Pressure cooker porridge explosion woman scalded disfigurement manufacturer: nothing to do with us

 Pressure cooker porridge explosion woman scalded disfigurement manufacturer: nothing to do with us

Pressure cooker porridge explosion woman brutally scalded and disfigured manufacturer: nothing to do with us (source: ~)

On the evening of December 3, Mr. Peng and his girlfriend in Jiangmen, Guangdong, cooked porridge in a pressure cooker. Unexpectedly, when the porridge was almost ripe, the pressure cooker popped open and the hot porridge was sprinkled on them, causing burns.

According to Mr. Peng, when he came home from work, he saw his girlfriend, Miss Tang, cooking porridge in a pressure cooker in the kitchen, so he went in to help. At that time, the lid of the pressure cooker was uncovered. When he saw that the porridge was almost boiled, Mr. Peng screwed the exhaust holes to the exhaust position and covered the pot lid. Unexpectedly, when porridge was cooked, the pressure cooker could not be opened. Suddenly, the pressure cooker popped!

From the traces left on the wall, it can be seen that the porridge splashed higher when the explosion occurred. Even if Mr. Peng stood up to avoid it, his back neck was scalded. As can be seen from the doctors first record provided by Mr. Peng, Miss Tang was initially diagnosed with left thigh and facial burns.

Miss Tangs face now has a large area, which has turned brown and wrinkled, completely different from the original white skin. Because of the severe burns, it is very difficult to eat now.

It is understood that the pressure cooker was manufactured in 2016 and purchased by Mr. Peng on the online shopping platform in early 2017. So far, it has been used no more than 10 times. However, due to the change of mobile phones, relevant online shopping information has been lost. Eventually, he contacted the manufacturer on the instructions, but was asked to contact the seller.

Mr. Peng: Contact the manufacturer, the manufacturer will reply a word, to contact the purchase of Taobao shop, my mobile phone disappeared twice, can not find the purchase record.

Mr. Liang, Zhongshan Haiyu Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. We sell our products to others. Others sell them to you through Taobao. It has nothing to do with our bosss side.

Reporter: If there is a problem with the quality of this cooker, it must have something to do with you. Is there a telephone call from the owner that I can tell him the situation?

Mr. Liang, Zhongshan Haiyu Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. This is inconvenient. We cant divulge the phone number of our boss.

Up to the deadline, the pressure cooker manufacturer staff did not have any reply. Mr. Peng was very upset that he couldnt find the way to buy. He was confronted with cold manufacturers.

In this regard, lawyers said that if the goods are still in the maintenance period, and because of the explosion caused by non-human operation, both the seller and the manufacturer are liable for compensation.

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