Driver Video Reporting Black Money Disciplinary Commission Involved in Investigation at Lankao Over-limit Station

 Driver Video Reporting Black Money Disciplinary Commission Involved in Investigation at Lankao Over-limit Station

New Beijing News Dec. 10, a driver sent a video report that law enforcement officers at the over-limit station in Lankao County, Henan Province received black money to guide overloaded trucks, causing concern. On the afternoon of December 11, Lankao County Transportation Law Enforcement Institute responded that it had inquired about the staff concerned and that the Lankao County Discipline Commission had intervened in the investigation.

Video shows that the truck driver was stopped by law enforcement officers as he passed the Over-gauge station in Lankao County Gaochang. After communicating with a man in uniform, the driver took the cash and put it in his pocket and gave directions to the driver. You go back. Another video also shows that drivers find law enforcement officers to take care of them and uniformed law enforcement officers collect cash from drivers.

Video shows that the driver is guided by the staff after they collect cash. Video screenshots

On Dec. 11, Shao Feng, a Shandong truck driver who shot the video, told the Beijing News that the video was shot on Dec. 1 and Dec. 17 of last year, both of which passed after paying. He said he dared not expose the video before, because he wanted a sports car for fear of retaliation, and now the truck has been sold, no longer worried, so he chose to expose the video.

Shao Feng recalled that at that time, the truck transportation basically exceeded one or two tons at a time, according to the regulations, a ton of fine of 500 yuan, so if you pay buy the road, you can save money. Give 50 yuan to 300 yuan. He also said that sometimes law enforcement officers would hint at the driver and ask what do you want to do? The driver could release the driver directly if he paid the money.

Shao Feng said that after paying the money, the staff sometimes let the driver pass outside the station, or let the vehicle stop inside the station for a while, but the pound test passed directly.

On the afternoon of December 11, Director Lu of Lankao County Transport Law Enforcement Office responded that the law enforcement officers in the video were indeed law enforcement officers. After inquiry, the relevant officers said that the actual situation was different from the video content. The video content was clipped video. After the driver handed over the cash, the staff returned the video. The over-limit station has been closed for nearly a year, and some monitoring equipment has been dismantled at the over-limit station. Director Lu said that at present, Lankao County Discipline Commission has intervened in the investigation, questioned the parties, and is also in contact with the explosive driver.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Beijing News