Vivo NEX Double Screen Release Price: 4998 Yuan

 Vivo NEX Double Screen Release Price: 4998 Yuan

Netease Technologies News Dec. 11 evening news, vivo released the NEX double-screen version tonight, selling for 4998 yuan, December 29.

Vivo design director Kyle (former BMW designer) said at a press conference that only after vivo pushed back 285 times the inspiration for building a dual-screen mobile phone, did it have a double-screen fixed makeup photo of vivo NEX.

It is understood that the two-screen version of vivoNEX and vivoNEX are developed at the same time. The two-screen version of NEX can realize two-screen and two-world. Users can immerse themselves in reading on one side and pay by mobile phone on the other side. They can extend touch on the back screen and play games with two fingers and four fingers. Currently, dual-screen touch supports all horizontal-screen games in vivo game space.

NEX dual-screen version uses the fifth generation photoelectric screen fingerprint, 2P lens upgrade to 3P lens, unlock the fastest can reach 0.29 seconds. In addition, TOF zero-light-sensitive face recognition is used on the back, and 300,000 effective depth information points are achieved, which is 10 times as much as structured light.

The two-screen version of vivoNEX is equipped with customized night vision dual cameras with a single pixel size of 2.9 um. In addition, there are super night scenes, which can be dynamically compensated by sampling more than 12 photos continuously in a short time for dynamic enclosure exposure. The NEX dual-screen version also carries a star-ring soft light, which solves the problem of dark environment. Moreover, the NEX dual-screen version combines the post-camera and the pre-camera into one, which means that the post-camera ability also acts on the self-timer.

In addition, on the basis of AI beauty, vivoNEX dual-screen version also brings 3D glow camera. Users can also use 3D TOF to collect depth information, establish a real face model, and realize FacePay, double-screen payment.

In terms of hardware configuration, the dual-screen version of vivoNEX uses M845 chip, 10GB storage and vivoDual-Turbo Dual-Turbine acceleration engine.

In terms of price, the double-screen version of vivoNEX sells for 4998 yuan and goes on sale on December 29. (Cui Yuxian)

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Yao Liwei_NT6056