The man grabbed the steering wheel of the bus and overpowered the old man with a lock on his throat.

 The man grabbed the steering wheel of the bus and overpowered the old man with a lock on his throat.

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The man grabbed the steering wheel of the bus and the old man locked his throat for 3 seconds.

On December 8, a passenger on a No. 6 bus in Qujing suddenly grabbed the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to deviate from the lane. An old man in his late seventies saw him and locked his throat and subdued the passenger.

Cao Xiangyun, a bus driver, introduced that he drove through the new 100 stations that night and started for the next stop. A 40-year-old man suddenly got up and asked him to stop. The driver refused his request. Subsequently, the man came to Cao Xiangyun in a fierce manner and scolded him. At this time, the vehicle has arrived at the next stop, an elderly passenger also advised the man to get off, but the man did not want to get off, and has been scolding Cao Xiangyun.

When the bus started, the man suddenly grabbed the drivers steering wheel. Fortunately, the driver braked in time to avoid serious accidents. Just then the old man who persuaded the man to get off the bus came back to the man. He grabbed the mans neck with his right hand and had a beautiful lock throat. In only three seconds, he was firmly under control. Other passengers rushed to help him get behind the bus.

Subsequently, Cao Xiangyun dialed 110 alarm calls, and the police arrived and took the man away from the scene.

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