The most immoral person in the Spurs is not Bobo and GDP, but the rookie who subverts our three views. What on earth did he say?

 The most immoral person in the Spurs is not Bobo and GDP, but the rookie who subverts our three views. What on earth did he say?

Although Kuris view has aroused considerable repercussions, it is absolutely not as fierce as Irvings statement that the earth is flat. Last year, Irving made an astonishing statement that he believed that the earth was not round, but flat.

For the vast majority of people in the world, it is indisputable that the earth is round, which has been proved by numerous scientific facts. So Irvings point of view attracted many peoples ridicule, some people said how the teacher taught, some people said that you were too ignorant, some people said that you should not bring bad children.

Unfortunately, Irving apologized, but more importantly, he did not want to let his views affect some teenagers, after all, he is a celebrity, is the idol of many teenagers.

But I have to say that, like Irving, there are not a few people who believe that Horizon is speaking. ONeill, who has a high bi-quotient, is one of them. The earth is flat. The earth is flat. The ideas in your brain are generated in three ways: what you read, what you see and what you hear. In school, the first thing the teachers taught us was that Columbus discovered America. But the fact is, before he arrived, there were already people here, so what did this tell you? It was not Columbus who discovered the Americas. So listen, I keep driving from the east to the west, or from the west to the east. The earth is flat. Im not spinning on a sphere. You want to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? Of course not. The earth is flat.

Seeing this debate, some onlookers said that Simmons was too uncultured, and only the uncultured would believe it. Does it really have anything to do with ones culture? You know, among those who believe in Horizons theory, there is the great playwright Bernard Shaw. Bernard Shaw has enough culture, but he still believes that the earth is flat, but Bernard Shaws era is earlier and more forgivable.

At first, Horizon said that the Society was nameless. It was not until 1964, when it was reported by the New York Times, that it became known. After Shentons death (1971), Charles K. Johnson founded the International Horizon Doctrine Textual Research Society and the Convention Peoples Church, and became chairman. Under his leadership, the membership of the Society increased rapidly to more than 3,000 people. In order to publicize the Institutes theory, Johnson used all possible means, the most famous of which was the 4-page tabloid Horizon News.

People all over the world have been deceived, except for a few selected people.

Australia is not below.

The sun is a beam of light 32 miles wide.

Galileo is a liar.

The earth is not a sphere, gravity does not exist.

Despite the efforts of the Horizon followers, there is no denying the fact that, with the deepening of human understanding of space and the emergence of more and more evidence, the Horizon Doctrine has gained the support of the vast majority of people, and the number of academic societies under Johnsons leadership began to decline sharply to about 200 people, thus declining.

Believe in what is purely personal freedom, you may think that the horizon is a joke, there is no discussion at all, it is only because you live in the era of science has been developed. In earlier times, you might have been more convinced that if someone stood in front of you and said that the earth was round, you might not only think it was a joke, but even an offence and blasphemy.

The problem with the horizon theory is the misplacement of time and space. In ancient times, people generally believed that the earth was flat (in the form of truth), and many civilizations would describe the earth as floating on water or surrounded by water. Until Magellan sailed around the world for a week, the earth circle theory was finally confirmed, and the horizon theory became a self-evident mistake.

Some people blame the Bible for the contemporary theory of horizon. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Although some words in the Bible (such as the four corners of the earth, etc.) are easy to be misunderstood, Christianity began to believe in the theory of earth circle in the Middle Ages and established the theory of earth centre on the basis of the theory of earth circle (of course, the theory of earth centre has also proved wrong).

Mans understanding of himself and the universe is a process of constant falsification. But just as the more books you read, the less you think you know, the mysteries of the human world and space are endless, so there are all kinds of theories, strange.

In May, Spurs rookie Lonnie Walker was not yet in the league. In an interview about Irvines horizon, Walker offered a more striking view: In my opinion, the earth is not flat, but in my opinion, the earth is a complete illusion. Thats what I think.

Who knows? Maybe thats true...