Meng Wanzhou bail conditions exposure: 10 million Canadian dollars 24 hours for surveillance

 Meng Wanzhou bail conditions exposure: 10 million Canadian dollars 24 hours for surveillance

Overseas Network, Dec. 12, telegraph for days, the detention of CFO Meng Wanzhou of Huawei Company by Canadian authorities at the request of the United States has aroused great public concern. As the incident continued to ferment, the British Columbia Supreme Court of Canada continued to hold bail hearings on Huawei CFO Ms. Ben Wanzhou on November 11. At the hearing, Ben Wanzhou was released on bail, which required a bail of $10 million, including $7.5 million in cash and five bailers.

According to the World Wide Web,

The Canadian court agreed to grant him bail, but she had to abide by up to 16 conditions. She was not allowed to leave Canada and was under Canadian surveillance 24 hours a day.


A spokesman for the Canadian Justice Department said Mong was arrested on December 1 when she was transferred to Vancouver. The United States has requested her extradition. Canadian courts are scheduled to hold a bail hearing on the matter on December 7. The Canadian Justice Department refused to provide other details on the grounds that the report ban had been issued on the same day. The United States did not immediately clarify the reasons for detention. And so far, neither the Canadian nor the American side has provided evidence to China that any party has violated the laws of the two countries.

The Chinese side provided consular assistance to the parties as soon as it learned of the incident. The Chinese Embassy in Canada accused the arrest of serious human rights violations. The embassy strongly protested against the arrest and demanded that the American and Canadian governments restore Ms. Mengs personal freedom.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has spoken for many days in succession, and has made solemn representations to the Canadian side and the United States, expressing its solemn position, demanding that the other side immediately clarify the reasons for detention, release the detainees immediately, and effectively safeguard the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of the parties concerned.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng also urgently summoned U.S. Ambassador to China Branstad to lodge strict representations and strong protests against the unreasonable request of the U.S. side to detain Bangladeshs late boat. Le Yucheng pointed out that the actions of the US side seriously infringe upon the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and are of extremely bad nature. China resolutely opposes this and strongly urges the United States to attach great importance to Chinas solemn position, take immediate measures to correct erroneous practices and revoke arrest warrants against Chinese citizens. China will respond further to the actions of the United States.

Meng Wanzhou is the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei. She is not only the CFO of Huawei, but also the vice chairman of Huawei. Meng Wanzhou graduated from Huazhong University of Technology with a masters degree. He joined Huawei in 1993. Successive Director of International Accounting Department, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Hong Kong Company and President of Accounts Management Department. Currently, he is CFO and vice chairman of the company.

In recent years, Meng has devoted himself to the refinement and integration of Huaweis financial and economic management, the continuous construction of capital risk management system and tax compliance management system, and actively promoted the efficient, agile and intelligent development of financial and economic operations.

Source: Author of Overseas Network: Zhang Xiaomeng, Editor-in-Charge: Su Honghong_NBJ9980