Meng eventually was released on bail, but the more arduous struggle has not yet arrived!

 Meng eventually was released on bail, but the more arduous struggle has not yet arrived!

On December 12, I woke up in the morning with good news and bad news.

The good news is that after 10 days in custody, the Canadian court finally agreed that Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou could be released on bail.

The bad news is that a simple bail hearing has been dragged from one day to three days, followed by a series of extradition procedures, which means that the court proceedings are short in months and not unusual in years.

In addition to court proceedings, there are various struggles. That is to say, the more arduous struggle is still ahead. Lets make adequate ideological preparations.

For Meng, the so-called good news is only the second worst choice among the worst choices. She was given relative freedom. She had to wear electronic shackles, go out with surveillance, be at home from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., and pay a deposit of $10 million.

The key is, what happens next?

As previously predicted, there are three results:

1. Canada releases people. This is the most ideal result. For Meng Wanzhou and Huawei, it is also a thrilling and unfortunate luck.

2. Extradition by Canada and release by U.S. ruling. Undesirable consequences, after all, mean prolonged detention and interrogation, and a series of struggles.

3. Canada extradited, the United States sentenced, and Huawei was heavily punished. In the worst case, the struggle will be fierce.

We must strive for the best results and prepare for the worst.

Therefore, the next step will be to fight wisdom and courage, not only in court debate, but also out-of-court battles, as well as all kinds of games that we may not be able to see.

This is really extraordinary 2018.

Some of the following struggles should be predictable, as follows:

1. More arduous war of extradition. In accordance with the relevant procedures, the US side will submit an official extradition application within 60 days after Mengs arrest. The Canadian side will hold an extradition hearing 30 days after receiving the extradition documents. Mengs side will certainly defend and refuse to be extradited, which means that a court tug-of-war begins.

As mentioned earlier, a very simple bail hearing in the past day can be delayed two times and opened for three days, which means that if the offensive and defensive are fierce, the extradition hearing will be more protracted, months are short, and years are not unusual. Get ready, everybody.

2. For Mengs late boat, it was a real disaster. Originally, an ordinary business trip eventually made waves and was detained by Canada. Next comes the long legal proceedings. For people like her, its still a trivial matter to spend money. To make matters worse, she will not be able to continue to be Huaweis CFO, let alone Huaweis successor.

This is undoubtedly a tragedy of life for a business elite who wants to do more. Shes likely to turn white in Vancouver. This may also be the cost of Huaweis growth.

3. For Huawei, this may be the beginning of stigmatization. Needless to say, for Meng Wanzhou, it is actually for Huawei. Peoples Daily commented that the use of various improper means to suppress Huawei, a Chinese company, exposed some peoples shadowy psychology.

Of course, everything has a counterforce. Maybe its a tragic stimulus, which motivates Chinese people to buy mobile phones and Huawei. Anyway, we have seen companies send internal notifications, calling on employees to buy Huawei mobile phones, and the company provides subsidies.

4. The most embarrassing thing for Canada is that this person was detained at the request of the United States, but the United States has been slow to apply for extradition. The US sides caution may also have a reason. After all, the court needs evidence, the evidence is insufficient, and finally it is self-face. Of course, the United States should eventually propose extradition if it wants to commit any crime, but the world has seen clearly that this is just a specific action taken to suppress Huawei. After all, in the Iranian market, Samsung, Ericsson and many other companies have a share and limited judicial resources. Why is Huawei always targeted?

No wonder the Washington Post says that this is a terrible political mistake, a strategy that cant be more foolish. Sima Zhaozhis heart is well known to passers-by.

5. Canada is definitely not human. The arrest must have offended the Chinese, and the release of the people would surely offend the Americans. If extradition is true, Canada should also weigh the consequences. What will happen? When Canadian Ambassador McJialian was urgently summoned to China, Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng dropped a heavy sentence: Otherwise, serious consequences will surely occur, and the Canadian side will bear full responsibility for this.

The longer the delay, the worse the situation in Canada. So, the recent plunge in Canadian goose stock prices, which has dragged on for months or even years, means that many Canadian companies will suffer from the disaster without arrogance, billions of dollars or even more of wealth, which will be wiped out.

Maybe I thought it was a hot potato to catch a person, not only to please the host, but also to hold a bit of chips. This kind of foolish thing to pick chestnuts from the fire is not a legal issue, dont believe you see.

Moreover, China is not without means, and the struggle will become more and more exciting. How to put it? From the most positive point of view, our generation has caught up.

On December 11, Wang Yi made it clear in a public speech that:

We are always concerned about the safety and well-being of every Chinese compatriot abroad. China will never stand idly by and ignore any acts of bullying that wilfully infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. It will spare no effort to safeguard the legitimate rights of Chinese citizens and return justice to the world.

Dont be unpredictable!

Source: Global Times - Global Network. More exciting, please log on to the World Wide Web responsible editor: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279