support the arrest and detention of the Canadian government?

The question seemed to have hit the nail on the head, and Palladino hastily said, I uuuuuuuuuuu I didnt understand your question. Could you repeat it?

Matthew Lee bluntly said, You seem to be saying,If Im wrong, please correct me. He said the spokesman was wrong when referring to Chinas detention of Canadian diplomats, but did not point out how Canada treated its detained Chinese executives. You think Canada can do that, but China cant.

Matthew Lee further explained that although there may be many reasons for this, the United States asked Canada to arrest, You have no objection at all?

Later, the spokesman answered questions and said a charge of being detained in Mengs late boat.

Matthew Lee is still reluctant to ask, but dont you think China has a legitimate reason to detain former Canadian diplomats? In response, the spokesman said, It is suggested to ask the reasons for the arrest of the Canadian and Chinese governments and then hastily ended the question.

It is understood that Matthew Lee is a well-known Western journalist, known for his perennial face-to-face performances of the double standard of the United States.

According to the Joint Morning Post, Cummingkai was a Canadian diplomat in Beijing and Hong Kong, and a strategic communications expert at the United Nations Development Programme at its headquarters. He spoke Chinese.

The Belgian-based International Crisis Organization issued a brief statement indicating that it had learned of reports of Cummingkais detention by the Chinese side and was doing everything possible to obtain more information about Cummingkais whereabouts in order to secure his early and safe release.

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Zhao Yaping_NN9005