Three cartons of milk for six days and six nights

 Three cartons of milk for six days and six nights

When he reached the three boxes of life-saving milk, Zhang Bingyu of Zhuzhou had not dripped water for five days and five nights, and the grain had not entered.

She never got up because she got up early in the morning to go to the toilet and fell down halfway. Not being able to contact his mother, his daughter-in-law returned from Changsha to Zhuzhou to find Zhang Dingquan lying on the ground, breathless. By this time, she had been lying on the cold ground for six days and six nights. She said she never gave up these days and kept trying to move.

Zhang Dingyus perseverance certainly touched us, but for children, if there are elderly people living alone at home, often go home to see if it can avoid this danger.

On December 11, Zhang Dingyu, a 74-year-old man, was lying on his bed in Zhuzhou Traumatology Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Its hard to see that just half a month ago, the old man went through a life-and-death ordeal: because she fell to the ground and could not move, she lay on the cold ground in thin clothes for six days and six nights. In the meantime, she supported the ground with her arms and tried to move forward, her body was full of scratches. The day before she was rescued, she finally touched three boxes of milk not far from her.

Without these three boxes of milk, I couldnt stand it. Zhang Bingyu said that during these days of being trapped, she never gave up her efforts. I have neither fear nor despair. I think I should be able to do it.

Five days and five nights after the fall, the old man did not drip in.

Back to the day of Zhang Bingyus accident, November 19, when the temperature in Zhuzhou was only 67 degrees, there was a light rain outside.

At about 5 a.m., as usual, Zhang Dingyu pulled a thin vest over her body and got out of bed to go to the bathroom. When she returned, she stepped on the slippery floor near the toilet in the living room and fell down accidentally. At that time, Zhang Dingyu heard a click on his body, did not know where the fracture, knee dislocation.

Because she had fallen before, she thought she could get up and struggled to get up. Unfortunately, she failed. Zhang Dingyu found that his lower body could not move, his trousers were also wet, very uncomfortable. The first time I struggled, my upper body got up for a while, but fell down again. Zhang Dingyu said that no matter how hard she struggled after that, she could not get up again.

Zhang Bingyu wanted to ask for help, but the phone was not in the bedroom at least five meters away. So she had to prop up the floor with her arms and move forward desperately. But its not easy to move. She fails again and again, and holds up again and again. As soon as she lost her strength, she closed her eyes and took a breath. As long as I have a little strength, I will start to struggle again.

In these five days, she did not drip, and the grain did not come in. Her elbows and knees were torn as she tried to move forward. The painful trauma and the cold tiles made her tremble and unable to sleep. Sometimes she would fall asleep tired, but as soon as her eyes narrowed, she would wake up. How did I sleep on the ground?

Enough of three boxes of milk. Strength comes.

The windows of the living room were bright and dark, dark and bright.

On November 24, the day before the rescue, Zhang Dingyu, a wounded and breathless man, was still struggling to move. Eventually, she reached three boxes of milk not far from her. After drinking a large mouthful of milk, she felt much better and came to strength. Then she began to move hard again.

These days, she moved nearly four meters. In the meantime, the phone rang occasionally. She wanted to answer the phone, but that distance was a little out of reach for her then.

After drinking the milk, I thought that I could struggle for another three days, and I would stick to it for another three days. Zhang Dingyu said that she believed that there would always be individuals at home. At about 4 p.m. on November 25, there was a knock at the door. It was her daughter and son-in-law who felt wrong and rushed home from Changsha to see her. At this time, Zhang Dingyu, facing the panic of his family, had some speechless. Subsequently, she was sent by her daughter to Zhuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Traumatology Hospital for treatment.

From 5 a.m. on November 19 to 4 p.m. on November 25, 155 hours, a 74-year-old solitary elderly person has experienced painful torture that is hard to understand, but still has not dissipated her desire to survive. I havent given up these days, and Im not very afraid. Its a big deal... Zhang Dingyu said.

The old man said

Often say to students, Be strong in life

She must have had a hard time in those days. Seeing the situation of the elderly, Du Zhiyong, director of spine Department of Zhuzhou Traumatology Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, could not help sighing.

When the patients came, they were almost exhausted and in poor spirits. They were diagnosed with multiple thoracolumbar fractures, left femoral condylar fractures, multiple abrasions in the whole body, and pressure sores. Du Zhiyong introduced that it is difficult for the injured patients to move, and it is difficult for them to move alone. After hospitalization of the elderly, the spine Department of the hospital actively rescued the elderly and immediately provided them with supplementary nutrition and fixed pain relief. At present, Zhang Bingyus pain is obviously relieved, his mental state is much better, and he can be discharged after a period of time.

On Dec. 11, Zhang Dingyu was lying in a hospital bed. She was very talkative when facing visitors. She is a retired teacher. She has devoted 22 years silently on the platform. She has taught Chinese, music, geography, history and so on. Zhang Dingyu said that the most she told her students was to be strong. Over the years, she had experienced some misfortunes and family changes, but she carried them all.

My daughter and son-in-law will come back to Zhuzhou to see her as long as they are free on weekends. Even if you dont go home, the phone never stops. After this incident, the daughter wanted to invite her to work an hour, so that everyday people will come home, the daughter will be relieved a lot. Zhang Dingyu said that he was already satisfied.


Old people living alone should carry mobile phones with them

Winter is an unfriendly season for old people. Clothes are much worn and mobility is inconvenient. Many elderly people are prone to stroke or fall in winter.

Du Zhiyong, director of spine Department of Zhuzhou Traumatology Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, suggested that the elderly should choose suitable exercises, such as walking and practicing Taiji, according to their specific conditions. Usually, we should also take more sunshine to prevent osteoporosis, and pay attention to fall prevention. Especially for the elderly living alone, we should carry mobile phones with them and keep in touch with their families every day to ensure safety.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News Responsible Editor: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182